Russian women conquer the world. And this is not the title of an article from a cheap yellow newspaper, it's reality. Just look at the number of russian dating sites that offer relationships with Russian women - there are dozens of them and every day there are new ones. But not all of these sites are ready to explain in detail to men how to build relationships with Russian women. And you need to learn in order to succeed. We suggest that you study our guide to dating Russian women. It contains all the available information about Russian women and what you need to know if you are hoping to create a family with one of the Russian beauties.

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What is Unique And Special About Russian Dating: General Facts

The Russian nation is not like any other nation in the world. This is a fancy synthesis of languages, cultures, religions and races that has evolved into such a nation as the Russians. Each particle of this synthesis was transformed into a single whole, while preserving its unique cultural unit. In such conditions a Russian mentality appeared, which is not similar to the mentality of other nationalities. It is worth noting that the Russians themselves do not fully understand their character. A lot of books and a lot of films are made on this topic, but Russians still got no answer about the very essence of their soul. We will talk about how the

Russian mentality is reflected in the characters of Russian women:

Traditionality. Russian women very much appreciate the ancient ways of family life. They are completely focused on the well-being of the family. The vertical of power in the family is clearly structured: the main is husband, the second is woman, then the parents of the man, the parents of the woman and the children. Most Russian women adhere to this kind of scheme.

Beauty. All Slavic nationalities are notable for their beauty, but Russian women are the most beautiful even among them.

Tranquility. Russian beauties dating is a great solution for those who want to live in peace, without scandals and misunderstandings. Russian women are very calm, if no one interferes in the living space of their family.

Key Russian Romantic Traditions and Rules

Russian romantic traditions do not differ much from European ones. But nevertheless a few differences exist. Many Western men ignore them and eventually fail in romantic endeavors with Russian women. We will tell you about the main traditions, thanks to which you will demonstrate your interest and pleasantly surprise the girl with your knowledge of Russian traditions. They love it very much. No Russian dating guide can exist without a little information about it. So:

Give flowers. A gentleman who shows up on a date with a girl without a bouquet of flowers - this is not a gentleman at all. At least that's what Russian girls think. Take their opinion if you want to succeed. Russian dating culture implies giving flowers on any occasion: meeting with friends, birthday, wedding, funeral, romantic date - all this is an accident in order to present flowers. Choose a bouquet that you personally like. Do not ask the girl about her preferences in this regard. If you do not want to make a mistake in single Russian ladies dating, buy a bouquet of chamomiles - these cute flowers are inexpensive and all girls like them.

Behave like a gentleman. Behave as if you live in the 19th century and you are used to the environment of counts and maids. Russian girls adore all these traditions and do not consider them a relic of the past. Do not be shy to open the door in front of the lady, move her chair and often ask whether it is convenient for her, whether she likes everything and so on. But do not be too deliberate. If you are not sure that gentleman's gestures will come from you naturally, just be polite.

Make compliments. Russian women, like all women in the world, adore when men notice their efforts and beauty. After all, before going with you on a date, the girl spent a couple of hours in front of a mirror, picking up makeup and attire. For us, men, this seems like something insignificant, but in fact all this is a lot of work. If you like how a Russian woman looks, tell her about it. But notice exactly what you really liked. If you flatter and talk about the nonexistent advantages of her appearance, she will immediately understand this. It will be your last hot Russian dating.

Pay the bill. In Russia, it is not accepted that a woman pays for herself if she has a beloved man. Wherever you go - to the cinema, restaurant, cafe, theater - you have to pay for her and for yourself. For Russian women, this is so natural that the proposal to pay the bill together will be perceived as greed or even a conditional signal that you do not like her at all. It is the biggest mistake in international Russian dating that our men usually do.

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What You Should Never Do in Russian Dating: the Biggest Don'ts

You should never talk about your ex. Russian girls do not like any manifestations of competition. The story about the ex will be perceived aggressively, so it's better to avoid it.

You should never ask about her age. According to Slavic traditions, it is not appropriate to ask women about their age. If she has already indicated it in her profile on the dating site, there is no reason to discuss it.

You should never complain. If you want to be successful in online Russian dating, you must be a real man. Remember the traditional meaning of this word. A real man is one who does not complain and does not ask someone to solve his problems. Sometimes he can share his experiences on some particularly critical points but in a veiled form. So, do not be a whiner.

Dating a Russian Girl: How to Make It Right

Reasons to choose Russian women for relationships

If you like Russian girls, but you are not sure that you want to build relationships with one of them, we have for you some convincing arguments in favor of this choice. Read carefully and remember, then you will tell all to your mother and she will definitely support your interest in real Russian dating:

Style. Russian women dress like real ladies. They know how to emphasize their advantages and skillfully hide their shortcomings. The style of a Russian woman is femininity in all its manifestations. If you want to see a real lady next to you, you should think of dating a Russian woman.

