Women all over the world are so different. Their looks, their behavior, their mindsets – all this varies from country to country, from continent to continent. With the appearance of the Internet, international communication and cross-cultural exchange have become exceedingly popular. And that’s when people from all over the world found out that Slavic girls (especially Russian ladies) are unforgivingly flawless! After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, it had become obvious that Russian girls hold a unique range of features. That’s why they are so trendy in the modern world.


With the help of our friends from BridesStars.com, we managed to point out several characteristics that make Russian girls so popular:

1. Family-oriented mindset. We will start with the most distinguishing feature of these precious creatures. Russian traditionalism and the century of Soviets’ influence had managed to grow up several generations of family-oriented women. It might be a disadvantage for young men who are not yet ready for establishing a family. However, most Western men see this a great benefit.

2. High intelligence. There’s a stereotypical belief that life in Russia is hard. You indeed know that social media and the Internet tend to exaggerate everything. However, a stereotype cannot exist without a real background. Life in Russia is somewhat less exciting than in most European countries or the USA. That is why Russia girls need to acquire a proper education. In addition, people in Russia are genetically smart, which is proven by numerous studies.

3. Household proficiency. You must have heard something about Russian babushka and mother. Once again, this stereotype has a real background. Russian women are loving and thoughtful. Generation to generation, they pass a great mastery of housekeeping and cooking in order to make things better for those who they love. So you will always have a clean house and numerous nutritious and delicious meals.

4. Self-sufficiency and unobtrusiveness. Just as any girls in the world, Russian ladies need love. Their happiness is overly dependent on the amount of attention they get from their beloved ones. But they are also known for their autonomous characters. They will not bother you if you have many things to do or just need an hour on your own. Moreover, they need some personal space, too. So you will eventually get a day for yourself, which will make your love even stronger.

5. Unique exterior. However much we praise Russian girls’ inner beauty, we could not pass by their sexy bodies and beautiful faces. These girls look absolutely amazing. It is a universally acknowledged fact that Slavic women are one of the most beautiful in the entire world. Nevertheless, Russian girls are also very different – blondes, brunets, tall, subtle… And all of them are just flawless.

Take your time and decide whether the aforementioned features are enough for you to fall in love with one of these girls. They have so much more to offer!

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