More and more western men go crazy for Russian girls. Millions of services pop up here and there on the Internet offering Russian women dating. This phenomenon can be easily explained. Western men often complain about their women. Western girls are too emancipated. Feminism in the West is blossoming making women turn from traditional family values to picking up careers. Russian women are way different.

The patriarchal law reigns in Russia, so from their childhood, women are brought up as good housewives. They learn how to cook and how to respect men. At least, that's what the legend says. But this legend is quite enough for Western men to create accounts on sites that offer Russian girls dating.

Why are Russian women so inclined to marry a foreigner and leave homeland for another country? This phenomenon can also be explained.


The problem lies not only in the deplorable state of Russian economics. The main aspect of Russian life that pushes women into foreigners' embraces is Russian men. All that patriarchal upbringing has no way to go because men are spoiled since the WWII. The war had claimed lives of millions of Russian men. So, women have become more and more overprotective with every new generation of Russian boys. As a result, Russian men think that women should fight for them. A lot of Russian men allow themselves to be unemployed, thus handling the role of the breadwinner to women. That's why Russian women seek men they can respect abroad.

A lot of young guys are dating Russian girls both online and offline. And some of them even create families. Older men also go in for dating Russian women but the prevailing majority of dating services are offering young girls, and seniors are not always comfortable with that. Some are eager to meet a mature Russian lady. The solution of the problem came with senior dating services. A lot of those sites are offering dating older Russian women. But before you create your account and go for chatting with charming mature Russian women, you need to learn the pros and cons of dating them.


If the interest in Russian culture was the main reason for dating a Russian woman, then you're right on the money. A mature Russian woman will be your best guide in exploring the customs and traditions of Russia. She has a big experience, thus she can help you in getting a clear understanding of Russian lifestyle. Moreover, according to her experience, it is easier to compare Russian way of living then and now.

By communicating with her, you'll get a deep research of Russian culture. Soon, you'll be able to understand Russian jokes and anecdotes. And it is the knowledge about Russians that you won’t get from the books or from documentaries.

A mature partner, who saw Russia at different times, can tell you much more than her younger counterpart that barely remembers the end of the 1990s.

If you felt that your male's ego was hurt while dating western women, then you're right on the money once again. You’ll be the main supplier in your duet with a Russian woman. She can do all the house chores instead of you. She will do all the cleaning and she will go to the shop to buy food. But it is you who gives her money for that. No more arguing who is going to pay for dinner, it will definitely be you.

She will always take care of you. Whenever you come from work, a nice meal will be waiting for you. And, although she will get you acquainted with Russian cuisine, she can cook whatever you want. Even if she doesn't know the cuisine you like, it won't be a problem for her to learn it. Remember, that it is in Russian tradition to please men.

Russian women keep looking after themselves even when they are old. So, get ready that you will get a lot of attention from your male friend towards your new girlfriend. Not that she would look twenty years younger than she really is, though such cases are not uncommon, but she will look way better than her western counterparts.

Russian women are not just perfect housewives, but they are their husbands' life-long partners. She will always take your side, at least in public. If you're arguing with someone, she will support you. Whatever you're about to do, she will encourage you. Even in cases when you are wrong, she will support you. She will tell you that you are wrong only in private conversation because it is against Russian traditions to argue with a husband in public.

Even with the age, if a Russian woman falls for you, she will do anything to be together with you. So, there is no point in worrying about whether she will agree to leave her country for you. The answer will always be “yes”. It is in the blood of Russian women to do everything for their men. Probably, there are no other women in the world with such attitude towards men.


Don't get too high with all the pros, there are still cons that must be taken into consideration. Although your mature Russian lady is better than her younger counterpart, the first problem that may arise is the language barrier.

Yes, a Russian woman will do anything for her man but a younger mind is better at learning another language. Still, there are miracles, when even 70-year-old people learned English or some other language in a year. Moreover, you can target women who already know the language, to avoid this problem. You can always learn Russian, although it will take a lot of time, so if you want to be prepared, you need to start now.

Another problem that may occur is again connected with young vs. older brain. Young girls are easier in assimilating into the foreign culture. Older Russian women that leave Russia for other countries often stay at their partners' homes all the time. They may go out alone only to the shop and back, long walks require a partner by their side. If that's what you want, then everything is okay, except for the fact that she may get homesick.

In this case, you must be as patient and as caring as possible because it is your responsibility to care for the woman whom you've taken to your country.

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