Before we start talking about any differences between dating cultures, we must mention one common similarity for all of us: we are all people. And the feeling of love evokes in us the same emotions, regardless of nationality, color, or cultural background. Moreover, we even interpret these emotions almost identically. Mother Nature made things so: we can speak different languages, eat different foods, and practice different religions, but we all feel the same love for each other. Russian dating is not an exception.



Despite the fact that over the past decades, the borders between states have become increasingly blurred (primarily thanks to the constantly improving methods of communication), something remains unchanged. Russia has always been and always will remain a mystery for the Western men. Although we use the same Internet, watch similar films, and read similar books, we are different. These differences are easily traced when it comes to the relationship between a man and a woman. And the main thing in this is feminist propaganda.

Do not think that in Russia it does not exist. This is a big mistake. Communism, which was the main and only ideology in Russia for many years, implies universal equality – not only class equality but also gender equality. And on the basis of ideas of such equality, feminism appeared in Russia. However, it pursued a very specific task: to take the female gender out of the shadow and give it the same powers and rights as men have. Women of Russia have achieved their goal. And Russian women dating was changed a lot too. But they did not go further and it allowed them to preserve the institution of the family and the culture of relations between the sexes in the natural form.

This attitude attracts the attention of men from all over the world. After all, in the countries of Western Europe and the United States, the boundaries between a man and a woman are rapidly disappearing. It is possible to argue indefinitely whether it is good or bad. We will not shake the air in vain, but we will turn our gaze to the facts. Fact number one: Russian dating websites are very popular. Many men are looking for wives precisely among them. And every year, this trend of Russian girls dating is gaining momentum.

Traditional Dating Particularities in Russia

In general, the picture of the relationship between a man and a woman in Russia is not very different from what we can see in the rest of the world. Except for one important feature: all roles are clearly distinguished. This means that the man is always the main character. This applies to the stage of courtship and family life. A woman will never invite a guy she likes on a date – it will look very strange and even indecent. And censures will concern both: the man whom the girl is compelled to ask out on a date in order to finally achieve some reaction to her feelings will be called a weakling. A woman, too zealously looking for a man's attention, will most likely fail. All this can be called prejudice, but that's the way things are in Russia.

Now, we can talk about more specific things related to dating in terms of online Russian dating culture:

1. Warn about a date in advance. Best of all, a couple of days prior to the date. There are two important reasons for this. Firstly, it is so common in etiquette. Secondly, Russian girls give a lot of time to their appearance. Each time she leaves her house can be compared with the preparation for the Oscar ceremony. Russian girls dress up for hours, apply makeup and so on. Do not be surprised if she decides to visit a beautician before she goes with you to the restaurant. Therefore, it is in your best interests to give her as much time as possible.

2. Do not dress too officially. A business suit is not the best choice for a date with a Russian girl, even if you go to an expensive restaurant where a different beau monde gathers. In the understanding of Russians, a man should look first and foremost neat. Clothes should be clean and match with one another. This is important. And the cost of your watch or Armani shirt is already a minor detail.

3. Do not give your appearance a lot of time. Russian girls can’t stand men who stand in front of a mirror for more than a few minutes. If you constantly catch your reflection in all the mirror surfaces, she can suspect you of excessive self-love. No one wants to deal with egoists obsessed with their appearance. In Russia, this can be a reason for ridicule and disregard.

4. Give flowers. This the oldest part of Russian dating traditions. Remember that a bouquet of flowers is an obligatory attribute of a date with a Russian girl. Be sure to buy several tulips or roses before going to a restaurant or before a walk. In Russia, it is common to give flowers to women and for this purpose there is no need for a special occasion. This way, you can show that you often think about her and your sympathy gets stronger every day. There is a very important nuance: never give an even number of flowers. Such bouquets are usually brought to the funerals.

5. Be interested in the girl's family. In Russia, family ties are very appreciated. Father, mother, grandfather, grandmother are all sacred concepts. Ask about the health of her parents, ask her to tell some family stories. Do not forget to share yours. All this will make your connection much stronger. Dating Russian women is easy when you show genuine interest in their lives.

Types of Relationships That Russian Girls Prefer

Russian girls prefer a classic type of relationship between a man and a woman. Classic in the sense that in the couple a man is the leader. It is the man who performs the "administrative" function. All initiatives must come from you. If a Russian lady offers you something or demands something and you do not agree, well, she is unlikely to argue. But we must immediately note one nuance: all this is possible only if you win her heart. And it is not so simple to achieve this goal. Contrary to the widespread misconception, expensive jewelry and a car are not enough to be successful in winning Russian women for dating. Russian ladies are far from being mercantile, as they are sometimes called. The main thing for these women is a spiritual and intellectual connection with their beloved. If you do not open your heart to her and will not be honest about your intentions, then you should not even hope for a serious relationship.

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