The relationship between men and women has always been a hot topic. We cannot explain why this subject is so popular in the world. But we do know that it engages endless discussions and arguments.

One of the most interesting and intense of them all is the annoying peculiarities of human behavior. We know how much it irritates us, men, when a girl whines and gets offended without any visible reasons. However, it does not mean you will not be able to get along. Since we focus our attention on Dating Russian Ladies (because, you know, they are just magnificent), we would like to list some of the men’s behavioral peculiarities that these women find annoying. It will help you to alter yourself in order to win a Russian girl’s heart.


1. Bros over girls

You indeed have some good friends. Maybe even a dozen. And you have probably been hanging together for forever. Men have this strange unwritten rule that you should never prefer fooling around with a girl instead of spending time with your bros. Nobody forces you to make this choice – you just know you must. Russian girls find this act slighting. She will never cease your communication with your friends. She just needs an equal amount of your attention.

2. Obscure intentions

Not all the relationships start intentionally. People don’t wake up understanding that they need to find someone for dating and marriage. But if something sparkles between you two, you should talk about what it is going to be. Russian girls don’t usually like being involved in a friends-with-benefits type of relationship; they have more of a traditional point of view. Therefore, you should never hide your intentions from a Russian girl to make her like you.

3. Control freaks

You must have seen various couples in your life. Some of them don’t mind having a threesome, others value their sexual fidelity and holiness. And you might have met those couples where a man is a horrifying control freak. He sneaks around to watch what his girlfriend does when he’s not there, keeps an eye on her expenses, asks her friends to reveal her dirty secrets etc. This behavior is not just annoying – it’s ugly frightening. Why would you start dating if you cannot trust each other?

4. Boyish vs. Mannish

You know how they say: a boy always lives inside of a man, no matter how old he gets. Russian girls know exactly what this saying is about. A childish behavior and cheerful attitude seem without doubts adorable. But the thing is that such men do not know what they want from life. They are never family-oriented and often have unstable outlooks. A Russian girl may not be sure that tomorrow he will be still in love with her. We do not even mention inconsistent career decisions and doubtful financial states.

There you go. If you can relate to one or a few of the aforementioned features, you need to change it as soon as possible. Otherwise, a Slavic girl won’t date you under any circumstances and you will lose all the opportunities to win her attention.

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