In our view, it is hard to find a westerner who has never thought of dating Russian girls. Indeed, the world became extremely curious about those far and mysterious people after the Cold War ended up. Today, you don’t have to travel across the planet in search of love, because you can benefit from thousands of online dating services.

On the Internet, you will easily find top Russian dating sites. But this is only the first step. As millions of western men have already discovered, the mentality of Russian women is quite different from American, Western European, or Australian. Now, we are approaching the core things.


When you come to any dating site seeking women to meet, you actually have to answer many questions. What makes Russian ladies so intriguing? How exactly should you behave towards them? What helps you understand the strange “Russian soul”? Even the best bride site provides you with only the basic information. Well, those women are eager to understand you too. Living in Russia, they come to any dating site not because they don’t like Russian men – they are just love exploring some new areas.

Western men of all ages make up their mind to settle down sooner or later. More and more of them prefer online dating over traditional and want to meet real ladies on dating sites. Taking this boom into consideration, we decided to make this process easier for you and invite you to run through our comprehensive guide to what makes ladies so popular around the world.

You will have to deal with her straightforwardness

Did you know that candor is one of the key Russians` traits? Anyway, now you know it. Therefore, once you start dating a woman, prepare to hear what she really thinks of one or the other situation. From time to time, you may find her utterances even a bit sharp. On the other hand, you will always know what is on her mind and which weak points of your personality you should strengthen. However, it does not mean that Russian ladies are predictable – you will have to use all your wits to charm your girlfriend. Remember this when you go to a Russian dating site.

Her beauty and good taste can make you jealous

Once you make up your mind to date a girl, get ready for the massive attention she will draw to herself. What makes her so attractive? Her splendid look, obviously. We won’t believe if you tell us you have never heard about the beauty of ladies. In fact, they are really gifted by Mother Nature. Moreover, an average Russian girl has the inborn sense of style: she knows how to dress for any occasion, what makeup fits her best, and how to make a fantastic hairstyle in few minutes. No wonder that men around can’t take their eyes off her. Fortunately, Russians are famous for their loyalty, so you don’t have to worry about your relationship.

She may intellectually surpass you

If you think of women as of just fancy models, you are terribly mistaken. The ability to combine dazzling beauty with the strong mind is one of the Russian character`s peculiarities. In their country, it is the norm to have a high education or even two (for example, in law and physics). We must also outline the Russian literature, which has the status of a legendary phenomenon (you have probably heard such names as Tolstoy, Chekhov, Akhmatova, Nabokov, and many other). Russian girls appreciate their native heritage and reading is among their most common hobbies. So what about your own erudition?

She can find a solution for any problem you face

Great poet Nekrasov once described a Russian woman in the following words: “A runaway horse she will master, Walk straight to a hut that's aflame”. And he was quite right. Of course, you shouldn’t take this depiction literally – it is full of metaphors. Russian girls are brainy and inventive, so they easily manage various problematic situations. Besides, they are always willing to support their dear people – if you need her aid or advice, she won’t refuse to help you. Thanks to her inborn graciousness, your girlfriend will be excited about participating in your life.

You will never get bored by her side

As you might already know, the idea about Russian wives as of obedient, shy, and passive is nothing but a false stereotype. Yes, women are family-oriented, yet most of them have a wide range of interests apart from housekeeping. Although they may be not as overly independent and emancipated as girls in the West, they have the same desire to open new horizons. Once such a lady becomes involved in something, she welcomes you to join her hobby (and we bet you’ll be unable to remain indifferent). You see: dating a Russian girl, it’s quite hard to stagnate.

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She will devote herself to you

The biggest value of a typical Russian woman is her family. Once you become her lover, she starts treating you like her family member. Yeah, sounds a bit odd in the beginning. However, after some time together you will get used to such a caring attitude and wish it last forever. Yet it does not mean you may neglect to pay her in return. Dating a Russian girl, keep in mind that she will expect you to be faithful, tender, kind, and protective either. And if you fail, she will feel distressed and her love might go. You don’t want to displease your second half, do you?

She is too versatile

Russian people believe that one should develop his or her personal talents. Since childhood, Russian girls go in for sports or take up some arts. On Russian dating websites, you have high chances to find a girl whose areas of interest are similar to yours. Moreover, Russians are always excited about trying something new and having fun. You should know that they usually encompass different merits, like generosity, honesty, self-control, kindness, bravery, femininity, and so on. If you really need a partner capable of making your life brighter, we encourage you to date Russian girls – one of them may turn out to be your destiny.

