Perhaps, every girl dreams not only about a beautiful wedding but also about the incredibly romantic proposal. Modern women, "spoiled" with beautiful Hollywood films, do not consider the following scenario as an ideal option: a restaurant, a man kneels on one knee and hands out a treasured box with an engagement ring. They want something more refined. And you, dear man, will ask yourself at once: how to propose in the best way? So take a look at these original proposal ideas.


Box with Butterflies

Now it has become fashionable to surprise and delight women with fireworks of real live exotic butterflies. So, the scenario of such a proposal can look like this: a man buys a large box in a specialized store into which butterflies are placed, with a ring hidden in a package among them. After the lid is open, the butterflies rush into the air and at the bottom of the box she sees the treasured ring. It is ideal to present such a surprise in a large bright room with a lot of greenery – the effect will be truly stunning. If you are no longer looking for Ukrainian or Russian girls for dating but you are ready to get married, be ready to use your imagination and planning skills.

Russian girls are just crazy about such original proposals!

Ring in the Oyster

This way to marry a Ukrainian girl or Russian girl can be called truly original and chic.

If your lady loves French cuisine, then the proposal can pass under the following scenario: a man invites a girl to a restaurant on some real or imaginary occasion and orders a bottle of champagne and 2 plates with oysters. The main thing is that the reason should be really meaningful but not concerning love relations. This is to ensure that the lady doesn’t suspect anything ahead of time. For example, you can tell her that you want to celebrate a successful bargain.  The ring should be hidden in one of the oyster shells on the plate of the potential bride. After she discovers it, the groom makes a sign to someone from the restaurant staff, music begins to play and waiters come from different sides with trays. Each of them has 5-7 different colored roses resulting in a beautiful bouquet. If you want to make a huge surprise, marry a Ukrainian lady in this way.

The Only Movie for the Only Woman

Since your search of Ukrainian girls dating is over and you are ready to propose to the chosen one, take a look at this option. A girl who adores movies will appreciate the following scenario: a man himself or with the help of friends (or specialists) shoots a 2, 3 or 5-minute video, in which he tells how he loves his lady, and proposes in the finale. Next, there are several options of the development of events: you can ask to put this trailer before the movie in the real cinema or arrange a home cinema with presenting flowers and a ring after it. The option with the cinema, of course, is much more spectacular. If you want to be sure that you are definitely getting married to a Ukrainian woman, just choose it.

In an age of modern technology, a video can be shot even on a mobile phone, so if you can create a trailer yourself, it will cost you almost nothing. The cost of showing on the big screen in the cinema is negotiated separately because the fees can vary.

Flowers under the Snow

This option is suitable for those who are not ready to spend a lot of money on making the proposal of the hand and heart. A man invites his chosen one for a walk through the winter forest (park), leads her to a secluded place and reports that she will now find snowdrops or roses for her. The snow (under which the bouquet was hidden in advance) is unearthed, and she takes out flowers (wrapped in a film or paper so that they do not freeze ahead of time). Together with them, the ring is also presented with the words of love.

By the way, you can ask your friends to hide the flowers in a specified place literally 5 minutes before a potential spouse appears there. Then, the bouquet will definitely retain its original appearance. If some of your friends are looking for Ukrainian girls for marriage, share this proposal idea with them.

If there is winter on the street, but there is no snow and it is not expected in the near future, you can decorate any bush in the park with fresh or artificial flowers and colorful ribbons, hide a box with a ring among the branches, and say that her smile made winter roses bloom ahead of time.

A similar scenario of the proposal is one of the most budgetary, but at the same time it can be the most touching thing about Ukrainian women dating.

Album with Photos

Could you imagine that your search of Ukrainian women for marriage will end with a real wedding? Or that was “just for fun”? In any case, you are here now, so read about next proposal idea. This option is suitable for couples who like to take pictures together and like to review the joint photos. By the way, Russian girls simply adore joint photos, so this option of the proposal will almost certainly be successful. A young man buys a beautiful photo album the first half of which is filled with real photographs depicting him and his lover. You can accompany each picture with a touching romantic inscription. The second half of the album is a set of drawings that show a happy family, a home, and children. At the end of the photo album there is an inscription with the proposal and the engagement ring attached to it.

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