Flirting is an exciting game for two. Nowadays, the Internet becomes the most popular place to search for such games. There are a lot of social networks, european and russian dating sites, and most importantly, certain anonymity, which makes it possible to feel calm and liberated, without seeing a person. You can always come up with an interesting text and attract a person with its help. Many affairs, starting on the Internet, eventually turn into something bigger – a meaningful relationship or even a family.

cute ways to flirt over text

How to Flirt with a Girl Over Text?

The concept of flirting over text means to interest a person, get to know each other better, and bring some spark in communication. In essence, flirting is a communication between a man and a woman before a relationship is established. So, how to do everything right and attract a girl using only messages?

Call her by name

To please a girl, forget faceless pronouns and call her by name. Every person is pleased to listen to the sound of their own name. It gives the conversation some intimacy. But don’t overdo it, otherwise, you may seem unnatural or even strange.

Use emojis

Flirty texts are uninteresting without them. This “emotions” make it much easier to flirt. You can use laughing emojis, hearts, cats, and everything that characterizes your text and thoughts. But it is not necessary to build all your messages out of them. Everything should be in moderation.


Humor is a universal thing. By reacting to your jokes, you can understand the sphere of interest and the level of education of a person. If a girl doesn’t understand your humor at all, think about whether the game is worth the efforts.

Learn to listen

This advice is universal not only for flirting. The absolute majority of people prefer to talk exclusively about themselves. Therefore, if you can listen to a girl, it will give a lot of points to you. And yes, listening is not just nodding or answering in monosyllables. It means to participate in a conversation, that is, in texting.

Ask about important things

This is a logical continuation of the previous paragraph. Talk about what’s interesting to a girl even if it is about kittens or the latest video of beauty bloggers.

Use GIFs

These are images that are animated. They are mostly small snippets from different videos. Since a person you are writing to can’t see your real expressions, these little helpers are the next best option to show your emotions. This can become one of the cute ways to flirt over text.


Only clever and witty men can tease girls so that they will like it. This doesn’t mean to send hurtful words and nasty things to her. If you know that you are the person who can do it right, then use this technique. A girl will laugh at it and will want to do the same. In it, there is something that can make her want to date you.

Send silly photos of yourself

You can take such photos using masks on Instagram or Snapchat. This is what can show your emotions in funny ways. If you don’t use such social networks, you can send your real face reaction if she sends you something shocking or interesting.

how to flirt over textBe yourself

This is really important. Don’t try to look like someone else. And, most likely, a girl will notice it. Let her know the real you.

Say goodbye at the most interesting moment

How to flirt with a girl over text without being obvious? Just pay her little attention. Maybe you think that this is wrong if you want to interest a girl but, actually, it works. If you want a particular girl to text you first the next day, then leave her wanting more. When you feel that she is almost in your trap, tell her that you must go. For example, you can say, “It was a pleasure to talk to you, but I actually have to go right now. Let’s continue it later!” Thus, she will definitely think about you.

Dos and Don’ts in Flirting Over Text

Most women believe that men must be initiators in everything. Therefore, women most often behave like snow queens, trying to hide their real emotions. In fact, every woman will be pleased if a man will flirt with her. But what is permissible and what is not in text flirting with a girl?


Have good grammar

How to flirt over text? No one likes illiterate people. Messages with mistakes can push a girl away. She should enjoy messages and not look for your mistakes.

Share interesting information

Don’t send more than 5 messages per day. You should leave a woman interested in further communication. It is not necessary to describe in detail the past day. If a girl asks you what you did yesterday evening, you don’t need to describe your pastime in the smallest details. She is not interested to know how time goes by. This will cause her boredom, and soon she will quickly lose interest in communication.

Keep a pause between messages

How to flirt with your crush over text? Wait for about half an hour and respond to the received message only after that. She will be anxiously waiting for your answer. Otherwise, the girl will think that you are waiting for her message. And as you know, girls love those who are a little cold to them.

Set a goal

Psychologists claim that each message has its own hidden meaning. The message may intrigue or cause jealousy, provoke a desire to meet or call. Remember that love needs to be built in reality. If she texts you a whole day, it doesn’t mean that she wants something serious. Maybe she is just bored, maybe she lacks attention. Texting is usually only an aid. If she doesn’t strive to meet after a couple of weeks of active communication via text, stop communicating with her. You need a girl who is ready for a relationship. This is your goal.

