What Makes a Great Summer Date?

What could be better than a summer date? A date with a person that you love will be remembered for a long time. But how can you make a summer date unforgettable?

First of all, you should determine the place where your first date will take place. Summer is the time for dates in the open air, so why not go on a picnic somewhere between a forest and a river, surrounded by nature, away from the noise of the city and all of the pain and stress that comes with it. Even if you are not a fan of nature and picnics, there are many amazing ways to spend an evening, the best date ideas for summer will be listed later on in this article. The other thing that is important about a summer date is to feel comfortable. To be perfectly honest, it is the most important thing during all four seasons, but many people find it hard to function properly during the heat of the summer. This is why, when arranging a summer date, you should pick a proper outfit.

summer date ideas for couples

Summer Date Outfits

There are no clear rules and ultimate best outfits for a summer date, but you should always listen to yourself and never overthink your looks. It is a lot better to look a little cheap than to be sweaty or very uncomfortable. If you have been invited on a date – that person wants to see you as you are, nothing out of the ordinary. As in any strong relationship, the looks and appearance should play second fiddle to your character. Thus, if you want to truly come prepared for a date – come happy, smiling and cheerful. It is a lot more important to actually enjoy a date in common clothes than to pretend to enjoy it while wearing something stylish. Thus, a summer date outfit must be comfortable above everything else.

The other point that needs to be taken into account when it comes to summer date outfits, is that everything should be in moderation. Mini-skirts, revealing cuts, short tops are not the best clothes for a first date. And this is because it will distract the attention of a male partner from a date itself as well as from the things that you say. When it comes to summer date night outfits, a light dress is a way to go. As for men, this rule doesn’t apply, be comfortable and wear what you want.

With that out of the way, let’s list some summer date ideas for couples.

Summer Date Ideas 2019

1. Breakfast at dawn

I’m probably not the only one who sets three alarms to wake up on time and not be late for work. Not everyone will be able to get up in the morning and be enthusiastic about having a date. Therefore, you can do it later on in the day.

2. Drawing outside

Here’s one of the best cute summer date ideas that we know of. It doesn't matter if you draw well or not, take your partner and all of the pencils, paints, and brushes with you. Try drawing portraits of each other, and then compare them. Even if one of you is terrible at it, there is no reason to be afraid, you will certainly have a great time.

3. Dance lessons

This is not only a unique way to spend a date but also a good way to burn those extra calories as well as to learn a few new moves. Joint dancing lessons are fun and useful! It is also quite important to remember the benefits of dancing and exercises on your body.

cheap date ideas for summer4. Beachside dinner

There is nothing better when it comes to summer date night ideas. If you live near a shore, you should not miss out on this opportunity to spend a summer date night since beachside bars and restaurants are some of the best and most romantic places that you can possibly find.

5. Take a hike

Nature helps people relax and get closer to each other. Fresh air, picturesque landscapes and a soothing atmosphere will turn your date into one of the most memorable days in your life.

6. Traveling by car

When it comes to the unforgettable experience of a date, traveling by car is what you and your lover need! By offering this idea to your partner, you will show your spontaneity and your love for adventures. Therefore, take everything you need and spend a few days with your partner. I recommend traveling by car only to those couples who have been together for at least a few months and who know each other well.

7. Water parks

A trip to a water park is always exciting. And even if it’s just a pool area, you will still enjoy it a lot, there is simply nothing as relaxing as that.

8. Enjoy the arts

Visit an opera, a theater or a concert, it doesn’t really matter, a simple google search of the events that are happening near you will provide you with a lot of wonderful summer date ideas. And after that, share your impressions with each other during dinner.

9. Haunted house

A haunted house is yet another unusual idea for a summer date. You can search the Internet for places are supposedly haunted. Make sure these places are open to the public. A little shyness and a little dose of fear will make you hold hands in support of each other. Moreover, such an unusual date will leave a lasting impression on you two (not necessarily a bad one).

