Dating a girl is a hard work. It requires a lot of efforts and imagination, especially if your girlfriend is Russian. These women are anything but easy to understand. They intrigue, bewitch, mesmerize.


So here are some tips that will make your dating life a little easier.

1. Be more confident.

When dating a Russian girl, you need to literally radiate confidence. Otherwise, she will feel like you can’t be trusted. Relax and find comfort with who you are. One of the best ways to do that is to concentrate on your strengths. You’ll be surprised, how your inner confidence influences your relationship.

2. Learntolisten.

Russian women like to talk, especially about their hardships. They can spend hours on the phone or in the online chat. Always try to express your sincere interest in everything your girlfriend tells you no matter how insignificant it is. Infact, she only craves for attention and support.

3. Morepraise, lesscriticism.

Ask yourself something. Doesn’t receiving praise from someone instantly increase your mood and motivation? Well, women are the same – they want to be appreciated, not criticized. When dating a Russian woman don’t forget that she is a true psychologist. That is why all your praise must be genuine. Rest assured that she will easily distinguish the fake words of affirmation from the sincere ones.

4. Keep in mind all the important dates.

Your Russian girlfriend has a great memory. She will remember the day you’ve met, the day you first kissed, the birthday of your mom. And she expects the same attitude from you.

5. Stand your ground.

When dating a woman, you don’t have to always accept her point of view. This will only give her an impression that you’re a softy or a hypocrite. On the contrary, you will look more attractive if you show your independent nature.

6. Try to be moreattentiveandcaring.

Don’t hesitate to ask about her health, her family and her working day. Russian girls really enjoy complaining about virtually anything. Of course, chances are that she will turn it into a one-hour monologue. Nevertheless, after she finishes talking, she would be grateful to have such a caring man by her side.

7. Compliment her without any occasion.

Who doesn’t like compliments? Russian girls are no exception. If you want your girlfriend smile every time she sees you or thinks of you, please her by saying those desirable words. Just beware of making it sound like flattery – Russian women can interpret it the wrong way.

8. Surprise her from to time.

If a romantic dinner with candles sounds like a cliché for you, it doesn’t necessarily mean she thinks the same. Russian girls are not used to these kinds of gestures.The important thing here is your desire to delight your girlfriend and make your date unforgettable. She will definitely appreciate your efforts.

9. Gifts and presents are essential.

Russian women are just like all other women on the planet. And what do all they like to receive from their partner? Of course, they want gifts and presents. Just to be clear, not all of them demand expensive shoes or diamonds every day of the week. A present is something more like a symbol of your affection.

10. Use the power of flowers.

One of the powerful tools to make a girl’s eyes glow with pleasure is to give her a bouquet of flowers. All women love flowers, even those who claim that they really don’t. Mind that your girlfriend doesn’t expect you to buy a hundred of roses. No matter how many flowers you give her, she will still be grateful.

11. Check, Please!

When dating a Russian lady you will always have to pay the bill by yourself. While western women will probably offer to pay the half of it, it’s not the case with Russians. It’s not in their traditions to split the bill in the restaurant or in the movie theater.

12.Show your good manners.

The chivalry is not entirely dead, but these days it’s becoming extinct. Surprise your girl with your ability to be a true gentleman.Open the door for her, take her coat, help her get comfortable in the restaurant, etc. The Russian dating etiquette is pretty much the same as everywhere.

13. Don’tbelate.

The punctuality must be come your best quality when dating a Russian girl. She won’t forgive those minutes she had to wait for you (in such a cold/hot weather, when it’s snowing/raining, etc.). And your unforgivable mistake will cast a shadow over the whole date. So it’s in your own interest to be there on time.

14. Take the lead in these relationships.

A Russian woman is considered to be very independent and bossy. But in reality, she doesn’t want to constantly manage the situation. That’s why she needs someone to take the burden of making decisions from her shoulders. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to take everything under your control. Trust me, you don’t want to find yourself catering to her whims.

15. Avoid being too intrusive.

You may think that the more time you spend together, the stronger your relationships will get. But this kind of views can play a low-down trick on you. She might get bored by your constant presence in her life. You need to be a little out of reach sometimes and show her that you have some other important things to do besides dating or talking to her.

Following the advice above will definitely increase your chances of successful dating with a Russian girl. And remember, you should always be yourself, because it is the only way to build long-lasting relationships.

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