In more recent times, men strive to become Alpha males. Every second guy beats his chest proving that he is worthy of this honorary title. But have you ever heard of Sigma males? Who are these men and what are sigma male examples? Today, we are going to discuss sigma male traits and give you some effective tips on how to become such a man.

sigma male

What are male personality types?

Experts claim that there are four main male personality types – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Omega males. An Alpha male is a tribal leader and absolute authority. Very often, these are people of manual labor. They love contact and aggressive sports (watch broadcasts or participate themselves). Representatives of this male personality type want power, such people strive to assert themselves at the expense of others. Many men wonder how to become an Alpha man. Everything is very simple. This is about difficult childhood, seasoned with a pinch of self-doubt. Only those who do not feel significant try to dominate others, causing discomfort with each of their actions.

Beta males are people who are successful both in work and in family matters. They have a slightly sweeter disposition than alpha. These men stand out for their excellent mental abilities, so they often engage in intellectual labor, benefiting both the family and themselves. In general, this is the best type of man to create a family. Beta males are reliable, intelligent, and promising. Such people appreciate their soul mates, always help them in difficult situations, and know how to have a good time as a couple. This is a strong personality of the 21st century who attracts everyone around. The ideal of a man nowadays looks exactly like that.

Gamma men have been always considered the lowest members of the tribe. They are malleable and have no opinion. Therefore, if a rich woman wants to find herself a “decoration,” her choice often falls on such a man. However, if the Gamma man has good manners and handsome appearance, then he can take the path of least resistance and establish his own life. But in most cases, a Gamma male is a man who does not manifest his masculinity in any way. The Gamma man can suffer from alcohol addiction, be unemployed, and most often, lives off other people — his wife or relatives.

Omega males are bohemian and creative personalities. These are people who are passionate about creativity and devote maximum time to their hobbies. Usually, such men do not want to start a family (to raise offspring), it is just enough for them to have a beloved woman nearby. For some, she replaces a best friend; for others, she is an inspiration; for some, the beloved woman is supporting. With such a man, a woman always feels interested because the Omega male can talk on a huge number of topics. It is almost impossible to put Omega out of temper, so a lady can conduct a discussion with her omega man without being afraid of quarrels (and this is a big advantage in romantic relationships). Most often, such men live a sheltered life and try to protect themselves from negative influences, but they are not self-confident enough to achieve all their goals. This is the main distinctive quality of Sigma vs. Omega male.

Sigma male definition: why they are special

What is a sigma male? In fact, the expression "sigma male" characterizes an introverted alpha male, who combines all the best qualities of alpha and beta males. This is a man who does not belong to any social hierarchy and does not want to play such games at all. He charts his own course.

A Sigma male is a loner who never reveals anything about himself; that is why he always seems mysterious. Sigma is a quiet man, but he is not shy. He is determined enough, and when necessary, a Sigma man will express his opinion and be heard by others. Such a man is self-confident, easily learns new things, and copes well enough with both physical and intellectual labor. He is independent and looks like a real lone wolf who does not pay attention to what sheep say or think about him.

Most importantly, Sigma males are made rather than born. Sigma is formed over the years of adversity and physical and mental trials. Such a man often turns out to be even stronger than Alpha and Omega males due to his ability to persuade and manipulate other people.what is a sigma male

Sigma male is neither a leader nor a follower. This is rather an unpredictable person. Also, the Sigma man is always ready to take risks in order to achieve the goals and does not settle for less than he deserves. In a romantic relationship, such a man seeks perfection, and will never date a woman he does not like just not to be alone. A Sigma male will be single until he finds a lady who cuts him to the heart. This is related to dating online too. So, women who engage in a sigma male relationship can be completely sure in the sincerity of the feelings of their beloved men.

Sigma male vs. Alpha male: main differences

In fact, Sigma and Alpha males have much in common. Both of these types of personalities are self-confident, know what they want from life, and do everything possible to get it. But what are the differences between Sigma and Alpha males? Let’s get it out!

1. Attitude toward social authority

Alpha men are characterized by a certain concern about their social standing; they always try to be the best and take leading positions in society. Alpha males strive to enjoy authority and look in the eyes of those around them in the best possible manner. But Sigma males are completely different. They do not need all these things and do not even care about them at all. Sigma males never seek appreciation of the outside persons.

2. Social interaction

Alpha males are very social; these are typical leaders who always seek to be at the top of any social group. Sigma males, in turn, are used to accomplishing their goals without social interaction. In most cases, Alpha males are extroverts, while Sigma males are introverts. Of course, Sigma men know how to communicate with other people, but more often than not, they just do not want to do this. They prefer not to deal with society at all and always try to take on their own life.

3. Relationships with girls

Perhaps everyone knows about the amorousness of Alpha males. These men always try to stand out from the crowd of other men and attract as many women as possible. They are proud of every new romantic relationship and usually change a lot of partners throughout their lives. For them, the very number of relationships comes first. But things are completely different with Sigma men. In fact, they know how to conquer a woman and attract her attention as well as an Alpha man. But unlike the Alpha male, a Sigma man will never enter into a romantic relationship with a girl whom he does not like. He seeks to find the one and only woman for building a strong and happy family.

Sigma male personality traits

Now, you know the principal differences between Alpha and Sigma males. But what are the traits of Sigma male personality? Let’s go into the matter!

