“How to kiss a girl?” is the question that haunts a lot of men when they are about to start dating a girl. It is very difficult to understand what time is the best to do that. Men tend to believe that kisses have a deeper meaning for women, that's why they try not to rush things.

If it's quite difficult with understanding western women, what can be said about understanding Slavic women who seem to possess the minds and hearts of western men for the last quarter of a century.

Cultural difference is what draws western men to women from post-Soviet countries. They believe that women that came out from behind the iron curtain value traditional family and mind their female role. That's why Russian women dating grew rapidly in popularity. Yes, while girls from Russia are less career-oriented than their western counterparts, the cultural differences work not in the favor of western women.



Despite all the complaints on ultra-feminized and emancipated women in the Western world, men don't realize that that female behavior spoiled them. That can cause a lot of problems when you're about to date a Russian girl. There are different approaches to kissing a Russian and a western girl. While western women are much more easy-going when it comes to romance, Russian women still follow certain dating traditions. So, you need to know how to kiss a woman before entering into Russian girl dating.

Should You Kiss on the First Date?

When you date a Russian woman, you need to know their customs and traditions well, otherwise you may find yourself in the uncomfortable situation. The most confusing question is how to get a girl to kiss you on the first date. When it comes to Russian dating, the question gets even more sinister – should you try or it's against their traditions?

Unfortunately, there is no ultimate recipe to make her kiss you. But, there are few tricks that you can use when on a date. You need to know how to act on the first date in order to kiss a Russian woman.

Russian women enjoy self-assured men, so there is no point in being timid during your first date. At the same time, you should avoid talking about yourself too much. If you talk too much, she may assume that you're egocentric, which definitely won't work in your favor. Another threat that can occur when you talk too much about yourself is that you can start complaining about your ex-girlfriends. Here you must be careful because if you have only bad things to say about them, your Russian girl may assume that you have problems with women or that you don't know what you want from your partner. In case you have only good memories about your ex-girlfriend, she may think that you still can't forget her. And living in the shadow of an ex is definitely not the thing every girl dreams about.

So, what you need is to be a strong participant in a dialogue. Listen to her, ask her questions, and answer hers.

You can win a kiss from a Russian girl if you have a nice sense of humor. Russian women adore men with a good sense of humor, so crack jokes as much as possible. Still, you should be careful because this or that way, Russians are orthodox people. It is better to dig some info about Russian humor if you don't want to joke about the forbidden matters. Some topics can be tabooed for anecdotes and jokes, and it's better to avoid them if you don't want to spoil the first impression.

But if she laughs at all of your jokes, then you're one step closer towards the first kiss. If she's comfortable with you touching her hands, then your chances are even higher. Still, don't force her into kissing you. Most likely the kiss will take place at the very end of your first date, and she will be the initiator of it.

Be attentive to her body language. If she looks straight into your eyes when the time to say goodbye comes, then it is time for you to act. Still, it would be better if you give her a gentle kiss on the lips or on the cheek. If this kind of kiss went okay and she looks at you as if she expects something, then you can go for another one, which can be a French kiss.

How to Kiss a Russian Girl

Before kissing a Russian woman you must consider certain moments. The first thing you must care about is perfect circumstances. Your first kiss with a Russian girl mustn't occur in a crowded place. Trying to kiss her in a cafe or cinema won't be the best choice. If you take a walk in the park in the evening, it can be the perfect place. If you're at your home, take care of the romantic atmosphere. So, light up the candles, turn on some romantic music and pour some wine.

Another important thing is to catch the perfect moment. You need to read your Russian girl's body language because you need to act when you see that she is ready. If your desire to kiss her is irresistible, look her in the eyes. If she's not trying to avoid an eye contact, then she knows exactly what you're about to do and is eager to let you kiss her. What is important in this case is to remain confident. Russian women can't stand men that are too sensitive and too nervous.

It is better to kiss her in the moment of a strong sexual tension between both of you. The more electric your first kiss will be, the better. Once again, it is highly important to maintain a steady eye contact with her. But, you must remember that your gaze must not only express your desire, but be soft at the same time. If you look at her as a python at the rabbit, she may consider it vulgar. And trying to embrace her at the same time, you may easily scare her off. If you don't want her thinking of you as of a maniac you must be careful, without overdoing it.

When everything is ready for the first kiss, you need to approach your Russian girl carefully. Don't go invading her mouth with your tongue from the very start. Start with soft kisses and let her passion do its work. Sooner or later it will push her into exploring your mouth. Another important thing is to keep your eyes closed because if you keep your eyes open, you'll have a creepy look.

Knowing all that, you're ready for the kiss on the first date with a Russian girl.

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I think every man will feel the moment when he can kiss a girl without getting into trouble. The main thing not to be in a hurry like a schoolboy and show your experience. She will melt at once, I am sure. And if she doesn’t want to get a kiss, it is always possible to make a joke of it.
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