Women are very mysterious creatures. How many generations of men vainly tried to solve the riddle of the female soul! Of course, we still succeeded in something, but in general, the hidden movements of women's hearts remain a mystery. For many men, the only way to correctly understand the thoughts and desires of a girl is to communicate in person. In this case, we have a whole set of tools that help us move in the right direction: eye contact, body language, the timbre of voice and so on.

But what if you do not have the opportunity to see each other personally? How to know if a girl likes you through texting? In front of you, there are only shimmering letters on the screen of a laptop or smartphone, a set of emoticons and so on. And on the other side of the monitor sits a beautiful Russian girl you really like, but you are not sure that this is mutual because she is a part of a completely different culture and mentality. You think it's foolish to make hasty conclusions and we absolutely agree. On the one hand, this is a difficult, and on other hand, an extremely simple task to determine whether this sympathy is mutual or not. “How do I know if a Russian girl likes me?” — today we will find this out, buddy.

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Instructions for Exposing: How Do I Know If She Likes Me

Before you start to study how to know if a Russian girl likes you through texting, we want you to relax. There is a key word in the phrase "Russian girls". No, this is not what you thought about - nationality plays a secondary role. "Girls" - that's the word on which you need to focus your attention. Forget the myths and stereotypes about the Russians. When it comes to romantic relationships, all such trifles take a back seat. Girls all over the world are very similar - they want to love, to be loved, create a happy family and fulfill themselves as individuals. And Russian girls are no exception, so get rid of excessive caution and just trust your heart.

So here are the signs she likes you through text:

1. The first and the main "evidence" that indicates the interest in your person by a beautiful lady is her activity. Russian girls are very emotional. They find it difficult to hide their feelings, although they try to do it very hard. If your new pen-friend often writes you first as soon as you become online and actively supports the conversation (even if her skills in English are not very advanced) - you can rejoice, she definitely likes you. It is worth noting that sometimes such active behavior can become a little intrusive. Do not get irritated or frightened. Most likely she just wants to keep your attention at all costs. This is a temporary phenomenon, so take these signs of a girl liking you through texting with humor.

2. The second sign is the content of your correspondence. Let's say she almost never writes you first. Sometimes you get angry, sometimes puzzled, sometimes upset. But do not hurry to put an end to your relationship. Pay attention to how she responds to your messages. If she asks questions, she is interested in your affairs (we do not mean banal phrases like "how are you doing at work?", but an interesting dialog on "what exactly do you do at work, do you like your profession, would you like to change it, how you decided on your professional activities and so on"), she talks about her life — she definitely feels drawn to you. Russian girls are very empathetic, especially with regard to men they like. Do a little analysis and find out how and what she writes to you. If you see real communication and not a ping-pong game with short and empty answers, then you can consider yourself lucky.

3. There is one more sign that will help you understand her attitude to you. Does she show interest in your family? Maybe she asks you to send photos with your parents, grandfathers, grandmothers and other relatives? Does she like to share her family stories? She definitely likes you. The fact is that Russian women have a special attitude to family values. Conversations on this sacred topic are something of an invitation to get to know each other deeper than "just friends" can afford. Of course, when we write the word "conversations", that's exactly what we mean. Idle interest or simple politeness does not say anything. You must be able to distinguish between these concepts. We will not write any instructions on this matter since you have intuition. It should be your main reference point, at least for such simple signs a girl likes you through text.

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