10. Ferris wheel

Ferris wheels are great. And in general, everything that amusements parks have to offer. In my opinion, it is very romantic to sit in one booth, rise to such a height, from which a wonderful view opens up. Nobody will see you there, this is your personal romantic boar, soaring upward to heaven, away from curious eyes of strangers. Such a date will surely be memorable, and no one forbids you from talking on all sorts of romantic topics while you are in the sky. In addition, it is here that you can make a beautiful declaration of love to your partner.

11. Boat ride

Rivers and seas are just as romantic as the high altitude. It doesn’t really matter what you are going to pick in this scenario, a catamaran or an inflatable boat. The singing of the birds, the sparkling surface of the water, fresh air, all of these things will surely make such a date unforgettable. In general, both of these options will make up a great date. They will be memorable because of the novelty of a situation, the intimacy, the novelty, the fresh air and the beauty of water.

12. Walk in the park

Parks are calm and romantic places. You can just take a walk through one of your local parks while holding hands. A simple walk in a park can contribute to your relationship, it doesn’t require a lot of effort, time and money. You can make such a date even better by combining a walk in a park with a picnic, bringing a few sandwiches and lemonades with you. But if for one reason or another you want to stay at home, then we have a few ideas for you as well.

13. Photo session at home

Take a camera with a tripod (or a smartphone with a selfie stick) and arrange a fun home photo session. You can fool around and just have a great time, you can wear wigs and paint each other with a face painting. The main thing is to agree on which photos will be uploaded to social networks, and which ones will be left out and stay exclusive for your own personal archive.

14. Cosplay session

Here’s one of the best fun summer date ideas. If you want something truly new – arrange a cosplay session. As you can guess, there are a lot of things that you two can do, wear something matching or assign a costume to each other, making this entire event even more engaging and challenging.

summer date night outfits15. Film festival at home

This is a great way to spend an evening if you both love movies. You can just throw around ideas during a week, and on the evening of your film festival, write the titles of a dozen or so films on small pieces of paper, put them in a box and pull out a few, depending on the time that you have. Who knows, maybe you will become an ardent fan of "Die Hard," and your partner will be brought to tears while watching “Hachiko.”

16. Joint cooking session

If both of you love to cook, there are lots of possible summer date ideas that you can try. You can go out and buy all sorts of products together. Your imagination will run wild because the world has a large variety of amazing cuisines, which are practically filled with all sorts of tremendous recipes for your joint cooking session. For example, let’s say that you’ve decided to cook lasagna, you will make the Bolognese sauce, and your partner will roll out the dough into thin sheets. And while this thing can turn out to be a huge mess, you can just have a food fight if at all goes tits up.

17. Special cookies

You must be sure that your partner is ok with this way of spending a date, as the outcomes of it can be quite surprising. The form of the cookies themselves doesn’t matter all that much, what matters are the little pieces of paper that will be left inside of these cookies. You should write a task or a wish for your partner and mix these papers up, so it becomes truly unpredictable. Just don’t make a surprise out of it, or otherwise, your partner may gag on a piece of paper.

18. Start a blog about food and write a few articles about your favorite dishes

Are you interested in cheap date ideas for summer? Well, this option is completely free. You can prepare and share recipes with a photo report about the cooking processes, you can order delivery and write your comments and impressions from the point of view of restaurant critics.

19. Sports night

Here’s one of our favorites cheap summer date ideas. It is not necessary to go to a pub with a few friends to watch a sports match. Football, boxing, and even curling - why not if both of you are avid of fans of a sport – then why are you missing out on such an opportunity? And if one of you is not a fan of some sport, it will be a great way to introduce them to it.

20. Bring a variety into your bedroom

Last but certainly not least on our list of summer date ideas we want to talk about products for adults. New erotic underwear is the plainest product that you can buy at an adult store. And while some of you may be afraid of this idea, we strongly advise you to do it at least once. Both of you must have your own personal sexual preferences and maybe even fetishes, there is nothing wrong with joint sexual exploration.

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