Intellect. If you want to conduct interesting conversations with your woman, and not just discuss evening talk shows, you need a Russian wife. Russian women like to read, they think not only about new clothes and food. Often there are Russian girls who know several languages. Dating a Russian girl, you will always have someone to talk to in French.

Family Oriented. A Russian girl will never have a question about life priorities. The family will always be the main thing for her. The same applies to the distribution of roles in the family. Everything is as simple as possible: a man is an earner, a woman is a mother and a housewife.

Modesty. Russian girls are modest, but at the same time, in the right situations, they do not forget their own worth. Many men consider this combination of character traits sexy. Date Russian women if you agree with them.

What Russian Women Seek in Men, What Their Goals and Dreams Are

Intellect. Russian women like men who are at least equal to them in intelligence. This attitude is formed by the cultural environment of Russia, where interest in science and art is very high. It's boring to live with a stupid man, there is nothing to talk about with him and he is not able to develop. It is difficult to argue with this statement. If you speak different languages, you are familiar with Russian classical literature and you are erudite, you can date Russian girls successfully.

Loyalty. For a Russian woman, it is very important that a man is also loyal to the family, like her. The family is of paramount importance and if one of its members does not share this view of things, this creates an undesirable psychological atmosphere. A Russian girl needs an absolutely loyal man.

Good physical form. A strong and smart man can protect his family from danger, so women unknowingly make a choice in favor of strong representatives of the male sex. A good physical form does not mean a pumped up musculature. To maintain yourself in good shape and date a Russian girl, it is enough to avoid fatty foods and to perform a complex of simple exercises a couple of times a week.

Sense of style. Women pay attention to the taste of a man. The appearance of a person is a reflection of his beliefs, interests and lifestyle. The main rule is that appearance should be in harmony with the inner world and fit the situation. If a man feels uncomfortable in this or that garment, then he will unconsciously repel the opposite sex from himself. You should learn something about style to succeed in Russian girls dating.

Self-confidence. The man is well built, well dressed and watching himself, but he hardly has crowds of fans if he is not confident in himself. Confidence also attracts women subconsciously: in nature, each female tends to make a couple with a leader. No Russian woman will start a family with a man unsure of himself. Russian women dating is impossible if you have problems with this. Start to develop confidence right now.

Purposefulness. Successful man is the man who is determined to be a successful man. A woman will gladly support the undertakings of her companion, but she must be sure that the man will not give up everything halfway. Otherwise, she will stop believing in him.

How to Court a Russian Lady Properly

Give the flowers

The classic of Russian dating traditions, which never bothers the girls, is flowers as a gift, with or without special occasion. Many Russian men think that this ancient ritual was invented by the women themselves and turned into a banal manifestation of admiration. However, flowers are living reminders of love. Such a gift will be received with gratitude and gentle look of the beloved girl. This will greatly enhance your image in the eyes of a Russian girl.

More creative in communication

Aimless walking through the streets sooner or later bothers every couple. Long conversations or eloquent silence cannot add romanticism. It's time to include creativity and choose interesting forms of communication. Invite a girl to an amusement park or a picnic - the Russians like to relax in the fresh air.

Little signals of love

Little signals of love are cute little things and trinkets. Russian girls are very fond of getting them, it's these gifts that they brag about to their friends, emphasizing the men's quivering and gentle attitude towards them. Try to make small gifts as often as possible.

Mistakes to Avoid Making if You Date a Russian Lady:

  • Do not talk about sex on a first date. By this you will offend her and you will not achieve anything.
  • Do not ask about Russian dating and marriage traditions. You should learn it before inviting a girl to a date.
  • Do not be greedy. Russian women hate mean men.
  • Do not talk only about yourself. It's terribly tiring, besides, you'll show yourself as a self-centered egoist. Do not confuse these two concepts with self-confidence.
  • Do not invite a girl to the same place. She will think that you are a bore without imagination.
  • Do not talk too much about your past. Talk about the future.

Drawbacks of Russian Dating

What Issues May Occur If You Date a Russian Girl:

  • Language barrier. Some Russian girls do not know English very well. Therefore, try to express your thoughts clearly, without metaphors and other literary devices.
  • A long distance between you. Russia is a very big country. It is possible that the girl that you like lives far from even Europe. So you’ll have a couple of long flights from one end of the world to another.
  • Cultural differences. You will need to learn to understand each other. However, this is a pleasant process, albeit it is difficult too.

How to Overcome Those: Brief Tips

  • Try to teach a girl by yourself and explain how to work with Google translator.
  • Be a man, invite her to live with you and solve this problem once and forever.
  • Read books of classical Russian literature, read history books and learn Russian traditions. Suggest the girl to do the same.
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