Dating in real life has already become something fantastic. A modern way of finding love is a dating application. Firstly, it’s convenient: you can get acquainted anywhere thanks to the best online dating apps. It is enough to have a smartphone. Secondly, it’s fast. You can “skip” unattractive people literally in a couple of clicks. According to statistics, now every second person uses different applications for online dating, and the most popular of them are in our rating.

best app for dating

Top rated dating apps

Today, you can find almost everything on the Web. There are funny pictures of cats and books that can be useful for you. But in addition to a collection of very diverse information, the Internet is a huge platform where millions of people meet and communicate every day. Permanent “residents” of the World Wide Web can easily advise dozens of most popular places for communication on various topics. It can be a variety of chat rooms, forums, message boards, instant messengers, social networks, russian women dating sites, and apps. And here are the top online dating apps that you can download and start dating:

1. Badoo

Badoo is the most popular dating application in the AppStore, with more than 335 million users. So, the choice is quite large. Back in 2006, a Russian businessman Andrei Andreev came up with the idea of creating a platform on which users of the World Wide Web could get acquainted, communicate, and then, perhaps, meet. Despite the fact that the service has been in existence for about 11 years already, it still grows. Several years ago the company even received the prestigious title “one of the most successful IT companies in Europe”. If we talk about the service itself, then Badoo is probably something between the dating site and the social network. The main feature of this resource is that it pays a lot of attention to photos. In most cases, for getting acquainted with a new person, users need to look through photos and answer the simple question: "Would you like to meet him/her?" If the desires coincide, then you can start chatting. Badoo copies information about you from a profile on Facebook, so if you log in through the social network, then you need almost nothing to fill in – the program will do it for you. It occupies a well-deserved place among top free dating apps.

2. OkCupid

This application and the site have gained popularity among those who are interested not only in casual sex. It also can be called the best dating app. OkCupid gives users the opportunity to learn much more about each other even before starting to correspond. The basis of your profile is not only your photos, several suggestions about your favorite food, music or movies but also detailed answers to really interesting questions that can help reveal your personality for those who are interested in you. Questions can be from different categories, for example, politics, sex, philosophy, lifestyle, hobbies, and so on. The more answers you give, the easier it is for the system to find the right match for you.

3. Tinder

Tinder is also among top dating apps for iPhone. Developers of Tinder didn’t invent new ways of dating. They went along the classic path and stick to it until now. The highlight of this popular application is its simplicity: it’s enough to log in using a Facebook account, specify the gender, age, and distance to the object you are interested in, and that is all. You will only have to navigate through the proposed options. You will receive notification if mutual sympathy appears.

4. Pure

This application is the exact opposite of the previous ones. It will come in handy for those who are looking for sex without obligations and don’t want to think about details. For finding a partner for one night, it is enough to upload at least one of your photos, indicate your sex and gender of the person you are looking for, write a few words about yourself and wait about an hour until the program picks up a match for you nearby. One of the advantages of Pure is the responsible approach to the privacy of users: all photos, correspondence, and your profile data will be deleted in an hour. So, if you are seriously tuned to love adventures this night, don’t forget that you have only 60 minutes to exchange phone numbers and agree on a meeting. Isn’t it the best free dating app?

5. Topface

Topface is an international dating service and one of the best dating apps. If you are interested in finding friends abroad or you are looking for a foreign girlfriend, then this application is for you. Register or just use your Facebook account to get access to Topface. Having subscribed to the VIP-status, you can become “invisible”, send admirations, send users to blacklist, view guests of your profile, and get many other advantages.

6. Hater

The recently released application unites users on the principle of a common hatred for something. You can register via Facebook and use a phone number. Then the service will offer you several different things, phenomena, and even people (like Presidents, slow people or false laughter, etc.), on which you can react in four ways: “like”, “ok”, “annoy” and “hate”. Interestingly, the founder of Hater Brendan Alper said that the application was just a joke, but then he realized that a sense of hatred can really unite people. The application is available for free, but so far only for users of Apple gadgets. So, this is one of the best dating apps for iPhone.