She will set you on the right path

We wouldn’t call Russians spontaneous. On the contrary, they like planning their future to feel secure. Russian women also share this custom. According to their conviction, the core life goal of any woman is building a strong family, raising children, and having a cozy home. It’s not that we are willing to scare you; that is just what you should be aware of if you wish to date Russian women. On the other hand, if your intents are serious, dating a Russian woman may become a solution. Russian brides are able to help their partners abandon bad habits, lead an active life, and simply become a better person.

Trying to conquer her heart might be exhausting

Even if you start dating Russian just online, you have to remember about manners. As Russians appreciate the traditional gender roles division, their women expect men woo them sophisticatedly. And it goes more complicated once you start dating girls in real life. When you come to whatever Russian dating service, you just can’t start chatting with “Hi” or “Hey sweetie” – you need to think out something more meaningful. Russian ladies love getting attention, so be careful reading her profile and messages: this may help you understand her better. And gentleman’s behaviour should also become an inherent feature of you.

She is unable to let you down

By the Russian woman`s side, it’s impossible to feel depressed – that’s what many westerners actually say about their Russian dates. As those ladies are straightforward and smart, their sense of humour is good enough too. Their culture teaches them to remain optimistic no matter what’s up. So if you think you need a partner who can be your moral supporter, a Russian bride website may help you to find such a girl. Naturally, you must keep in mind that she is a human being too, so she also has some weaknesses. You must be ready to back up her as well.

You two may turn out to be compatible

After the certain period of dating your friend online, you may feel the strong urge to meet her in person. Indeed, you have to check out if she is as wonderful as it seems (we bet you won’t be disappointed). And if your interest is mutual, she won’t hesitate to meet you. Basically, we’d recommend you to conduct your initial dates in Russia – your partner may not feel so safe about travelling to the other corner of the world. You may have heard that dating a Russian woman is quite expensive – you have to pay for her meals and entertainment, and buy her gifts. Well, in fact, Russian women are mostly decent, so they won’t require you to serve them.

She is a great wife

Indeed, she will be the best wife ever…to the point you’ll question it. Russian wives are not only companions, they are mommies. Yes, you may be dressed impeccably, fed and loved, but your goal is not to turn the partner into your parent. There is something strangely close and known about such relationships, but she will try to surpass your mother in her duties. Remember when you were sent home and grounded for weeks after you lied about doing the homework? Well, get prepared to taste the flavor of childhood with all possible consequences. Don’t worry; it will be a kind talk. Besides that, being loving and caring will make her a piece of cake, so a lot of men will try to take your place.

She is a loving mother

Motherhood is in Russian’s blood. She will be the best mother your child ever dreamt of. You will be surprised by the amount of attentiveness and gentleness. Surely, seems like a great thing. But, in a lot of families, children become extremely dependent on their mothers. You will be the supporting actor in this play, and she will be the main character. The problem is as follows: no one can possibly untie a child from mother’s apron strings, not even you or grandparents.

Her expectations are high

Here’s one important thing you need to know about Russian girls: they can be really demanding. For them, having a loving man by their side isn’t enough. They need to be sure that this man is the best. It’s not only about being a gentleman and following all the rules of etiquette, like helping her put the coat on, opening doors before her, and so on. It’s about having all those character traits that define the man: self-confidence, persistence, sense of purpose, and many others. Sure, it’s difficult to meet all the demands of a Russian woman, but the price is worth trying.

She’s a real party maker

Maybe not all ladies from Russia know how to turn a simple party into an epic event, but they sure know what having a good time means. Russians work a lot, so they need to know how to blow off some steam. Each girl understands the “work hard, play hard” concept in their own way, but you can be sure that your Slavic girlfriend will come up with something that will impress even a hardened party animal. Just make sure that you’re ready to get drunk. In other words, if you decide to throw a party, you can always count on your girlfriend’s support.

