A Russian girl became a dream of the western men. Men continue to register at online services that offer Russian girls dating. They have their own aura of mystery, and probably that is what attracts men the most. Still, it has its own difficulties as well. Wooing a girl is a hard task, wooing a Russian girl is even harder. What makes it a hard task is that western men do believe that because Russian women are different from their western sisters, they require a more complex approach.

Although dating Russian girls requires certain skills, it is much easier to woo a Russian girl than one might think. First, think how do you woo a girl? Is it a sense of humor? Is it body language? Maybe you woo girls with gifts? Well, this is how to woo a Russian woman.


Make Her Laugh

Russian girls love guys with a sense of humor, so cracking jokes is a must when you want to woo a girl. Speaking ironically about life and cracking simple jokes will work much better than trying to seduce her with your bank account. But before doing that, it is better to dig some information about topics you can joke about in Russia because some jokes can really offend them. However, you can avoid that digging by simply joking about yourself and mentioning funny moments from your life. It will show you as a person with a good sense of humor and that's what she's looking for.

Remind Her that She's Beautiful

Tell her more often that she's looking gorgeous. When saying that call her by her name. Her name will underline that it is her and her beauty that is important to you. But don't say it too often, because she may start thinking that her physical attractiveness is the only thing that is important for you.

Use Your Body Language

Although it is important to keep a proper distance between people, hug her or touch her hand when the moment allows. You need to wait for the perfect moment, otherwise, she may misinterpret your intentions and that's definitely not the best way to woo a girl. Remember that your touches and hugs must be light. So, it's better to keep a safe distance most of the time.

Gifts and Flowers

That’s how to woo a girl. Every girl deserves to get a little present. Moreover, a gift is the best way for a man to express his attraction. You should remember that the gift mustn't be too expensive because Russian girl can misinterpret it as you trying to buy her. So, forget about diamonds, pearls, and golden rings. At least for a while. A small gift will be way better. Think about something that can be meaningful to her. Maybe it is a book or even a teddy bear.

Another great idea would be sending her flowers. Flowers have a special place in Russian traditions, and women enjoy receiving flowers. Tulips and roses will do but it would be better if you send her the flowers that she really likes. Be attentive while chatting with her – she will or has already mentioned what her favorite flowers are.

Be Assertive

Unlike the western world where feminism reigns for half a century, Russia is the land of gender stereotypes. So, it is quite natural that Russian women want men that can make the first move, that can be responsible for their words and actions. So, don't wait for too long for the perfect moment to come to visit her or to ask her out on a date. Don't use questions because “Would you like me to visit you?” won't work. “I would like to come to visit you and ask you for a date” sound much better. If you ask her on a date, you must handle all the arrangements. So, once again, be attentive during your chats, she might have mentioned what a perfect date is for her.

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