Many couples are busy with their work all day. Those who have children pay great attention to them. In the daily cycle of work, cooking, washing, cleaning, and shopping, people forget about romance. There are many ways to diversify everyday life. But how can a single mom date someone? It would be great if she had only one date-related problem (usually for girls it is “What should I wear?").

single mom date ideas

But often a single mom needs to do a bunch of things before putting on an elegant outfit. One of the most important questions is related to childcare: who will take care of her children? She can try to find someone with whom she will be able to leave her children. But this is not always possible. If her children are small, then you can offer her to hire a babysitter. This is a very good option, but you should pay close attention to this person. Show your girlfriend that you take care of her children, don’t recommend her to hire the cheapest babysitter. It is easier to spend time together if her children are not too small. In this case, you can take them with you. Of course, you will have to forget about kissing, at least for the time when you walk with children.

For the beginning, let’s imagine that she has an amazing grandmother-aunt-cousin who has nothing to do, and she can let them take care of her children, while you two will go on a date. But where to take a single mom on a date? Most of the modern men prefer to date women online. They spend hours looking at girls galleries to choose someone whom they will like. But when they find a person whom they like, they usually feel lost because they have no idea where to go on a date. Plus, if they meet a woman who has children, then they tend to wait for certain conditions, and a suitable "perfect” moment to get acquainted with them even if they love their mother. We are going to help you with this. Some ideas from our list cover situations in which you are getting acquainted with her children.

10 Date Ideas for Busy Single Moms

Some couples have adapted to spend no more than one hour together on a date before they go back to their children. For them, every minute of a date is precious. In this case, it is better not to go far from your home. So, you will be able to spend more time together in the desired place, and not on the way to it. This is especially important if your girlfriend hasn’t found someone with whom she can leave her children for a long time. Even if she did, most of the men tend to doubt themselves, especially when they are going to date a woman who has children. This happens because of two reasons. The first reason is that a woman with children has way less time than a single one and it is important for her. The more important your time together is, the bigger the pressure on the man will be. And the second reason is that a woman with children has already been in relations and men are afraid of the comparison with her old boyfriend or husband. Keep reading this article to learn new date ideas to go on with a single mother.

1. Coffee Date

An invitation to a coffee shop is the easiest way to express that you like someone. That is why we've placed it on top of our list of first date ideas with a single mom. Choose two or three cozy coffee shops. It is perfect if they are nearby. Then you won’t have to travel by car from one to another. You may stay in only one coffee shop or go to all three. It is all up to you to decide. What to do in a coffee shop? Talk about everything that you both want and slowly drink your coffee. Coffee shops are great places for having discussions about different topics. It is easy to find something to talk about there, so this makes a coffee shop the best place for the first date. But they are pretty suitable for all your future dates too.

date ideas to go on with single mother2. Car Picnic Date

When it comes to the unforgettable sensations of a date, traveling by car is what you need for your love too! Thus, you can show your spontaneity and love for adventure. This advice works for both men and women. It is absolutely okay if you can’t go too far because of her child. All you need to do is to go out of town. Nature is a great place for you to get closer to your lover. Fresh air, picturesque landscapes, and a soothing atmosphere will definitely turn your “date” into a pleasure! If you can, then you take a tent with you and spend a night under the stars. This night will be especially delicious if you spend it by the lake.

3. Dog Walk Date

Usually, we don't recommend taking a pet on a date with you. But this is one of our cheap date ideas for a date with a single mom and kids. If you have a dog and she has no one with whom she can leave her children, then you can combine everything in your date. This is not the best idea for your first date because on the first date a woman won’t want to introduce you to her children. But it is perfect as a third one. Take your dog with you and meet her and her children. The calculation here is very simple: children love dogs. Thus, your dog will drove their attention away from both of you. You will have an intimate atmosphere as it is only possible. If you want this date to be a success, then you need to pay attention to your dog discipline first. Make sure that it is obedient and not aggressive to strangers.

4. Library Date

This is another non-standard single mom's first date idea. A date in a library can be very romantic. The main plot behind this date is very simple. All you need to do is to choose books for each other. You choose something that she will read, and she has to choose a book for you. And after this, you can create a mysterious atmosphere. You simply need to ask each other questions, tell the page number and the line of the text. Then read this line to each other. This is your prophecy. And after reading, you can share your impressions. Another nice way to spend time in the library is to read one book together. You can play several roles and give voice to different characters in the book. This is a very magnificent and addictive process. Make sure that you are not reading and talking too loudly. Your subdued voices will create a romantic atmosphere.

