What does the friend zone mean? The friend zone is sexual limbo. Everyone can get into it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a tough alpha male who has fallen in love with a unique girl, or you are a cheerful ordinary guy who adores a smart woman, or you are an outsider and consider any woman who looks accidentally at you to be a goddess.

What is the friend zone? The friend zone is the worst dream of any guy who doesn’t know how to make a girl fall in love with him. Some men don’t understand that they have walked right into the trap. So, what does it mean to be friend zoned?

The friend zone is when you are genuinely in love with a woman, or at least you think so. The object of your craving smiles sweetly at you and calls you "my friend", "brother", which means that you absolutely do not attract this girl sexually. It's a terribly offensive fact. You try your best, but you are doomed to failure. Sometimes, girls create a friend zone consciously around themselves, and sometimes, it goes without making efforts. However, in any case, being in a friend zone is a very unpleasant moment. How can you understand that you have all chances to find yourself in the friend zone?

what is the friend zone

What is it like to be in the friend zone and why it happens?

What the friend zone is? Imagine a situation when you are drinking with her, and this meeting reminds of a "happy hour" when people hang out after work together in a bar, getting away from the daily grind of city life. Meeting with her happens in this way. She drinks with you for about an hour at your expense and then goes quickly somewhere. Most likely, she goes on a date with another guy.

You watch the whole movie with her and that’s all. When you try to seduce a woman, you can invite her to watch a movie in your house in the hope that this can lead to sex during or after the film. If you find yourself watching the whole movie without going to bed, you're in the friend zone. The girl tries not only to dodge your hugs in every possible way, but she does not show any interest in you, she is just watching the movie. You might as well have watched the movie alone. It's a terribly offensive fact, that the girl feels the same disgust at the thought of having sex with you as from the thought of being in the same bed with her own brother.

You take her dog for a walk or feed her cat in her absence. If you care about her pet, but you do not get anything in return, you are in a relationship that is convenient for the girl. You want some progress in the relationship, and it will even seem to you that it is and that you are going ahead because she begins to entrust the most important. However, it’s high time to wonder where is she now?

She introduces you to her girlfriends as a "friend." It is very unpleasant, isn’t it? It is something that no one wants to hear from the girl with whom he has fallen in love. Most likely, she had told her female friends about you. Do you know in what way? "He is so sweet and silly, he is a perfect friend.” If the girl realizes that you are friend zoned, she can tell her women friends about you in a much more unpleasant way, "This moron does everything for me, and he wants me for sure, but I will never have sex with him.”

She asks you to evaluate the clothes that she has bought. She does not perceive you as a man. She perceives you as an asexual being. Your queen asks you to go with her to the store and to evaluate her outfit. She wants to look cool when she meets a normal guy. Most likely, that happens because she does not have a "gay friend."

She tells you that "she would have married you." It's amazing, but some people consider that dating and getting married are two different concepts. If she said that she would have married you, it does not mean that she wants to date you and have sex! This means that you have all the qualities that her future spouse should have (patience, humility, loyalty, the certainty that she is a beautiful goddess, and that she is unique), except for sexual attractiveness.

You comfort her after another breakup. As always, you don’t get anything in return. However, you are informed of all the news about her sexual life. There are times when a girl has sex with her “friend” because of sadness or because she wants to domesticate him even more. After a night of love, when a man is sure that, at last, she is his girlfriend, the girl makes him swear that "this will never happen again." The most unpleasant thing is that it is the truth, and you will hardly get another chance to see her in bed.

If you don’t know what to do if you are in the friend zone, but you are terribly tired and want to have some certainty in the relationship with the girl, there is a way out. There are several options to move ahead and leave this tiresome friend zone.

7-step guide to escape the friend zone and start dating

So, you like her. You are ready to cross the line between the friend zone and dating and take a step toward your relationship as a couple. You spend all your free time thinking about her. You behave like a gentleman. You are ready to come in a heartbeat across the whole city. Naturally, she has to choose you, right? It isn't necessarily. But there is hope. You can take a few steps so that she finally opens her eyes and sees you next to her. Look through these 7 options of getting out of the friend zone, you will surely find suitable for you.