Show the exclusivity of a girl

For example, you don’t need to write, “I watched an interesting film today.” Write something like, “I watched a movie today in which the main character resembles you.” She will appreciate it. It is pleasant to hear that you look like a superstar. This is how to flirt over text with a girl right.

Have fun

You don’t need to be serious at all to appear like a real man who is interested only in a serious relationship. Girls love humor and love to laugh. And if a man can make her laugh, then consider that she is almost yours.


Certain messages can spoil everything. A girl can easily lose interest in you and go about her daily activities. In texting, you shouldn’t do the following.

Don’t be overly sexual

If you are counting on something serious with a girl, don’t start talking about sex and sending photos where you are naked. First of all, you have to get to know each other or meet in real life. But at the same time, don’t hide your sexuality. The girl may perceive you as a friend. In general, you have to find a golden mean.

Don’t show off

It is important not to break the thin line between the opportunity to make an impression and a weighty chance to show yourself to be a narcissist. If you are an accomplished person, it will be seen in the manner of communication. Otherwise, boasting will not help.

Don’t overdo with emojis

Yes, texts don’t show emotions as accurately as real communication. But talking like a 10-year-old schoolboy is not the best way to turn your flirting into something more.

text flirting with a girlDon’t be needy

If a girl doesn’t respond for a long time, it is not necessary to flood her with messages. Perhaps she is in the shower or does some business, maybe she wants to create an image of mystery. Otherwise, the girl will think that you have nothing to do in life.

Don’t flirt in a bad mood

If there are a lot of problems, it is better to write that there is no time for texting. Since answering in a bad mood, she can take personally the negative that will be read between the lines.

Don’t fall into her traps

Women easily manipulate men, sending photos of their naked bodies. But don’t be hooked! Otherwise, a woman will understand which spots to push to get what she wants. Moreover, it means that you are like other men.

How to Subtly Flirt with a Girl Over Text

To flirt online with a girl, you need to be confident in your attractiveness, have an extraordinary sense of humor, know how to listen and not interrupt a woman in half words. Also, various and appropriate emojis will work, however, it is important not to overdo it and add them only where they are relevant. Don’t abuse the exclamation marks and don’t be too emotional. You need to skillfully balance on the verge of vulgarity and culture, make subtle hints and tease your interlocutor, fueling interest in your person. And here is how you can do it.

  • “Your smile is probably the best one I’ve seen today” – this phrase contains a cute compliment.
  • “I still can’t understand what makes you so charming, but you definitely have something mysterious” – an intriguing flirting text for her.
  • “You are a very unusual girl, and time flies with you unnoticed, but I urgently need to go” or “You are a stunningly interesting person and a wonderful girl, but the monthly report will not be written by itself” – this is what we mean when advise you to say goodbye at the most interesting moment.
  • “I would give you a gentle and sensitive massage of the whole body, but we are not yet so close, and I should stop thinking about it” - this phrase contains intentions and the reason why this action can’t be carried out.
  • “I feel that you are pursuing me. Surely you have fallen in love with me, and now you can’t imagine your leisure without communicating with a man like me?” or “Will you be able to control yourself and not overstep what is allowed on our first date or I should come with a personal bodyguard?”– a hint of a girl’s affection and love.
  • “Do you want to compete with me in the culinary battle (dance, intellectual or any other)? But I must warn you in advance that you have a little chance of surpassing me”– thus, you challenge a woman, thereby emphasizing her advantages.
  • “It’s good that we are only friends with you or am I mistaken?” – this is an ambiguous phrase and a hint of attraction.
  • “Usually, I don’t like girls with that look, but you are the exception to the rule” – such a phrase is not suitable for any girl, but such a statement will graze any woman.
  • “How do you think, is it possible for us to become good friends or do you want more? – ask the woman’s opinion and show your feelings.
  • “Does your body smell as tasty as it looks?” – a hint of a personal meeting. And this is a good way of how to flirt with your girlfriend over text.
  • “Tell me, are you twin sisters with Angelina Jolie?” or “Jennifer Lopez will cry in a pillow with envy when she sees your body” – a good comparison with celebrities who are considered the benchmark of female beauty.
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