5. Gallery or a Museum Date

A gallery or an art museum is a great option for winter dates because you can warmer there and get rich in the culture at the same time. You can go there not only together with your beloved women, but also you can invite her children there too. This is the most universal concept in our list of date ideas for a single mother. If you go there only together, then you can spend a lot of time hugging and talking about masterpieces. In case when you are together there, the most important part is the atmosphere between the two of you. If you are going to go to the gallery or a museum with her children, then you need to know that they may get bored. If visiting a museum seems boring to them, then you can arrange a game and give all the pictures of their funny names and ask her children to create a story about this or that painting.

6. Ice Cream Sundae Date

Just take a trip to the cafe. Feed each other delicious summer snacks. I assure you that you won’t regret it! The easiest single mother date idea ever. Plus, you can take her children with you too. There is no best opportunity to feel young and careless again. You can order different types of ice cream and taste it from each other plates. Usually, the atmosphere in such cafes is very light and friendly. This is why those cafes are considered to be the best places for the first date with a woman or the first meeting with her children. You can hold your hands and gently hug each other to feel like two teenagers in love. But it is also a nice place for your general dates too. Because there you may feel like a real family. Especially in the eyes of other people. This will help you see if you want to marry this particular woman.

7. A Bike Ride Date

A date on bicycles helps remove the barrier that exists between people on a first date. You have already had something in common! You can discuss the view that opens before your eyes while you were cycling or the squirrel that crossed the road! Active pedaling raises the endorphin level and has a positive effect on mood and appetite. You won't want to cheerfully pick your salad because you’ll be happy to eat a hot dog when you stop to have some rest. In an informal setting, a person opens faster. You can discuss hobbies, sports, see how you both behave in a situation not limited by the rules of the first date. You can find out whether her inner child is still alive, many lose this ability with age and become too boring.

8. Cinema Date

The most popular date option is going to the cinema or the theater. Stock up on popcorn and go ahead to watch a new movie or go to the theater, then be sure to share your impressions of what you have seen. Depending on the movie you choose, you can invite your woman alone or with her children. We would not recommend you organize your fist date at the cinema because it is next to impossible to have a conversation there. Plus, usually after the cinema, you both go home. single mom date ideasBut many girls, if they could, would sell their souls for those moments together after the cinema with the people they love. The less time you have, the better it works. If you are in the cinema alone, then you can take a walk after the movie to discuss what you liked the most about it.

9. Dancing Date

Each couple in love has their favorite song and wants to learn how to dance to it correctly and beautifully. The dancing date is an excellent opportunity to diversify your time together and spend your date at the highest level. Moving to the beat of romantic melodies during a master class in rumba is something that can add something special and erotic to your relationship. Rumba is considered one of the most temperamental dances of lovers, so it is ideal for a romantic dancing date. If your girlfriend loves to dance, then this type of romantic date will be an unforgettable surprise that will remain in your memory forever. As you understand, there is no place for children on such a date. So, make sure to hire the best babysitter you can find because, after a dancing date, things may get very hot between you and your girlfriend. It doesn't always have to be Rumba. Learn what dancing styles she likes and invite her to dance dates according to her tastes.

10. Bowling Date

One of the most famous American experts in body language, Blake Eastman, categorically doesn’t recommend organizing the first date only in restaurants. Because these establishments very persistently encourage people to "compete." And this is not very suitable for a romantic and relaxed atmosphere. Therefore, for a start, it is better to visit a bar, then go from there to a restaurant, and in the end, spend a pleasant evening somewhere in bowling. You can skip the first two parts of your plan and go strictly to the bowling. It is a very nice place for the first date because you don’t have to talk all the time. Plus, it is a generally fun place to spend time together. We wouldn’t recommend you invite your girlfriend with her children there because bowling may seem too hard for them.

As you can see, there are many different first date ideas of a single mom. It is up to you to analyze your girlfriend and find what she likes the most. After understanding her needs, you can feel free to choose the most suitable idea for your date. Remember, she suffered from moral and physical pain. Also, she daily faces new challenges and tries to do everything possible for the well-being of her child.

You should not expect that you will suddenly become the number one priority for her. Don't complain that she does not give you enough time or is often tired after work. Provide her with your support if you see that she struggles, and don’t put your needs first. However, it is worth noting that there is nothing wrong with wanting to help and support the person you love. This is a positive intention. Just do not bring it to the extent that you begin to suffer. There is one more thing that you should know. If everything is serious between you two, and you are already a frequent guest in your girlfriend’s house, then you need to understand that you are becoming a role model for her child. Therefore, you need to monitor your actions and words so that they won’t have a negative impact on them. Thus, you will show her what a nice man you are.

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