Russian girls attract men from western countries. A lot of men register at different sites that offer Russian women dating. It's either dissatisfaction with western women or a simple fetish. There is still no clear explanation of the popularity of Russian brides. Still, men wanting Russian women for marriage are a global phenomenon.

If you have an account on a russian dating service where you chat with a Russian girl planning to marry her, all of your attempts can fail without your awareness of Russian cultural facts. Russia is far from the typical state. It has its own diversity. While Moscow is filled with expensive cars, fancy restaurants, and shops, the villages hardly made their ways out of the 19th century. People live there without the Internet, sometimes even without electricity, and work hard to make ends meet. What is common for citizens of Moscow and villagers – both are proud of being Russians.


Russian Cultural Identity throughout the History

Well, the first thing that probably comes to mind when you think about Russian identity is the mysterious Russian soul. What is that? Probably the old Russian could have explained it to you. The funniest thing is that nowadays culture has little to do with Russian cultural identity. Since traditional Russian culture had been destroyed and modified during the Soviet times, Russian identity is based solely on the language. The images of Russian culture are in the museums but who are Russians nowadays? If previously being Russian comprised ethnicity, cultural values, religion, and language, now, only the latter means something. That is not surprising because today, Russia is home for thousands of ethnic minorities with different cultural backgrounds, customs, and traditions. Still, Russian women managed to save a few traditions that remain typically Russian.

Russian Women and Their Role in Russian Society and Culture

If you want to marry a Russian woman you must know her role in culture. The reason why so many dating sites offer Russian girls for marriage is the fact that Russian women are perfect wives. In Russian culture, women are portrayed as wives and mothers.

Russian girls are brought up according to the strict patriarchal laws. Feminism almost had no impact on Russian women because of the deep respect they have for men. In Russian culture, man is the main supplier of the family while woman is a wife, a housekeeper, and a mother. For a Russian woman, her family is the number one priority. A woman must be obedient and support her man in all of his activities.

Only after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, feminism began to occur in Russia because of the hard times that have followed in the 1990s. Often, women became the main providers of comfort for themselves and for the family. It is not their desire to get an education and a job with a big salary – it is rather a necessary because a man can no longer be the sole supplier for the family.

Another thing you need to learn if you want to marry a Russian girl is Russian dating culture. It doesn't exist. Not in the same way as in Muslim society. Parents can't decide whom their children should marry. It doesn't exist because it varies from one girl to another.

One girl may need half a year of online chatting before she would agree to have a date in the physical world. Another girl will never look at a foreigner because, in her mind, she can build a family only with a Russian guy. While it takes another girl only one month of chatting before she is ready for an acquaintance in real life.

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