7. Happn

The application allows users to find people whom they meet in real life. Unlike other applications for dating, Happn is closely related to real life. Using hypergeolocation technologies, Happn shows users only those people with whom their paths crossed in real life, those who were in the same place (within a radius of 250 meters) at the same time. Happn helps many users overcome their indecisiveness and gives a second chance to contact people they like but can’t speak first. To increase your chances of communication, you can send the so-called Charm – a sign of deep sympathy. If a girl also sends you a Charm, then you will have Crush. It means that you can start chatting. You can block a profile that you are not interested in. Another person will not know about it, and you will not see his or her profile (even if your paths cross again).

8. Prince

Do you think this is a usual application – online dating for free? Do you think this is just trash talk in the chat rooms that lead to nothing? You are wrong! The app Prince is created for real men who are ready to fulfill any desire of a girl. The Internet is full of such useless resources, but, in fact, it is necessary to impress and surprise girls for getting acquainted with them. Imagine that your acquaintance will begin not with boring questions “What are you keen on?” but with the fulfillment of her desires. And it doesn’t matter if a girl is looking for dating, easy flirting or serious relationship. You immediately appear as a knight in her eyes, who says: “I'm looking for a woman for whom I am ready for any feat.” It will be much easier to find a girl of your dreams with such an original approach.

9. Moonit

The Moonit application is aimed at those who believe in the power of stars and astrological forecasts. A couple can be found here by the zodiac sign. So, if your zodiac sign is Pisces, it is unlikely that the app will show you Libra or Sagittarius women. Agree that this is the best app for dating for those who really like astrology.

10. Tastebuds

This application is for music lovers who want to find a couple based on common musical interests. Your favorite singers will become the basis of your profile. And if you look at the accounts of other users with similar tastes, you will be able to immediately listen to their favorite tracks. Tastebuds automatically collects information about your favorite musicians via Facebook. So, the more artists you will follow on this social network, the easier it will be for the application to find interesting partners based on your musical preferences.

11. Sapio

This is the application for those who value intelligence above everything else. When registering, you can even choose “sapiosexuality” as an orientation, which means that you are primarily attracted to brains of your potential partner. Here, users have to answer questions that are not limited to standard topics like preferences in cinema, music, sports or literature. You will have to answer the questions of the app much deeper and more interesting. And the more you answer, the more interesting your psychological portrait will be. It can attract to you precisely those people who think as well as you do.

12. WouldLove 2

Here the emphasis is on traditional meetings rather than on casual acquaintances. You can search for a couple among your friends on Facebook. But don’t be afraid, if you secretly hint that a particular girlfriend is nice to you, then she will not get to know anything until she gives you a hint. In this case, you both will receive a notification on your smartphone.

13. Yep!

There is a quite interesting app among our romantic top dating apps that is called Yep! It is created for finding a company for any venture: go to the cinema, take a walk in the park, drink coffee, play tennis, whatever. An important point is waiting time, one hour – that’s how much your proposal is active. You don’t need to register here, just use the Facebook profile. It is available for Android and iOS.

14. Lovetime

Unlike Pure, for example, Lovetime is positioned as the application for building long-term relationships. The principle of work is the following: you specify the exact search parameters (you can specify the height, weight, orientation, bad habits, and so on), then proceed with the selection of questionnaires that meet your requirements.

15. Date-me

This app is very easy to use and one of the best dating apps for Android. It's enough to download it to your smartphone, create your own profile, and specify preferences. The app is ready! With Date-me you can view the profiles of users, see on the map where they are, what users are closest to you, upload an unlimited number of photos, and so on. Also, you will be aware of who viewed your profile and added you to the favorites.

Today, dating via the Internet has become the norm for many people because it is much easier and faster to find a person with similar interests and preferences in relationships and sex. But to enjoy online dating, it is important to choose a top dating app that can provide all the functions you need and not become another useless time eater.

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