1. Insularity

It is one of the most characteristic Sigma male traits. You do not even need any sigma male test to check this. Sigma guys are lone wolves who like to spend time alone doing their own thing. As a rule, they do not need the support of other people and do not rely on them at all. Sigma males perfectly regain the presence of mind and control themselves. These men do not need the constant attention of people around them and do not maintain a close relationship with everyone in their lives. Insularity gives strength to Sigma males. Thus, they are becoming stronger.

2. They have no need for attention

Sigma men never crave to be the life and soul of the party and attract the attention of everyone around them. But the point is that when such a man begins to speak, everyone draws attention to him and listens to the Sigma. After all, Sigma males have excellent communication skills and natural attraction. People like to listen to them and keep an eye on the Sigma male.

3. Contrarian way of thinking

Sigma males have a unique ability to do things differently from other people. A Sigma man always acts in his own way! One of the characteristic features of Sigma males is the ability to give an exceptional nature to what they do. They have a contrarian way of thinking and look at the world differently. All this is because of their rebelliousness. For example, while many people like keeping hold of their phones posting on social networks, the Sigma male can evade the virtual world to enjoy real life!

4. Determinacy

To achieve goals, it is important to be able to set them correctly. Sigma males know exactly how to do this. These men realize what they want from life and understand how they can achieve this in the simplest and fastest way. Moreover, this also applies to romantic relationships. Sigma men know well what kind of relationship they want to have.

5. They are quite capable of becoming Alpha

Yes, it is not difficult for Sigma males to become Alpha. Sigma men are very subtle psychologists and know how to manipulate people no worse than Alpha males. Moreover, they possess leadership qualities and are distinguished by special charisma and charm. Such qualities help Sigma males to attract women. Therefore, as you see, a Sigma man has every chance of becoming an Alpha male, but simply put, he does not need it at all.sigma male traits

6. They are not introverts but want to have personal space

Sigma males seem distant and shy, although this is far from the truth. These are extroverts who know how to conduct a dialogue and are able to maintain a conversation. But despite all this, Sigma males like to have some personal space where no one will bother them. They need it to do things they are really fascinated with.

7. Migratory way of life

The nomadic lifestyle is one of the defining characteristics of Sigma males. These men hate invariableness and cannot live in one place in the course of a lifetime. They like to travel, discover new breathtaking countries, and get familiar with unknown cultures. In addition, a Sigma man will never buy any unnecessary or useless things while discovering the world as he prefers traveling light-handed. This man wants to find a woman who keeps the same nomadic lifestyle and will be able to share the brightest emotions with her Sigma man.

8. Activism

Sigma males are very active in nature. They crave to perceive the world and gain as many positive experiences as possible. They usually have several hobbies and interests and do not mind to try anything new. At work, Sigma males do not afraid of responsibility and always display activity and enthusiasm. In romantic relationships, Sigma men are very active too. They will never let beloved women do all the housework by themselves. A Sigma man is always ready to help his loved one and become the real head of the family. This is why a lot of ladies want to start dating a sigma male.

How to be a Sigma male?

Now, when you know sigma male characteristics, you may want to become such a man. Therefore, there are five sure tips on how to be a Sigma male!

1. Sort oneself out to become independent

This is the first character trait that you should develop in yourself if you want to become a real Sigma male. Sigma men crave for independence and try to break free of any external influence – including society, government, the media, and so on. Any manifestation of forceful influence from the outside is unacceptable for a Sigma male. To enjoy freedom to the fullest, you need to sort yourself out and decide on how to gain independence and begin to lead the lifestyle that you want.

2. Start small

To begin with, you should try on the image of a Sigma male. Therefore, start with the “Lite Sigma level” and leave for a day or two in the nearest city. Such a small trip will give you a sense of independence and freedom. You will take responsibility and solve problems by yourself (for example, where to spend the night). Thus, you will become stronger and more self-sufficient. Also, this will let you know whether you are ready to be a Sigma male at all.

3. Learn to solve problems by yourself

Sigma males do not need other people to help them; these men are used to do everything by themselves. Therefore, you should learn to solve problems by yourself but not just to shift responsibility for your actions to others. After all, self-sustainability is one of the characteristic traits of Sigma males.

4. Spend some time in the privacy of your own mind

As you already know, Sigma males love spending time alone. In case your only way to relax and get distracted from the everyday minutiae is hanging out with friends, you should immediately change it if you want to be a Sigma male. So, devote some time every day to spend it in the privacy of your own mind – for example, do something you like or look for new hobbies.

5. Develop self-confidence

Self-confidence is another characteristic feature of Sigma males. It helps them to wend their way through life and achieve their goals. Moreover, confidence in oneself contributes to success in all spheres of life. In addition, self-confident men attract women as they project reliability and a sense of security in a relationship.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, there are four main personality types to distinguish men – Alpha, Beta, Omega, and Gamma. Nowadays, we often observe Alpha males ruling the world. They are explicit leaders who want everyone around to obey them. However, there is another male personality type who has all the power to challenge an Alpha man. These are independent and self-sufficient Sigma males who always chart their own course. It is not so difficult to become a Sigma man, you just should work on yourself and develop some Sigma male traits. Achieve your goals and do not be afraid to change yourself!

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