What is an emotional connection

An emotional connection is very important for both partners. Its absence will lead to the disintegration of relations sooner or later. Of course, apart from the emotional connection, there is physical attraction, without which long and strong relationships are also impossible. But the most basic is the emotional connection.

emotional connection

When lovers have an emotional connection they can share the most important and secret thoughts. If your soul mate has shared with you what you have never told anyone before, then she trusts you and has emotional affection. As a rule, it's easier for girls, especially for russian girls, to express their feelings. It is difficult for men to build such a deep connection immediately. They need time to make sure you get something in the long run or not. To understand and trust a person, you can only feel emotional connection. If you look at a loved one and understand what emotions and feelings your partner is experiencing, then there is this connection from your side.

What attracts is a person, not appearance

It often happens that outwardly a person is not particularly pleasant, but their personality and thoughts are close to you. This means that there is an emotional connection, but there is no physical connection. Sometimes the emotional connection is so strong that there is also a physical attraction.

It is not uncommon for people to build relationships with the help of the Internet. A man and a woman communicate for several weeks and do not know what they look like. But conversations are so pleasant and simple that it does not matter. At this stage, a real emotional connection is established.

If all your feelings that you ever experienced were just physical attraction, you would never feel that you are part of a relationship. You would know that you have someone with whom you can spend the night, but no more. Emotional attraction is important in order to feel that you are part of something more.

To solve problems together

When a serious problem of your beloved becomes yours. You try to find a solution together and do not leave this burden on the shoulders of one person. The desire to help and facilitate the life of the beloved is one of the signs of a real emotional connection.

It`s easy to listen

When partners are emotionally connected, they can not only talk, but also listen. It is very important to maintain this balance in relations. If there is always only one who talks, and the second one listens it is not good.

How to create an emotional connection with a man

emotional connection with a man1. Let him know that he is interesting to you.

If you like spending time with a person, say: "I had fun today". If you laugh a lot, note: "I have not laughed so much with anyone for a long time!". And do not be afraid to smile and say: "I like you".

2. Do not take the attention of other men.

When you're on a date with a new guy or just next to someone you like, focus only on him. Never look at other men, do not look at them and especially do not flirt. Let your vis-a-vis understand that all your attention is devoted only to him.

3. Be reliable.

Say what you think. Do what you promise. Be the one you can rely on. We all are looking for stability and reliability in everything.

4. Introduce him to your social circle.

To your friends, family, colleagues. This will show the guy that you want to let him into your personal environment.

5. Share your feelings.

When you open up to a person, you become vulnerable, you give him the opportunity to hurt you, but you trust that he will not do it. Sharing your feelings, you show that this relationship is special for you.

7. Physically show your feelings.

Touching is a very important way to show your feelings. Physical contact speaks most strongly what is inside us.

Embrace him, take his hand, kiss on the cheek - just like that, without sexual overtones. People want to feel care, not just desire.

9. Be honest.

Openly talk about your intentions, your past, your way of life. Hiding the truth often destroys emotional connection.

10. Stay near through hard times.

Be generous with feelings, hugs, support, compassion. Show that you are careful.

How to create an emotional connection with a woman

1. Women are more emotional than men by nature. Therefore, they need emotional contact: this is how the need to get support and attention is realized, and also to see the reaction of loved ones to certain experiences.

2. In a relationship with a man, a woman needs personal communication - communicating with a man face to face, a woman feels loved and needed. It is equally important for a woman to talk with her partner, to find out about his worries and fears. Such behavior on the part of a man is regarded by women as a sign of trust, and hence, a manifestation of love.

3.Typically, if a man has the ability to capture the emotions of a woman and empathize with her, then the woman is happy in marriage. It is important for a man to be able to react not only to positive emotions but also to negative ones, such as irritation or anger, rather than ignoring them. More often the lack of emotional connection in relationship leads to its destruction.

4. Emotional connection means understanding and, in some cases, partner's indulgence even in the most eccentric acts. It is called a deep emotional connection with someone. It is important for a woman to know that a man will not make a scandal if she spends a large amount to buy, for example, a new dress. The partner's friendly response to even the most sensible acts means for the woman understanding, which, in turn, leads to the creation of the atmosphere of a psychological comfort in the family.

Emotional connection in marriage

emotional connection between two peopleMost young couples consider marriage to be the crowning achievement of their relationship. But few of them think that the fact of the marriage itself is not an absolute guarantor of long, happy, trouble-free relations. Marriage is the daily building of relationships between family members (husband and wife, parents and children). It is important to understand that communicating with your partner, you need to be open, ready to accept different opinions for the sake of preserving the relationship. And the purpose of any dispute in the couple, and especially in crisis moments, should be a solution to the problem that will be appropriate for both. For this, there must be a desire to hear and understand the partner's opinion, find out the needs, intelligibly communicate the point of view and find a compromise. This approach is a stepping stone to success in life together. There are no ideal relations, but the desire to create them works wonders.

No emotional connection in marriage

It often happens that people stay together in disreputable family relationships, in dislike or indifference to each other, continue to live under one roof for some household reason or because of psychological complexes. But with such parental relations, children become potential "victims" or "aggressors" in the future.

Relationships cannot be harmonious if:

  1. Prosecution, demands, control, suppression of one's feelings or feelings of a partner (for example, their ignoring or ridicule, prohibition on their expression) flourish in marital relations;
  2. one of the spouses considers their opinion to be the only correct one, while the other party does not have the right even to speak out;
  3. one takes all decisions, and the second has only the duty to execute orders and has no rights to express personal wishes.
  4. How important is an emotional connection in a relationship

An emotional connection allows you to have a stable and strong family. Such couples have much in common, many joint memorial days and established traditions. The emotional connection in such relationships is laid and maintained in a natural way.

