Communication with people is essential to get to know them better. Favorite topics of a person and the questions one asks can tell much about one’s personality. You know that Russian girls are a bit different from Western women because they are from different cultures, so you may wonder what they like talking about and which topics you should avoid. In terms of interpersonal communication, you should know that the main difference between Russian and Western women is that Russian girls talk and Western girls chat. It means that women from Russia prefer meaningful conversations, not just superficial small talks.

Generally, women in Russia are very well-educated and intelligent and there isn’t a topic they wouldn’t be able to discuss. They have a broad outlook and are interested in many things surrounding them – from arts to politics. Communicating with Russian women, you’ll see how beauty is harmoniously combined with intelligence. Everything depends on a particular person and situation but there are some evergreen subjects that will help you keep up any conversation and find out about your date more.

  • Ask her about her interests.

A question about your date’s hobbies and passions will give her an opportunity to talk about herself and reveal her inner world. By the way, all people like talking about themselves, so you can be sure that this question is 100% appropriate. Moreover, her answer will give you an idea what kind of a person she is and what she likes doing. This is very useful information that will come in handy when you’ll be planning your date or choosing a gift for her.

  • Share your travel experiences.

Another great subject to introduce is her travel experiences. They are always connected with positive emotions and good memories that is why encouraging her to recollect her last trips, you’ll keep an easy-going atmosphere of your conversation. It may turn out that your Russian date hasn’t ever traveled abroad so she has nothing to shout about. In this case, ask her where she’d like to go and why. In turn, tell her about your trips and further plans.

  • Talk about your childhood memories.

Generally, this is another good topic that will trigger positive emotions in your lady. However, if her childhood was far from carefree, you should change the subject as soon as possible. Since the majority of women have only good memories from their childhood, ask your Russian date about her most vivid childhood memory and share yours. Talking about the years when you were kids will make your conversation sweet and easy-going. You’ll definitely feel the connection.

  • Get to know where exactly she is from.

Ask your Russian date about her native town or village. The place where one has grown up means much to every person. Don’t go to the next topic once she says the name of her birthplace. It may not add much to you. Ask her to tell you about what kind of place it is, what her favorite spots are, why she likes it or not. If not, continue your conversation asking where she would like to live. Tell her about your homeland in return.

  • Discuss your plans for future.

It’s very important for a Russian woman to know what kind of man you are, so let her know about you more. Initiate a topic concerning her aspirations and plans for the nearest future. Discussing your expectations and dreams you will not only keep up a conversation but also find out whether you two look in the same direction and have something in common.

These are universal topics that will be appropriate for the initial stage of your relationship, i.e. online dating. Remember that the topic itself isn’t that important. You should feel your interlocutor and make your conversation flow naturally.

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