Have you ever thought of using snapchat for dating? It’s time to do that!

Thousands of guys experience the same difficulties in the race for women's attention. Since we all make typical mistakes, experienced seducers, coaches and simply good-natured authors write tons of guides on how to correct them. What does it say about? This suggests that no matter how many guides we write, the problem will not disappear anywhere. Guys carefully read the advice, tips, tactics of behavior, and next moment they forget all this and make good old mistakes.

What to do in this case? Maybe we should write more guides? Or forget about women and come to terms with the fact that sex a couple of times a year (and for someone, it is even less) - this is absolutely normal, and loneliness have its charms? I do not know. All this is like self-deception and recognition of defeat. I propose the most optimal and effective option - you need to completely change the tactics. Create completely new terms of communication for yourself and for girls. Snapchat dating is a thing that you are looking for.

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Is Snapchat a Dating Site?

I approached Snapchat 10 times. I'm not kidding! Again and again, I tried to understand what it is, why this strange application is necessary for someone and, most importantly, why it grows faster than other products and costs $15 billion. I decided to thoroughly dig into this phenomenon, to catch a wave and try to have fun. If millions can, then why can I not?

The first thing I found out was that Snapchat is not a dating site although such a phenomenon as Snapchat dating really exists. At first, it seemed to me that it performs this function. Probably, I was delirious - in all that resembled a means of communication, I saw dating sites. Yes, it was in my life too. Hard times. But let's return to our topic.

So what is Snapchat? Here is a short version of the overview of the basic functions of the platform. Contemplation and inability to withhold - this is 100% about Snapchat! The basics of the basics is that you send messages to friends which self-destruct after some time. You do not look at them, you contemplate them in exactly the same way as a Buddhist contemplates the surrounding reality without trying to fix or change it. Messages on Snapchat are videos, photos, and text. The emphasis, of course, is on video.

Photos and videos can be edited in every way, and they can only be vertical. The sent content does not load the phone's memory, it is not stored without your knowledge, and does not remain in the recipient's phone. Communication on Snapchat can be both tete-a-tetes, and broadcast to all subscribers. Here there are no likes (they are not present as a class), number of subscribers, comments. This is the messenger first of all.

On Snapchat there is the most illogical of the interfaces you’ve seen. It's completely different, and almost no previous experience with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. will help you. But users consider the Snapchat interface the most convenient and enjoyable. Falling in love with this app, you will think the same way. I made sure of this after a week of use. I am not lying.

The camera is the central element of the application, and here you can take photos and videos to send to your contacts or to fill your story. Most users publish their stories. A story is a kind of feed on any social network. Your photos and videos are stored for 24 hours in it and then deleted.

The main thing is "pizza" on avatars. It shows the time through which the user's story will be destroyed. Roughly speaking, each message lives only 24 hours. As soon as 24 hours pass for each individual message, the story will be destroyed entirely. Viewing stories is the coolest thing to do on Snapchat :) You can watch videos and pictures set by the author, or you can just touch the screen and move on to the next element.

As for your story, you can divide it into scenes or download all in one fell swoop in the Camera Roll. If you have several videos and photos there, all of them will be saved in separate files. You can click on the peephole with the number next to the history items and see who exactly watched the product of your creativity. And all this stuff is an ultimate weapon to find girls, communicate, date, have sex and repeat. Sounds cool, huh? Check dating on Snapchat tips below!

How to Get a Date on Snapchat

If you use Snapchat, your chances of going out on a date with a girl are higher than ever. There are a couple of important reasons for this. First of all, Snapchat and dating are best friends and you can join them right now. Using Snapchat for dating grants you a victory.

snapchat sex datingLet's remember why you always have the same problem - like a very nice guy, you often get acquainted with new girls but almost never go on dates. You already have a whole collection of numbers on the phone obtained in various places: in bars, nightclubs, parks, exhibitions or on good old russian dating sites. It's cool that you have such a collection - you can show it to friends or even to your mother so that she knows what a cool son she has.

But we know that you would gladly get rid of this collection for a couple of good dates. Or for the sake of one Most Successful Date, if you want to find your better half and create a family. Why is this not happening? Because you get the coveted phone number of a girl and ... become inactive. You wait for days, which then turn into weeks before you call or write to the girl again. Of course, you have a thousand excuses why it happens: you are very busy at work, you have preparation for exams, you started writing a novel, you got a terrible cold. But we know the truth. You are hampered by two things: doubts or excessive self-confidence.

While you doubt your own abilities, other guys are acting. Do you know what a nice girl's messenger looks like? People constantly write her. She receives compliments from strangers several times a day. She is constantly invited somewhere. Believe me, she has no problems with the planning of leisure. She will quickly forget who you are at all because of all this turmoil. Since she had given you the number, she already received several invitations to a date. Your name erased from her memory. The same thing happens if you are too self-confident and constantly postponing the invitation to a date.

With the help of Snapchat, you can avoid all these difficulties. Firstly, this application is created in order for people to exchange visual content. This means that you can be in front of the girl you like all the time. It is extremely important to succeed. The best way to ask a girl on a date with Snapchat is to create an original story for her. Believe me, not a single text message can be compared in strength with a visual message. She will see you - this is very important. After all, when we read a text message, we rarely visualize the image of the person who wrote it. Only content is important to us. In the case of a video invitation, she will associate you with something pleasant.

By the way, practice shows that the best form of an invitation to a date is something funny. When girls feel fun, they often agree to something. Believe me, stiffness and high-flown rhetoric is not always sexy and charming. We do not live in the 19th century, as many guys think.

Think of some simple and funny plot for a story. You can ask someone from close friends or relatives to take part in this. For example, create the situation, when you once again dine in a company of your friend that is too talkative and you eat semi-finished products. In the end, you lose your temper and say that you know where they prepare dinner from real food. And you know the person who is probably going to be your company. In addition, this person allows others to say a few words about themselves. At this point, ask the girl out in a funny manner. And the one who depicts a "talkative friend" should sit with his mouth open in complete perplexity. This script just has to work :)

Dating through Snapchat grants you a lot of fun, mate!

Dating on Snapchat: How to

With the help of Snapchat, you can present yourself better than on any other social platform. This is facilitated by the unique application interface and the focus on communication with visual content.

Many of us face the problem when we do not have enough words to express our attitude to the world or to a person just as it exists in our inner world. When we ask some advisers or coaches for help, we get a set of templates. Do not think that you are the only one who has thought of using successful phrases to communicate with girls. And do not think that the girls are so stupid and unassuming that they admire the jokes and phrases that the other guys literally wrote to them a couple of days ago.

Use Snapchat to show off your personality. