Key Issues to Know Before You Meet Single Women

If you are reading this article, then you probably don’t find it that easy to approach women on the street and just start a conversation with them. And there is nothing to hide or be ashamed of, this is a very hard thing that lots of men from all the corners of the globe face. Confidence comes with experience, and it is important to have a few tricks up your sleeves at all times. The first thing you should do is to ask yourself a few important questions.

where to meet women

What type of woman would you like to date?

It is very much essential to know who you are looking for in this life. Sure, life is a strange thing, and you will never know what lays ahead of you. That being said, it is still very much important to have at least some sort of an idea of what you want from a woman, at least a certain image of how she should look.

What kind of relationships are you looking for?

This is also very important, a lot of women are looking for serious relationships in their lives, and they get very upset and even depressed when it turns out that a man that she likes is not interested in building a serious and healthy relationship, but is interested just in sex. It is important to define your personal goals, are you really ready for a serious relationship? Can you really tell a woman that you will not betray her in this?

What are your most attractive features that can help?

This may be quite hard for some men, especially those that have low self-esteem, but it is still important to know your strengths and weaknesses. It’s like a battlefield, it is very much important to know who you are facing, and you have to capitalize on your personal qualities.

10 Best Places to Meet Women in Real Life

Don’t let anyone tell you that there is one certain place that will always bring the best results when it comes to meeting women, maybe it’s true to them, but that doesn’t mean that it will be true to you. That being said, there is a certain list of places that are, statistically speaking, better than others. Numerous surveys have been conducted on this issue, and here are the top 10 best places to meet women.

Where to Meet Single Women

At an office

Where to meet women? The first place to meet them is your place of work. This may seem like a sad idea to some. Trying to establish a relationship with a coworker just because they are close is a bit weird. But it’s not really the case, once you look at the regularity of this approach, you realize all of the positive aspects of it. First off, a person that you are dating will always be close to you, this is a big upside to this way of meeting women as the usual complaints like, “You are never at home” and “You are always so busy” will not bother you. Also, it is very convenient, you drive together to work, you go out to drink coffee together, you help each other when it comes to work, and you drive back home together.

At a resort

A resort is a great place to meet single ladies. Just think about it for a second, when do women ever go out and travel to different countries alone? When they want to see a lot of new things and meet new people. It just so happens that you want to meet new people as well, specifically women. Of course, you will not always be able to meet a woman alone, maybe in the company of her friends or relatives, but the great thing about this approach is that people are generally relaxed, they are enjoying their stay at a given country and thus, they are more open to communication and new experiences.

At a tour of a city

This method is very much connected to the previous one. If you want to meet young women seeking men, then a tour of a city is a great place to start with. In this case, it is more about combining two passions, seeing new places and meeting new people.best place to meet single

At a supermarket

Where to meet single women? A supermarket is probably the most unromantic place in the world (after McDonald's and bingo halls). But, oddly enough, lots of men manage to meet hot women there. Of course, the chances of meeting someone during a weekend, when all families go out for some groceries, are almost nonexistent.

But didn’t you ever have to run to the nearest supermarket at night for a cake, a pack of cigarettes or just a light snack? Take a closer look - maybe somewhere nearby, just around the corner, a lonely person wanders among the shelves, thinking of what they are going to eat today.

Sure, I really can’t argue with the fact that a supermarket is a strange place to meet people, but even I know of a few couples that have met there. So if during the next late-night “snack trip” around the store, someone asks you, “Sir, do you know how to cook this cut of meat?” don’t mumble something incoherent or run away. Perhaps this beautiful young lady just wanted to talk to you. Maybe you’ve just wasted an opportunity of meeting a nice woman.

At a party

This is, statistically speaking, the best place to meet single women. And there is no wonder why this method is so popular, you are meeting other people in a relaxed situation, you are just going out for some drinks and some casual chatting, there is no reason to worry, and there is nothing to be afraid of. Everyone is cool and just wants to have fun, this is the state of mind in which it is extremely easy to talk to other people.

At a city festival

A holiday is an excellent occasion for dating, and the main upside of meeting women on a city festival is that you will be able to have fun without looking ridiculous.

Indeed, on weekdays, it is rarely possible to meet people with a smile on their face — even if we give ourselves a vow to smile in defiance of everyone and everything, at the end of the day we still get out, albeit not with a gloomy, but at least with a tired face. On holiday, when everyone is having fun, people meet each other in a relaxed and casual environment, just like during a party with friends. The only thing to do is to be open to other people, and they will open up to you in response!

At a bookstore or a library

Do you want to know where to meet good women? Well, how about a bookstore? To say that a bookstore is a great place to meet women will probably sound weird. Although, in fact, it can be a very good option. The beauty of this method is that you will always have a reason to talk to a woman.

