Attempting to find the difference between friendship and love can sometimes confuse even the most philosophical minds. Often love and passion are born out of friendship, and true love always contains friendly notes. Obviously, these two areas of relationship are closely connected. Often the boy and the girl cannot understand what kind of relationship has developed between them. Is it about friendship? Love? It often happens that the embarrassment of the uncertainty of the relationship is visible. Girl or boy cannot understand what their partner feels.

is she flirting or just being nice

A girl may wonder and ask herself, "Is he flirting or just friendly? And how to behave in this case?" And it also happens that the girl cannot understand her feelings. She likes the guy, she is interested in him, his attention and support are dear to her. But is it enough to understand: does she want to show flirting or serious interest, and whether this young man is just a friend or a lover for her? What is the difference between strong friendship and romantic love, and where is the line when a girl shows friendly flirting or serious flirting? Let's try to figure it out!

Friendly or Flirting: What’s the Difference?

Sometimes you can love your friends so much that it is even difficult to put it into words. At the same time, we love our relatives, but we don’t always want to be friends with them. There are friends who are closer to us than our sisters and brothers. These close relationships are maintained between friends regardless of the time and distance that can divide them.

So, this is not a surprise that so many boys cannot understand whether the single ladies are friendly or flirting. Indeed, there is a lot in common between love and friendship, but there are also some differences we are going to talk about.

Similarities Between Love and Friendship

• Friendship is when you have something in common with another person. You feel comfortable together. You can talk on any topic and tell a friend such secrets that you wouldn’t tell anyone else.

The same can be said about a loved one.

• True friendship is when, even after a quarrel, you still remain friends. Being offended by a friend, you still understand that you cannot eliminate them from your life.

The same happens in love. Even when you quarrel and scatter in different corners, very soon you will start thinking about how to make peace sooner. You will miss your beloved one. Without them, your life loses its meaning.

• Love is when you can come to your partner with a problem, and they will listen to you and give you some advice. They will never remain indifferent to your difficulties.

Similarly, a friend will never say that they don't have time to listen to you. A friend will always try to help.

• Friendship is when someone scoffs at you or even attacks you, and a friend comes to your defense. And they will definitely try to console you. Do not even say that the beloved one will do the same.

• True love is when you are loved and accepted as you are, even with the flaws. A friend also does not require you to change. They understand that it is your inner qualities that make you what you are.

Difference Between Being Friendly or Friends and Being in Love

• Friendship is when you break up (for example, one of you is leaving), but you know that communication between you will not be interrupted. You will not let your friendship fade away.is she flirting with me or just being friendly

When you love, you try not to part. You need to be there every second, you need constant communication. And even if your partner, for example, receives an offer of profitable work far from your city, they will either refuse it or take you with them.

• True friendship is when someone flirts with your friend, and you feel happy for them.

If a stranger is flirting with someone you love, you are jealous, even if you realize that your partner loves only you.

• Friendship is when you feel that you have met a kindred spirit. Love is when you realize that you have found a part of yourself, without which you would be just a half of something incomplete.

Signs a Girl Wants to Be Friends

How to understand that you are in a friend zone? If for some reason you don’t want to talk directly to her right away, but you want to find out whether she is friendly or flirting, here are a couple of tricky ways:

1) See how the girl dresses to meet you. If she sees only a friend in you, she will not dress up too sexy. But if she does, but still insists that she wants you to be friends, then she plays with you and tries you out. Women know very well how to dress to make a man crazy.

2) Bring flowers to meet her. Girls perceive flowers as something too intimate, so they always mean something. Making such a surprise will help you answer, "Is she flirting with me or just being friendly?" Just give her this visible hit and wait for her reaction.

3) Physical contact. Touch her gently as if unintentionally. Not rude or vulgar (a girl can be simply modest and think it is ambiguous). If you are not physically pleasant to her, she will withdraw her hand and will move away from you.

4) Look at her facial expressions. If her mimics is not very lively or even frozen, she is relaxed with you and perceives you as a friend. If a girl often laughs, plays with her hair and changes her postures, she definitely has feelings towards you.

5) She tells you that she still loves her ex, and everything is complicated. She tells you that you are a good person, but she needs to know you closer to take a final decision. It's high time to escape. If the girl is interested in you, she will never come up with excuses.

