We all hope that our relationships are working out great. It is absolutely natural, as we believe that a relationship is a place to hide from the outside world. Your relationship with your partner is your fortress and your mental home. So, whenever we start a romantic relationship, we hope that it is forever and you and your partner were meant to be. Unfortunately, we are rarely brave enough to allow ourselves to check out whether everything is going fine. This lack of bravery may screw your relationship all together.

It is always better to check out whether everything is going great between the two of you. Think of the benefits you can get from checking out how good your relationship is. If everything is fine, then there is no problem and you can continue your happy life together being even happier, as now you are feeling absolutely sure and thus secure in your relationship. Moreover, you are proud of yourself, because you have picked the right partner. If you find out that something is wrong, then you have enough time to solve the problem before it gets worse. So, without further ado, let's check out signs of a healthy relationship.

signs of a healthy relationship

Signs of a Healthy Relationship: Checklist for Couples

1. The best of the signs of a healthy relationship is that you and your partner are on the same page in terms of your basic values and life goals. You both know what you want from life, your common goals, what you wish to accomplish in life, and are firmly committed to achieving these together.

2. A strong sense of trust between you is one of the signs that your relationship will last. You openly discuss everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly. There is no hidden agenda and no secrets from your partner. You have no secrets of the past.

3. You keep your own identity within the relationship and so does your partner. This is so vital. Marriage may be a large piece of the whole pie that identifies who you are. But above all, you’re still who you are as an individual beyond your various roles in life. When you dissolve in each other, it's definitely not one of the signs that your relationship will last.

4. One of the healthy relationship sings is that you spend quality time together doing things that are mutually fulfilling as well as quality time apart doing what is important to you individually.

5. You encourage each other to grow and change. In other words, you inspire each other to be a better person.

6. You and your partner feel safe communicating personal needs and wants? It's one of the signs that relationship will last. Time is set aside to discuss issues relevant to you as a couple or each of you individually. Listening carefully with undivided attention is essential for real understanding.

7. Respect is one of the signs of a good relationship. You respect each other’s differences even if you disagree on important issues. And you are able to turn your differences into fair compromise.

8. You share realistic expectations for the relationship, not what you wish or fantasize it should be. Remember that you’re dealing with another extraordinarily complex individual in addition to yourself. There’s enough to work with instead of pursuing unrealistic ideals.

9. Each of you contributes your fair share to the relationship, whatever that happens to be. Each partner brings up their best strengths and abilities for the benefit of the “team."

10. You and your partner honor family ties and friendships of each other? That's another one of healthy relationship signs. While it’s important to set aside time for family and friends, it’s also important to maintain healthy boundaries between you and your partner as a unit apart from other close relationships.

Happiness is blind when we believe that things are going fine. Unfortunately, you can be blind when you are unhappy as well.

When we get used to living with someone, we rarely question how comfortable the relationship is for us. A lot of people are living in an unhealthy or even abusive relationship without acknowledging it. And those who do acknowledge rarely try to break up, simply because they are afraid of being alone.

Maybe you are being abused by your partner mentally or physically, but you won't try to do anything because your abusive partner convinced you that you are worth nothing and nobody would bother even looking at you.

There are less dramatic cases of unhealthy relationship – to continue a relationship that is already over. You don't love your partner any longer and your partner doesn't love you too. Why are you still together then? Simply because you get used to each other and you are afraid that you will fail trying to start it all over again. That's why we try to block each and every thought that our relationships are being unhealthy. That's why we don't check whether our relationships are healthy or not, despite the fact that it is crucial.

If you are brave enough, then check out the signs that your relationship is failing. If it's not, then you are one of the happiest persons on the Earth. If you see the signs that your relationship is falling apart, then you have all chances to figure out whether you can fix it or whether you should break up right now. So, check out the signs of an unhealthy relationship without further ado.

Signs that Your Relationship is Failing: Is It Over Yet?

1. Lies

If you can't be honest with your partner, that's a big problem. What is preventing him or her from telling the truth? What are they hiding, and why can't they be honest and open about it? You expect your significant other to be the one person you can count on. When you can no longer trust them, it's difficult to feel close to them. Lies are one of the early signs of an unhealthy relationship.

2. Conflicts

Disagreements happen in every relationship. But if you're constantly fighting and never coming up with a solution or compromise, then your future together may be short-lived. While opposites may attract, common ground is essential in all healthy relationships. If you can't find a solution to your problems, it's one of the signs that your relationship is over.

signs a relationship will last3. No Affection?

Intimacy involves more than just sex, it's comforting gestures that you incorporate on a daily basis. A kiss before leaving for work. A hug after a long day at work. Holding hands on your way to some place. These little moments are crucial for staying connected to your loved one. If you lack such moments, probably your relationship is doomed.

4. Resentment

When someone is constantly disappointed in his or her partner, it creates a toxic environment. These feelings of inadequacy and discontent are difficult to ignore and to heal, thus resentment is one of the signs that a relationship is over.

5. Jealousy

If he or she is constantly checking your phone or complaining when you spend time with friends it can be exhausting. Jealous people often have trust issues. It can be challenging to have a partner who wants to know your whereabouts every moment of the day or doesn't want you to do certain things because they're afraid you may stray. That's another sign that your relationship is doomed.

6. Unhealthy Attachments

This is a big one, and it's not just about exes. It can be a problem if your partner is too involved with someone in their life, including a family member. You should be their number-one priority. If your significant other is constantly focusing their energy on someone else and ignoring your needs, it may be time to move on.

7. Addictive Behaviors

First, your partner has to acknowledge he or she has a problem. Second, they have to find a way to address it. If these two criteria are not met, nothing will change. Are you willing to settle down with someone who refuses to help themselves? If not, then you should move on, as there is literally nothing you can do about it. Besides, addiction may be one of the signs that you soon find yourself in an abusive relationship.

8. Humiliation

Your partner should be your cheerleader, not a bully. If he or she talks about you behind your back or, worse, bad mouths you in public, it's a red flag, as it is one of the signs of an abusive relationship. Relationships, while not perfect, should be based on love and understanding. If there's a problem, it should be handled privately.

9. Emotional infidelity

This is another big one. If your partner seeks emotional solace in someone other than you, he or she is deeply unsatisfied because their needs are not being met. Communication is the key to healthy relationships. If you lack communication, most likely your relationship is over.

10. Indifference

If neither you nor your partner cares what the other does or thinks then it's probably time to move on. Who wants to be in a relationship with someone who lacks empathy?


After reading this article you are either smiling that everything is going great in your couple or you desperately thinking whether something can be done about your relationship or you should just leave your partner immediately. In any case, you have just found out how important it is to check out whether you are in a healthy or an unhealthy type of relationship.

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