By the way, if you think that smart literature is only read by smart people, then you are very much mistaken. Literature is the way of acquiring knowledge, but not all the people that you are going to meet will be able to soak up that knowledge or interpret it in the right way. Talk to women that seem to enjoy the same literature as you do, just don’t try to start violently arguing with someone over a book.

At a gym

There is a common belief that it is impossible to make a serious acquaintance in such a place, but this is nothing but an illusion. Just take a closer look at those who walk around and look for a way to get to talk to a woman you like. The main thing here is to commit to working out and not be creepy.

At a language course

Here’s yet another great way of becoming better in one way or another and meeting other people in the process. If you have dreamed of learning a specific language, even just because you like one country or another, nothing prevents you from enrolling in a language course right now and meeting a girl there.

At a speed dating event

Well, perhaps it is quite obvious, but still, speed dating events are made for you. Aren’t you interested in dating women in real life? Well then, why haven’t you gone out for some dating? Yeah, true, it may get quite scary at times, you don’t really know what to expect from the women you will encounter, you are anxious and afraid. But you don’t have to worry, you will soon adapt to such a way of meeting strangers, it is our nature to be afraid of the unknown, but hot women are not the same as ghosts and ghouls to be genuinely afraid of them.

These were 10 places to meet women at, but we are not done yet, there are still many more things to learn.

Meeting Single Women: Tips and Pickup Lines

Now that we know where to meet single women, let’s talk about how to meet single women. There are lots of different places to meet single women, but a place doesn’t matter if a man is not ready to present himself in the right way. It is easy to just get yourself to a bookstore or a city festival but changing your inner perception of yourself and the dating scene is a lot harder. That being said, it is not impossible, the following four points are the keys to success in meeting women in real life.

The first secret is confidence

If you are standing in front of a girl, slouching, stuttering nonsense, trying your best to ask her to go on a date with you - do you think she will agree? No, my friend, only confidence can conquer the heart of a girl. Confidence is the key to everything, or at least when it comes to meeting women. Remember all the movies about machos? Remember how girls went nuts for them? Even considering the fact that you are watching a movie, what is the difference? Why aren’t you just much of a macho as the guy on your TV screen? However, it is important to not overdo it. If you playfully approach a girl and arrogantly ask her, “How about going to my place?”, then you will certainly not only be mercilessly rejected but also ridiculed. Remember, your confidence should be calm, not deliberate.

The second secret is the ability to interest

To get a girl interested – you have only a few minutes. Let’s say that you’ve already tried a couple of hundreds of basic pickup lines and none of them worked out, what should you do? Ask an unexpected question. Even if she doesn't answer you with anything concrete, mentally she will try to answer this question. So, you have already captured her attention. Then you need to keep it, so start working on your imagination, erudition, developing a good sense of humor.

The third secret is to look successfulplaces to meet single women

You can brand female commercialism as much as you like, but you have to accept one fact: women do not like beggars. And it is difficult to blame them, it is on their instinct level because when an unfamiliar attractive guy approaches her for the first time, she already analyzes how beautiful their children will be, what school they will go to, and so on. Play on this - show her your financial viability!

A nice-looking car is a great way to get a girl interested. Most women will not be able to resist a confident man in a nice car. No car? This is the time to look back at the first secret of seduction. Is the lack of a car a problem for a confident man? No, it’s a challenge! A confident man will be able to solve it with ease. For example, rent one. It is quite easy to rent a car, at least in a major city. Cabriolets, retro cars, sports cars – there are so many cars out there, pick the one you like. Think it over. Imagine how you will appear in front of a girl, what will you tell her, where will you end up eating at.

· The fourth secret is to know a few good pickup lines

  • Hello! I am one of those annoying guys who think you are amazingly beautiful.
  • I was told you were looking for me ...
  • You have an amazing smile!
  • I usually don’t approach girls like this, but ...
  • Can I order you a drink?
  • I just wanted to tell you that you look beautiful.
  • It's good that it's so noisy here and you won’t be able the dumb things I am telling you right now.
  • If I was in charge of giving out Nobel Prizes I would have given a few to your parents. Do they give out Nobel prizes for creating works of art?
  • May I invite you for a dance?
  • You know, the law says that one cannot deprive a person of the right to be happy...

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the opportunities are endless when it comes to all of the potential ways one can meet single women. However, the first thing that you should do is to think everything through, what kind of woman do you want? What kind of a relationship can you give that woman? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Then comes the hard part of actually approaching women and getting their interest. Remember that the first step is always the hardest one, don’t be afraid of making mistakes and being rejected, you will eventually succeed and meet a woman of your dreams.

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