She's tough

Don’t expect that she’ll let you treat her in a way she doesn’t like. If she gets the slightest suspicion that you doubt her, or she feels that things go not as she wants, you’ll learn about it, but not in the most polite way. Sometimes she may seem too aggressive or even rude, but you should remember that she was born in the country where everyone has to pursue their interests by any means. By the way, that’s the reason why your girlfriend may not trust people, even you. But on the other hand, such trait can come in handy if you get into a tough spot.

She has the best parents ever

If you manage to win the heart of your Russian girlfriend, you can already be sure that her parents will love you like a son, even if you never met in person. No jokes, they will really treat you like a family member, worrying about you even more than your real parents. If you actually get a chance to meet her folks, you’ll love them at first sight. Russians have a weird tradition: they feed their guests until they can hardly breathe. And given that you’re more than a guest, they’ll probably try to feed you to death. Besides, you’ll have to prove that you’re a worthy boyfriend by drinking loads of alcohol. Don’t ask why; this is how it goes in Russia. Just don’t screw your girlfriend over. Russian dads don’t like guys playing on their daughters’ feelings.


In conclusion

You see, courting Russian women is really interesting despite all possible difficulties. It is obvious that one cannot start wooing his potential lover without good preparation. Especially, if we are talking about women whose mental needs are completely different. However, you will most likely be satisfied with the result your efforts bring.

Now, you are armed with some information and must gain from it. When you will be looking through dating profiles of Russian girls, you will be pretty secure about your capabilities of charming them. Surely, there are a lot more things to master, especially when it comes to in-person meetings. Yet communication practicing will improve your skills.

In the course of time, you will even be able to win a status of Russian heart`s robber. At the best dating sites, you may find a prospective love of your life quite soon. Unfortunately, the scam is possible, for we are on the Internet. Hence, we suggest you spend a bit more time searching for reliable dating services. Keep in mind all we told you about and believe in yourself!

7 perks of dating Russian girls:

1. They are caring mothers. Girls will be perfect for having a happy baby together, because those ladies are attentive, gentle, caring and extremely good housekeepers. It will be no doubt that your cute boy or girl will be raised in a family full of love, tenderness and traditional sharing.

2.  They are independent. Women are not only attentive mothers, but understanding business-partners and hard-working professionals. You have no idea how many hours of work your beloved woman can bare without having any rest. They are like busy bees, especially when it comes to hobbies and jobs.

3. They are creative. Women do not sit still when some problems appear – it is not a traditional trait, remember? That way she will naturally and perfectly nail a situation when your friends come and there are no snacks in the kitchen. Women from Russia are extremely inventive when it comes to tackling everyday problems. They also like DIY’ing a lot, because they now the value if money and see no logic in elementary things that you can do yourself. It’s a habit from ancient times.

4. They are respectful. Respect is a sacred topic in Russia, so she will never argue with your parents and friends on the subject of money or other primitive topics, because it is considered to be extremely rude, especially among ladies.

5. They are serious. No, women definitely know to have fun, but she they will not reveal your secret or details of your relationships under any circumstances. Bragging and gossiping is rude and promiscuous, even if her friends are really close.

6. They are inspiring. It is not a secret that all famous writers and artists had Russian muses. You will feel the difference right of the bat, because energy and impeccable class are oozing out Russian’s souls. Forget about dull sitting on the couch and staring at each other with questioning expressions on your faces.

7. They are forgiving. Russian women are not only devoted but also very forgiving. They tend to forget about problems and even betrayals for the sake of the family, and it takes a lot of courage and inner strength.

5 things you must know about Russian girls for marriage

Russian girls have all those qualities that make women perfect spouses. You should know that dating is one thing and married life is another. Russian women realize what being a wife means. Each of them is aware of her role as a woman in the family. Once you get a Russian wife, you’ll never regret it because you get more than a loving woman.

You get a loyal friend. It’s a sheer gift from heaven when you can call your spouse your best friend. It means she understands you, she listens and supports, you have common interests so you never get bored.

You get a perfect mother for your children. For Russian women, the family is inconceivable without children. She’ll give birth to your child and be the best mother.

You get an excellent chef. You’ll never be hungry, that’s for sure. She’ll cook diverse dishes for you every day and do it with pleasure.

You get a housekeeper. She’ll do her best to keep your house clean and cozy so that you’ll be happy to return home every evening.

You get a passionate lover. Russian women don’t like to talk about sex but they are definitely good at it. Their outer reserve transforms into tenderness and passion when you stay one on one.

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