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Live Video Chat with Russian Girls for Dating


Introduction to Video Chatting

Online dating took us by storm, with almost every internet user embracing the possibility of finding a partner from every town or every country in the world. One of the main advantages of online dating is the fact that you get to know your prospective partner mentally, without being distracted by the appearance and physical attraction. But it seems that we need to see our prospective partners even if they are miles away.

Typing is great, but talking with the person that you can see still remains relevant. Possibly that's the reason why live video chat was embraced so warm and positively by users of online dating services. It turned into a rule for online dating sites, if you want more users, you need to provide video dating. Still, dating is a complicated thing, thus each of its forms remains complicated. If you don't know certain rules and tricks, neither online dating nor video chatting will help you find a partner. So, we offer you to check out the set of rules you need to follow in order to be successful in video dating chat.

How to Prepare for Video Chat?

Despite all of its positive sides, modern dating makes a lot of things more complicated than they are. If previously, you had to make a good impression only on the first date, now you need to make a good impression in the first online conversation and on the first date. Especially, if you want to lure Russian or Ukrainian girls, whose tradition differ greatly from the western ones. But, if aside from simple chatting, you decided to use video dating, you have to make a good impression three times. While you may think that your chatting was quite enough to impress your online date-mate, you shouldn't relax, when it comes to video chat. You need to prepare for your online session, and we don't mean that you are going to have a hot video chat in any ruttish way.

Of course, you think that live chat girls wait to show you how beautiful they are, but try to rid of all the lustful thoughts in your head. Besides, when it comes to Russian or Ukrainian video dating, you are expected to look handsome too. Yep, you wanna chat with sexy girls, you need to look sexy too. If you are not new to Russian dating chat, you know that women pay attention to men's looks. So, you need to wear something good and be shaved. You need to think beforehand, what are you going to say and what topics you want to discuss with your date-mate. Mind that if you fail in Russian video dating, your first offline date may never happen. No, let's have a more detailed look at your preparations.

How to Impress a Girl Through Video Chat?

In text dating chat, you need to show how smart you are. On the offline date, you need to show that you are a gentleman. Is video chatting closer to text chatting or to offline dates? While it should be something in the middle, it actually has much more to do with text chatting. Although, you may talk via microphones, still, you are not on the actual date, so you can't show how generous you are by paying for a dinner. So, basically what you need is to act naturally, talk about interesting things, listen to your chat-mate, and look good. Acting naturally, is very important, as it is the first time that you can show your confidence. Once again, if you are considered not to be confident, your chances for the first offline date are extremely low.

How to Dress?

A common headache-causing question for women, but when it comes to dates, male victims are no exception. Of course, Russian and Ukrainian chat dating is way easier, as you don't have to think about the way you look. Your profile picture works perfectly fine for you. But video dating requires you. You need to look great, and you need to dress in a proper way. No casual outfit. For your Russian or Ukrainian princess, it's an actual date. She's going to be dressed well, and she expects the same from you.

Nobody forces you to dress a glam-rock star or wear suit and tie, but mind that appearing on her screen in your pyjama or underwear is definitely not the best idea. Maybe after the first offline date, you would be allowed to do that, but not on your first video chatting session. A sweater or a nice short with the pair of jeans that really fit you are your ultimate weapon of choice. Don't overdo your outfit, as your Russian date-mate won't enjoy talking with the guy who is dressed like a peacock's tail.

Chat Starting Tips

If you are up for video chatting with your online girlfriend, it's unlikely that you are going to need any starting tips. Just ask her when she would like to start the video session and go online at that time. If you want to impress her, send her flowers or a gift with a card saying that you are waiting for her in the video chat at some certain time. She would be pleased and do her best not to get late to your video session.

When you want to start a video chat session with some random person, you do need some starting tips. So, check out the list of starting tips below:

1. Give her a compliment.

Tell her how great she looks on her profile picture and say that you would like to see her in motion. Then, kindly ask her to join you in video chat.

2. Start a conversation

As with standard chatting, start a conversation with the girl you are interested in. Start talking about video chatting, and if she finds it interesting, ask her to join you in video chat.

3. Use a joke

Find a girl you like and start a conversation with her. If everything goes okay, offer her to join you in video chat jokingly complaining that your hands are too tired from typing. You can make fun out of her profile picture and dare her to prove you in video chat that she doesn't look that funny in motion.

Mind that, even if you are about to start a video chat with some random girl, you still need to look good. You don't want her to go offline as soon as she sees you on her screen, right? So, preparing for the chat with a random girl, dress the same way as for the video chat with your online girlfriend.

Few Starting Phrases

Continuing with the random girls, you need some starting phrases if you want to lure a girl into video chat session. Check out the phrases, without the further ado:

1. “Why someone as hot as you, is looking for a date?”. Nobody knows why, but this cheesy flirting phrase works as a perfect conversation starter for Russian girls.

2. “Guess your date didn't go that well, right?”. A bit shocking and confusing, and will definitely help you start the conversation with the girl. Most likely she will start complaining about her ex, and you can ask her to start the video chat session with you citing that you would like to check out how wrong her ex was breaking up with her.

3. “Have all of your high school dreams came true?”. The most confusing personal questions often work as perfect conversational starters.

Mistakes to Avoid

The inability of men to understand the psychology of women often leads to men making a lot of mistakes when dating them. It spreads on different aspects of dating, and online dating, as well as video chatting are no exceptions. So, let's check out the mistakes you should avoid to succeed in your video chatting with girls.

1. Don't show your apartment

Don't start showing your apartment, if she doesn't ask you to. Otherwise, she may think that you are trying to buy her with the way you live. Maybe, there are some girls who admire things like that, but definitely not Russian or Ukrainian girls. They enjoy generosity, and they are curious about their chat-mates' lives, but they don't like bragging about their property. Besides, you need to keep your apartment clean. If she asks you to show her your apartment and it is unclean, she may not be impressed and start thinking that you are looking for a cleaner, rather than a life-long partner.

2. Don't talk too much about yourself

Talking too much about yourself is the most common mistake. Regardless whether it is a video chat or text chat, you must have a dialogue. Answer her questions and ask her about her life and her views. When you are talking a lot about yourself, it may be considered narcissistic, and Slavic women can't stand narcissistic men.

3. Don't offer virtual sex

Although, the idea may sound quite suggestive, it is unlikely that you will find a girl on reputable dating service that will agree on virtual sex. First of all, there are other sites for that purposes. Secondly, avoid such offers if you want her to take you seriously. She may think that you are much more interested in random online sex, rather than in finding a life-long partner.