Speak out with no pussyfooting. Don’t give her even a small chance to interpret your words in various ways, for example, when you ask her for a walk. There should be no other meanings besides that you ask her out. If you don't do that, most likely, she will understand your offer just as her friend's proposal because it can have the wrong connotation. You should focus only on the fact that you ask her out on a date, and not to the park as a friend to feed the ducks. Your offer should reflect your desire to spend time together as a couple.

Plan the date in advance. Spontaneous things and meetings are good, sometimes they are much better than those that are set up in advance, however, this shouldn’t apply to a date with the girl, especially if you try to get out of the friend zone. If you want to impress the girl and make her feel the difference between you and any other ordinary guy, you should plan your date in advance even if you haven’t asked her out yet. Be ready anytime and think through everything well, you should always have some alternative options just in case. You should make her feel special in the role of your girlfriend.

Don’t split the bill on your dates. How to escape the friend zone? If you ask a girl out, you should pay a common bill because only friends can share it. Usually, a man is a leader in the relationship, and it is he who takes responsibility for his woman. A couple doesn’t share a bill, especially if their relationship just starts to flourish. You may consider it old-fashioned, but it will impress a girl and might help you escape from the friend zone.

Show her your life. If there is an opportunity, then invite the girl to a gathering with your friends, but you should do that at an early stage of dating. You will not be just her friend if you introduce her as your girlfriend. Just make sure that none of your friends likes this girl too much because sometimes even close friends make awful things. When you bring a girlfriend to a relationship gradually, she begins to see your positive sides as her boyfriend. If you are her friend, then it's much easier for you to transform into her boyfriend avoiding the friend zone. Be sincere, honest and do not give up when you face the first challenge.

Be different. If you fall in love with a popular girl, she certainly has a lot of options. Everyone wants her, and everyone wants to be with her. You need to separate yourself somehow from the crowd. How to do that? Just be different. Most guys begin to pay standard compliments because they think that women want to hear them. She knows that she is attractive. Spend more time to learn her better: her thoughts, ideas, even political views. Show that you treat her like a person, and not as a beautiful accessory, and she will start thinking about the prospect of the relationship sooner than you plan. And yes, do not forget to mention how good she is, and how you like her as a woman.

Play by her rules. If you want to date this girl, don’t do the most common mistake in the world, do not put pressure on her. Do not be always nearby if you think about friend zone escape. Do not convince her and turn yourself inside out. Be yourself, you are good as you are. Just give her reasons to be with you, but don’t formulate them as the actual reasons. A relationship develops rarely out of coercion. They are created in a natural way. So, be natural in order not to reflect too much on, “How do I escape the friend zone?”

Do not be so accessible. How to get out of the friend zone? Try to do your best not to get in it from the very beginning of your relationship. You are not her favorite pet, and you shouldn't be always with her when she wants. Everything that you've heard so far can have two paths. You can become just a friend who will think about possible ways of escaping the friend zone or you can become her partner. After all, when people are just friends, they know all the details about their lives and can talk with each other about all possible things. They do not have a distance. That's why, friends are always around. Be yourself, be her friend when you're next to her, but make her miss you, sometimes staying away. She will begin to appreciate time with you. She starts looking at you not just as a friend, she will perceive you as a man.

If you want to move from the friend zone, stop being her personal thing. Such situation may happen at any time in your life: at school, at university or at work. You like a woman, she likes you too but "differently." She wants to be friends with you. However, you want to date her. Sitting always next to her and waiting for the grass to grow is not the best way. She might not change her mind. You just waste your time, behaving like her pet or just a thing.

If she sees that you date other girls or use different dating apps, russian dating sites, social networks and have fun, she will begin to be interested in you. She becomes interested in the reasons for such attention of the beauties and starts thinking about you more often. She will appreciate you again. In addition, you know that the girls are mysterious creatures. When men are always nearby, when they are ready to wait as long as they want, women lose their interest immediately. If you have already behaved yourself as her pet dog, she is used to you and perceives you just as a thing of the interior.

When she sees that you are going to leave her forever, her feeling of ownership will wake up, and she will be afraid that she may lose you. Everything should have reasonable limits, and if you want to become her partner, behave as a true self-confident man and perceive her as just a woman and not your queen.

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