How to Tell She Is Flirting with You

Flirting can be confusing, and we do not always correctly read the signals that our vis-a-vis sends. Often a person is afraid of being rejected and therefore, they flirt with us indirectly: they try to be very attentive, tell something funny, or make fun of something.

Sometimes it's difficult to catch the root cause of such behavior. So, men often don’t know how to tell if she's flirting or being friendly. How can you recognize situations when someone is trying to flirt with you?

1. Physical attraction. The more you are attracted to a person of the opposite sex, the more willingly you start flirting at the very first acquaintance. However, as a rule, people keep a sober look at things. In other words, even if someone really likes us, we do not catch in their politeness a hidden hint of their interest.

2. Men and women are equally wrong. The vast majority of people do not understand that the interlocutor is trying to flirt with them. In most cases, flirting is simply not recognized.

3. People recognize the absence of flirting better and more distinctly. The fact that the person communicates only in a friendly way, without any sexual connotation, is noticed by the majority of people.

And after we have learned that recognizing flirting is a common problem many people fail at, we are going to describe a few signs a girl is flirting.

1) Touches. People are like children. They touch everything they are interested in, and they avoid things they are scared of. If a girl is looking for opportunities to touch you over and over again, most likely, she is interested in you not just as in an interlocutor.

2) Accidentally shows herself form the best sides. Another simple trick to tell whether she is flirting or friendly. When being interested in you, a lady will be afraid to scare you away. Better pay attention to whether the girl is trying to lure you, using purely female things. An extra button is open at her shirt, she uses a new strong fragrance, even if you don’t like it.

3) Interested in your life. Put yourself in the shoes of a girl. Wouldn’t you be interested to know the life of someone you care for in the details? No? The same is with this behavior pattern of a girl in love. The only thing worth paying attention to is whether she listens to you carefully or asks you about your day just because of being polite and soon loses interest in your answers.

4) Compliments. If a girl likes something in you – she will say about it. Girls don't give compliments because they rarely like anything, and they are used to receiving compliments themselves. Therefore, if you are given a compliment, this is a sign.

5) The desire to be constantly around you. The girl holds a stormy party. You are among those invited. But she stands with you instead of entertaining guests. Does that sound familiar? Congratulations! The girl was flirting with you, and you didn't even notice that.

6) Eye contact. In your opinion, how many times do your eyes need to meet to be able to say a girl likes you? It’s simple. Once is an accident. Two is a coincidence. Three or more is a reason to think and move from hints to action.

7) "Sexual" humor. Everything has a reason. Girls, as a rule, do not speak and do not joke about sex if their interlocutor is a man. But there is an exception to every rule, and in this case, the rules lose their meaning with an exceptional man. Could it be you?

8) The girl buys you some drink in the bar. Such actions are not a sign of an irresistible desire to spend the night with you. No, this just means a girl is not scared to show her true feelings.is she flirting or being friendly quiz

9) Hints at what she likes. Have you ever heard of psychological barriers? These are obstacles that do not allow us to accomplish our plans (and, often, just to conceive) if any specific conditions are not met. So, the girls have a lot of them. Now imagine: a girl likes you, she wants to continue, but she cannot allow herself to act in a certain way. Everything changes when, for example, “in a twist of fate” you invite her to the restaurant she has been dreaming of since childhood (naturally, neither the fact of such a dream nor the name of the restaurant can be known in advance). Therefore, if she really likes you, wait for hints about what is important to her.

10) A girl often emphasizes being free and lonely. Is she flirting or just being nice when she tells about her past relationships? In this case, you are just friends. If the girl, however, jokes about it and casually mentions past experiences and at the same time hints that she is not against something new – she gives you the green light.

Is She Flirting or Being a Friendly Quiz

As you can see, we have given you 5 signs how to know you are being friend zoned and 10 of those ones to know she flirts with you. So here is a quiz for you to know if she is being nice or flirting once and forever:

1) add 1 point to your score for every "yes" in the category "she is flirting with you" 2) add 2 points for every answer "yes/I can relate to it" in the "signs you are just friends."

If your score is minus, you don’t have any chances.

If it is from 0 to 5, not everything is clear whether she is being friendly or flirting, but you can try.

If you have got more than 5 points, take the initiative because she is flirting with you!

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