Sex takes up a large part of the men's thoughts. Even if they do not show that, we know something. Men like to discuss sex with friends or alone, in their thoughts. Men like to learn new things about sex to apply it in practice and surprise their wives or girlfriends. We offer you something new. And it's not just that: the popularity of Russian women is simply enormous. We are looking for girlfriends, wives, or partners for sex among them. We have an established image of sex with a Russian girl in our minds: a Russian beauty with blue eyes, blond hair, and a sculpted figure invites us to go to bed with her and go to the world of such sexual pleasures that we never dreamed of. But does this image correspond to reality? Let's understand together.


Introduction: How to Have Great Sex with a Russian Woman

Your relationship with a Russian beauty lasts already for a couple of months. You’re having a great time: dine in cozy restaurants, walk under the light of the moon, go together to the cinema, theater, and visit the exhibitions of contemporary art you were previously completely indifferent to. Your conversations are becoming more interesting and after a couple of glasses of wine - more intimate ... Both of you are ready to take the next step. You can go to your house or rent a hotel room right now. But you are not one of those who prefer sex on the unknown territory without any plan at all. And we fully support you.

To ensure that your first experience with Russian women in bed will not be a disappointment but a pleasant memory that you want to repeat at least a couple of dozen times, you need to prepare a little. Take it as an extra-short course for a young fighter, through which you will shine on the battlefield, and your comrades in arms will recount your exploits with genuine admiration.

Our instructions about Russian girls in bed are approximate. Do not take them as a code of laws but as recommendations from people who have made mistakes and the corresponding conclusions to correct them. So, write in a notebook or somewhere else a small guide that will help you get the most out of sex with a Russian woman:

1. Do not be afraid to talk with implications. In the case when you have a lot of joint memories already and you know a little about each other's characters, you can be bolder. Russian girls are very hot and really like all these "tricks" you read about in men's magazines or on sites with relevant topics. If your sweet conversation about your favorite movie actors switches quietly to the topic of sex or you begin to “accidentally” use more and more explicit language regarding the merits of your favorite actresses, this will be a good investment in the upcoming sex.

2. Do you know what exactly will not please Russian girls in sex? If you will bring her to your messy bachelor den or to the room of a dubious roadside motel. These ladies are very hygienic. In addition, they are romantic. And they expect from you a true knightly attitude. And the knights, as you know, bring the ladies only to the rooms prepared in advance where a flame burns in the fireplace, a jug of cold wine stands near the couch, and tender sheets and blankets  call you to wrap up in them and indulge in love with your other half. You just need to clean up, buy candles, put a bottle of champagne in the refrigerator (or whatever your lady prefers to drink) and make sure that no one will bother you.

3. Be decisive. When it comes to long-awaited sex with Russian or Ukrainian girls, remember the main rule - you're in charge here. Not in the sense that you need to try on the role of dictator, but in the sense that you have to prove yourself as a man who sets the tone of conversation and the rhythm of sex. You must direct your chosen one. A Russian girl will expect concrete actions from you.

4. Do not try to implement your sexual fantasies. Russian women and unconventional types of sex ... are not the best friends. The fact is that there are not so many swinger clubs or admirers of BDSM in Russia. And not because it is prohibited by law or it is considered something completely forbidden in the society, no. It just happened so – the Russians mostly prefer classic sex. But for the sake of justice we must note that the situation has changed over the years. And some Russian girls do not mind trying something unusual in bed ... but only with the beloved person. Everything is very individual here. If you do not want to get in an unpleasant situation, refrain from your wild fantasies. At the beginning.

Advantages of Russian Women as Lovers

There are a lot of myths around Russian women. More than half of them are not true. And that lies are extremely unpleasant for these girls. We will not talk specifically about the reasons for such an attitude; we will only mention that it is the fault of individual women from Russia, as well as of some men.

But there is one more thing that is associated with Russian girls. This is a pleasant "myth" regarding their sexuality. We took the word "myth" in brackets for a reason: the legends of "hot Russian sex" are only half-fiction. They have real advantages. Here are the most important and common ones:

1. They love sex. And they know how to deal with it. With such dedication that you never dreamed of. Of course, only if you prove yourself a real man.

2. They are ready for a new experience. If you manage to convince a Russian girl that you really like her and you want a relationship with her, well, be prepared for an incredible sexual adventure. Offer new scenarios and do not be afraid to play new roles – Russian girls really like it.

3. You will always be in charge. Russian girls very rarely prefer to dominate anything, especially in bed. The dream of any man!

4. They are incredibly sexy. The behavior of Russian girls personifies sexuality in its best manifestation. They are very feminine and beautiful. Next to a Russian beauty, you will feel like a real man who has discovered the truth – not all women you’ve had in your life knew how to be sexy.

Possible Drawbacks

Our article could be a piece of modern fantasy if we didn’t say about some shortcomings. We are all human beings and none of us can be perfect. Including Russian beauties. So, here is the list of possible drawbacks:

1. She can be a bit passive. Some men get tired of constantly playing a major role in bed. And not all Russian girls understand this, so you will have to hint or tell her about it directly.

2. If you do not satisfy her, your sex will quickly turn into boring action. Russian girls do not like egoists. If having sex means to make yourself come and go to bed, well, your business is very bad. These ladies simply do not tolerate such selfishness.

3. Cleanliness is very important for her. Some Russian girls just go crazy because of “dirty” clothes or your unshaven face. It often happens that these clothes are dirty only in their imagination. If your girlfriend is extremely tidy, just accept it. You can’t change it. Begin to get used to the fact that you will not be granted the access to her body until you go through a complex bath ritual. 

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