By the same principle, an emotional connection is created in any couple. With a loved one you can and need to talk not only about the pressing problems, but also about some intimate subjects to share with them the experienced emotions . You can talk about childhood, about your desires, about life and again about feelings.

It is necessary to draw closer to the partner, and not to alienate him from his lack of participation. You can build trust by talking on different topics, using such words: we, together, the common, the unified - this will establish such interrelation in the relationship. Over time, a mutual emotional revelation will form a strong emotional connection, which means a strong happy family.

Signs of an emotional connection

1. You have a same sense of humor.

In addition to appearance, a sense of humor is one of the first things that we pay attention to. And if you laugh at the same jokes immediately, this is already an obvious sign of emotional attraction. Will you say that laughter and jokes have no effect on the prospect of relations? Humor helps to maintain optimism in difficult situations, which are expected in your life. This helps partners to relax and feel more comfortable with each other, which strengthens communication.

2. You have the same values and outlook.

At the beginning of a relationship, few people talk about life values and beliefs. At first, even different opinions on this matter do not seem to be a problem when you are in love. But when everything becomes serious and you start making plans for the future, then you begin to see the problem in the divergence of your values. These principles shaped you as a person, so it's important that you look like it. Especially when you have to transfer these values to your children: what will you teach them? Whose views will you inculcate in them?

3. You can talk about anything.

One of the first signs of the emotional attraction is the feeling when you are talking to this person. You feel that you do not have forbidden topics, that you can afford to be weak and vulnerable alongside your partner. You are not afraid to look foolish, not afraid of condemnation, of what you say. This is especially true for men, because they rarely share their feelings in their majority. So if you met a man who began to tell you about his feelings, fears, hopes and dreams, then he feels an emotional connection with you.

4. You are never bored together.

You do not bother each other. You are always ready to listen to each other, you appreciate what the other says, listen carefully, trying to understand, even if they disagree with something. If you have such an emotional connection, you have a long, cooperative life ahead of you.

5. You respect each other's opinion.

When you respect the opinion of a partner and take it into account, this is one of the signs of an emotional connection. If you really appreciate one`s advice on serious issues, then you appreciate the emotional maturity of a person. If you respect the point of view of each other, without trying to convince, this is an emotionally mature relationship.

Emotional connection vs physical connection

The physical level of intimacy is well-known to many. It includes physical manifestations of relationships - kisses, hugs, sexual contact. People, not knowing each other better, throw themselves into the whirlpool of passions. And then it turns out that they do not even have anything to talk about. Some of them live for years without recognizing their spouse.

If we talk about physical intimacy, we should remember that it includes the exchange of energy. In order for the relationship between a man and a woman to be harmonious and durable, it is important that the energies of both partners have about equal potential. They must be healthy physically and emotionally, and spiritual levels must be the same. And only if these conditions are met, being together, the energies of these two people unite into a single whole.

If the couple is not equivalent in its potential, then there is something like the overflow from bigger to smaller. However, a person with less potential risks falling into dependence on the other, who has a greater potential. And the second way can squander simply the available reserve for nothing. Therefore it is very important for the partners to be equal. Physical intimacy is an important element of the relationship, but this is by no means the first, from which the way of recognizing each other should begin. Moreover, if a person does not have an emotional inclination, then there is no need to talk about the physical. Emotional connection is an integral part of a trusting relationship, openness and a favorable sexual atmosphere.

Sometimes after a marriage because of family troubles, because of children and the like in the family, there is stress. Then the energies of the pair are wasted and the magnetic forces are reduced to such an extent that the desire disappears between them. In this period, a man and a woman seem to be lonely and strangers to each other. If the trust relationship is well developed, this can be avoided. Joint work, open contact and feedback with each other will help to establish relationships and restore energy.

Sex and emotional connection

In today's world, it's not uncommon for people to get acquainted and find themselves together in bed on the same day. In the morning they go separate ways or, perhaps, meet a couple of times and still part. Let's try to understand why sex at the very beginning of dating can harm the development of relations.

Indeed, the attraction between a man and a woman arises initially as a physical attraction. If we are in a hurry to realize this desire, the relationship begins to be built exclusively at the level of sexual attraction, that is, we are limited in knowing each other to the lowest level. In this case, it often happens that even creating a couple, everyone lives their own separate life. In this case, in fact, neither man nor woman is happy with this.

The relationship between a man and a woman begins with an unconscious attraction: there is an unconscious attraction to each other. It is the attraction that gives us a state of love, euphoria, when you do not feel the ground under your feet and you dream only of being close to your beloved. We are ready to succumb to the first impulse, passionately wanting intimacy. However, in order not to make mistakes, it is necessary to understand what is the basis of the relationship.

The basis of relations is precisely the emotional connection, not the physical one. To create an emotional connection, it is very important to communicate with each other, talk on topics that arouse interest, discuss the events around, share impressions. A common picture develops gradually from these conversations and those small details that we notice in each other. And when we start to recognize it, each time we form an internal feeling - whether a partner suitable for us or not. And if not, why should we build relationships with them? So we are naturally protected from frustration in the partner, because we know everything about them that we want to know beforehand. So, between a man and a woman a special world is formed, where everyone can open up to the other. Where everyone can be oneself and freely express thoughts and feelings, knowing that they will find support.

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