It’s a common mistake to bring up the wrong matters on a date. It may be going smoothly until you ask an inappropriate question and put your foot in it. An awkward silence sets in, your date is embarrassed, and you realize that you’ve spoiled the whole thing. In order not to disappoint your Russian date, consider the following tips and do your best to make a good first impression.

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Number one tabooed question on a date (especially your first date) with a Russian girl is about her ex. You should be interested in her not in other guys she once dated. An ex-topic is a great turnoff not only for Russian girls but for all women. At the same time, you shouldn’t mention your exes because she may think you want to come across as a womanizer. Leave your past relationships in the past and enjoy each other company thinking about your future.

Your financial state.

Many men choose the wrong tactics to impress Russian women boasting of their job titles, cars, yachts, and other material possessions. All this doesn’t work with decent women. Even if you are a CEO, don’t talk about your job much and don’t focus attention on your income. A serious Russian woman will be interested in your personality not in your wealth. Moreover, your date might think that you’re trying to buy her with your money. Russian girls are proud and will not tolerate show-offs.


Although Russians like discussing political issues and assessing the actions of their politicians, it’s not a good idea to bring any political matter up on your date. Otherwise, you take the risk of turning your date into debates. Why focusing on the things that may contribute to ruining your date when there are a lot of topics to discuss.

Sex questions.

If you want to embarrass your date, just ask her a sex-related question. Russian girls are not so open in this sort of questions. This is not to say that they don’t like sex or don’t know a thing about it. They are great lovers but many of them, especially those brought up in strict families, try to avoid talking about sex. You should know that sexual revolution came to Russia much later after it had spread in the Western world. Still, pre-marital sex is frowned upon by the older generation. Although, Russian girls in their 20s are more open-minded about sex-questions, mature women in their 40s still feel uncomfortable with the questions about their intimate life. It goes without saying that discussing your previous sexual experiences and asking questions concerning sex will be too much for the first date with a Russian girl. Even further in your relationship, you should be cautious with these questions.


Most of the Russian girls are not the fans of a small talk. They value substantial and deep conversations where they and their partner can open up. Of course, you’ll have the one but you need to start with something general just to warm-up and set the mood for the whole date. Instead of commenting on the weather or nature around you, compliment your date. Avoid generalized compliments that she may hear on a daily basis. Say something about her style and tell her what you particularly like about it (for instance, compliment on her original pendant).


Another untouchable topic should be her and your religious views. Probably, your date takes place after you’ve communicated online and you’ve seen each other’s profile information indicating your faith. Creed is something very personal and it shouldn’t be discussed. If you still wonder what her religion is, look for some external signs or wait until she tells you herself. Traditionally, most Russians are Orthodox Christians.

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