While we all want to be that independent and never give a second thought about our ex after the breakup, we feel that our connection with our exes remains for at least half a year after the breakup. Particularly there is one question that continues bothering us for quite a long time after the breakup. That question being, “Does my ex miss me?” Of course, there is a possibility that you’ll jump into a new relationship just right after that breakup and forget about your ex, but we know that doesn’t happen that often. First of all, we find it extremely difficult to get used to a new romance, and even if we manage to do that, we continue to compare our new partner to our ex.

signs your ex girlfriend misses you

That’s why the curiosity of whether your ex still misses you or not remains quite vital. Especially, when you are still alone and continue wondering whether there is a chance for you to reconcile. Of course, things are more or less clear when a girl says she misses you. When a man misses a woman, he can also confess to being missing her. But how do you know if your ex misses you when they keep silent? Well, to figure that out we offer you to check out 15 signs that will help you tell whether your ex misses you or not. Let’s check them out without further ado.

1) You Remain Friends on Social Media

Not the strongest of the signs your ex misses you, as staying friends signals two things at once. On the one hand, it’s the sign that you are both adults and find deleting each other from your social media after the breakup a bit childish. Moreover, a breakup means the end of your romantic relationship. Nobody says that it must be the end of any relationship or that you can’t remain friends. On the other hand, however, it can be a sign that your ex still misses you, and even if you don’t live together and see each other rarely, being friends on social media gives your ex an illusion that you are still together and have a chance to reconcile.

2) Your Ex Still Has No Date

One of the most obvious signs that your ex misses you is the absence of the new partner. We’ve already mentioned how difficult it is to start a new romance right after the breakup, but if enough time has passed and your ex still has no new partner, it may be a sign that they miss you. The absence of a new partner is a clear indication that your ex still misses you, thus cannot find enough strength to replace you with anyone else.

3) Your Ex Calls and Texts You Often

Previously you could have been told that it is one of the typical signs your ex-girlfriend misses you, but it works the same way with ex-boyfriends. If your ex is calling and texting you out of blue, this is how to tell if your ex misses you. Especially, if your ex starts your phone or text sessions late in the evening. They got used to the fact that you are sleeping side by side, and they are missing you.

4) They Post Lots About Their Social Life

This is one of the typical signs your ex misses you, especially if you ended up on the bad note or they kinda feel offended by your breakup. They use social media where you still remain friends as a tool to say, “I’m quite fine without you” or “My life is even better without you.” Even if the end of your relationship wasn’t about who’s better off alone, they feel the need to prove to you that they can manage to live on their own. Well, that’s how to know if an ex misses you - check how often they post about their great social life after your breakup.

5) Talk Often About You or Your New Partnersigns she misses you

If you have mutual friends, and they tell you that your ex often talks about you or discusses with them your new partner, then be sure that your ex misses you. Regardless of whether your exe’s comments about you or your partner are positive or negative, it’s a clear sign that your former partner is missing you. How to know if your ex misses you? Ask your mutual friends, what your ex thinks about you or your new partner.

6) Often Bring "Good Old Days" in Conversations with You

When you are talking, just like in "Good Old Days," you discuss a vast array of things. Of course, you are talking about things that changed in your separate lives after the breakup. But your ex is constantly bringing up those "Good Old Days" in your conversation. “Remember how good it was when…” and so on. If that sounds familiar, then it is a clear sign that your ex is missing you.

7) Post Lots of What You Like

Was there any particular singer or a band that you liked, but your partner wasn’t much into? Now, you see that your ex is posting lots of music video by that artist? Well, of course, it is quite possible that your ex has finally realized that this artist is really great. But it also can be a sign that screams, “I’ve changed my mind. Come back!” In other words, a clear indication that your ex is missing you. Was there any particular cafe that you liked to visit together? Now, your ex frequently checks-in there? Well, yes the cafe is great and the meals there are great, so there is no point to make anything out of those check-ins. However, those check-ins may be as well a clear indication that your ex misses you. Such check-ins generally mean, “Do you remember?”

