International dating becomes quite a powerful trend nowadays and men from all around the globe are curious why exactly they should choose Russian women for dating. Well, they obviously belong to the most attractive ladies on the planet. But is this what makes them great? Behind the Russian female beauty, there are much more things.

How to Date a Russian Girl

Why should you date Russian girls?

This culture has always been centred on the concept of “soul”, which means Russian people appreciate high moral qualities above everything else. Maybe, one of the core traits of the Russian female character is loyalty. Local women want to share their whole lives with their beloved men so they do their best to build and maintain the connection.

Likewise, Russian girls tend to be very supportive and kind. Most people in their country still prefer discussing their personal issues with their closest friends or relatives rather than visiting psychotherapists. Communication with Russian ladies is always intimate in a mental sense; they are concerned about what you feel and how to make you happy.

Russian women are also known for their high intellect. They typically have many different interests and exciting life goals. In contrast to stereotypes, they aren’t focused on housekeeping and children only. Although their nation is not strongly impacted by emancipation and feminism, these ladies manage to build careers and live active lives.

As you can see, a Russian woman can make a great lifetime partner for any man. Let’s now learn where to find these girls and how to impress your crush!

Where to find a Russian girl?

Okay, there are two main ways to find Russian women for relationships: explore immigrant communities in your nearby area or go online. There is nothing bad about approaching women on the street if your intentions are fair. Many ladies come from Russian Federation to Europe in order to receive an education or enhance their professional lives. It may not be too easy to find female Russians ready for open communication right at a park or square yet if you know how to make a good first impression on a girl, you will probably succeed!

If there are no candidates around, you are free to find Russian brides online. Myriads of international dating apps and sites are at your disposal so you should only choose a reliable service to get access to beautiful single ladies. Of course, if you want to try online dating with serious purposes, it is necessary to know the safety rules to avoid scams and advance your communication skills as you and your prospective match won’t be able to interact live in the beginning.

Few solid ways to impress a Russian girl

Chivalry is not dead. Probably, the first thing to show to beautiful Russian women is your ability to be an initiative and caring modern gentleman. Due to their inborn femininity, these girls want to be with real men. Demonstrate your finest manners, work on your speech, give her a hand in problematic situations, and make other courteous gestures.

Gain from your knowledgeability. Another secret of how to impress a girl is simple: let her know you are intelligent. Most ladies in Russia are well-educated; the brain is the sexiest part of a man’s body in their view so make your erudition and mind capabilities your main weapons.

Give your attention. This is what any woman would like to receive from her partner. Despite all the rumours, most Russian women don’t hunt on money and luxury. A healthy relationship is a harmonious relationship: open your soul to her and get keen on her inner life.

Get inventive. Since creativity is one of the core components of a high intellect, Russian women value it in men. Use your creativity to woo your lady: organise unconventional dates, involve her in your life, tell non-clichéd compliments etc. When a Russian girl sees a man makes efforts to win her heart, she can’t remain indifferent!

How to show your feelings to a Russian girl

Talk and do things for her. Communication is essential for building a healthy couple; not to mention Russian ladies are into personal conversations. Keep in mind words are not enough – she must see your concrete deeds too.

Make surprises. Unpredictability can be your secret power if you know how to use it right, of course. Russian girls want men to sometimes fawn around them. Your efforts will not be unrewarded because these women are also capable of making moves in the name of love.

Give gifts. The tradition of giving presents to women has always been quite strong in Russia. If you would like to meet Russian girls for dating, remember they will expect you to sometimes amaze them. It doesn’t have to be something expensive – it should tell her about your affection.

Treat her as a gem. Want to marry a Russian woman? Then you should know she wants to get your special attitude. Russian ladies are known for being loyal and caring wives. They do everything to keep their husbands in high spirits.

Take a sincere interest in her. When you do it with anybody, this person falls for you. It is natural that we want to be accepted by our counterparts. Ask questions about her life and her native culture, share your mind, and get to know her properly.

Traits Russian girls like in men

Manliness. Okay, this is indeed a broad term that encompasses many different traits. In a few words, a true man should be able to take the initiative to approach a woman and conquer her, be responsible for what he says and does, and be the main protector and supporter of his family.

Strength. It is not just about a man’s athletic capabilities (that matter, of course) but also about his moral qualities like decisiveness, courage, wise, and helpfulness. Besides, Russian women believe love is worth some sacrificing; they are ready to give up certain things in the mane of love. How about you?

Fidelity. Most Russian ladies are convinced an ideal marriage should last throughout one’s life. You already know they tend to make extremely loyal wives. Simultaneously, they expect their boyfriends and husbands to be loyal.

A sense of humour. Traditional “manly” qualities are not enough to pick up hot Russian women. They long for your kindness and openness as well. In addition, well-placed jokes work as icebreakers when it comes to wooing.

Many-sidedness. Russian women do love opening new horizons; likewise, they want their romantic partners to share their hobbies and adventures. On the other hand, they like when a man can teach their something new and handy.

What do Russian girls expect from romantic relationships?

It is impossible to answer the question “what does a woman want?” since each woman is unique. All Russian girls have their specific needs and dreams but there are a few things any of them desires. If you are about to marry a Russian girl, remember she wants to give her love to you and to be loved. And she values stability.

Ideally, marriage brings two soulmates together so you are supposed to spend your entire life with each other. That’s why Russian ladies thoroughly choose a partner for long-lasting relationships. They wish to be with someone decent and compatible. Don’t rush the things and plan your dating with Russian girls carefully – that’s how you avoid taking the wrong steps.

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