8) Frequently "Bumping" Into You

What is one of the most typical signs she misses you? What is one of the most typical signs he misses you? Gender plays no role when your ex is "bumping" into you. You could have taken your ex running into you as mere accidents, if not the frequency of those runnings-in. How to know if an ex misses you? Count the number of times he or she is accidentally running into you. If your ex just so happens to be around wherever you go, there is no need to doubt the fact that your ex is missing you desperately.

9) Finds Excuses Not to Give Your Stuff Back

You no longer live together, but some of your stuff is still at your ex’s house. You try to get it back, but your ex always finds an excuse not to give your stuff back. Those excuses range from quite logical to absolutely ridiculous ones. When the number of ridiculous excuses exceeds the number of their logical counterparts, have no doubts, your ex misses you and finds it quite difficult to say goodbye to things that remind him or her about you.

10) Frequently Offers You to Meet Up

After the breakup, your lives change rapidly, but your partner insists on continuing to communicate, which is not bad at all, especially if you both agreed that love is lost, but you can still be friends. But if your ex frequently offers to meet up, it can be a sign that he or she is still missing you. Your ex offers you to go and watch a movie of your mutual favorite director? Your ex offers you to go eat somewhere out? Your ex offers you to come to his or her place whenever you find it comfortable? Have no doubts, your ex still misses you.

11) Their Friends and Relatives Are Still Nice to You

Whenever you bump into your ex’s friends and relatives, they are very happy to see you. They don’t ask how you are out of politeness, but because they are really interested in how you’ve been doing. That means that your ex is not complaining about you and is not informing his or her friends and relatives that you were the biggest mistake in their romantic life. And if their friends and relatives ask you, whether you miss your ex or not or whether you’ve found someone or not, be sure, your ex misses you.

12) Your Pictures Are Still on Their Social Media Accounts

Well, keeping your pictures or photos in which you are together is not a direct indication that your ex-partner is missing you. It can mean as well that your partner doesn’t want to ditch anything from their past, and they are okay with those pictures still on their social media accounts. You need to have quite an infant outlook to delete pictures of people important to you in the past. But, at the same time, those pictures can be a painful reminder of the romance that falls apart. So, keeping those pictures may as well mean that your ex is missing you.

13) They Ask Your Mutual Friends About Your Whereabouts

If you don’t communicate with your ex that frequently or even if you do when you bump into your mutual friends, you learn that your ex often asks them about your whereabouts. Well, that’s the clearest sign that you can get. There is no doubt that your ex is missing you. Maybe your ex doesn’t call you that often because they think that it may be painful for you. But they still care, and that’s why they ask your mutual friends about your whereabouts.

14) Wearing Clothes That You’ve Bought Togetherdoes my ex miss me

Well, throwing away clothes that you’ve bought together would be one of the dumbest ideas, clothes are clothes. While melodramas are full of characters burning the clothes and other items that may remind them of their exes, let’s be honest - that doesn’t happen that often in reality. Still, putting away clothes associated with your ex for a while seems like a more or less logical solution. Nobody wants to look in the wardrobe and get emotional cause this or that shirt, skirt or jeans were bought on that day, and you end up with tears in your eyes. But if your ex-partner constantly posts pictures where they are in those clothes or with those items, then it can be a sign that hey still miss you.

15) They Tell It Directly

And the clearest indication that your ex misses you is when they call you and tell it directly. Most likely, one day you’ll be talking on the phone with your ex, and they will say, “I miss you so much.”

What to Do When You Miss Your Ex?

Well, we’ve talked about the signs that can help you understand whether your ex misses you or not, but what we haven’t discussed is how to act when you miss your ex. If you find yourself desperately missing your ex, there are a few things that you need to think about before taking any actions.

If you realize that you are just missing the past, and you know that you cannot return it - beat it. There is even no need to hint that you are missing your ex. If you want to talk to someone, let it be your friends or even a shrink. There is no need to bother your ex with you, “I know that we cannot return the past, but I miss you so much.” Oh, yeah, that may sound lovely, but it is pointless. You make a painful situation even more painful for both of you.

However, if you are sure that your romance should be given a second chance, don’t go into the hints and signs. Just go and tell your partner directly that you miss them and that you are eager to give your relationship a second try.

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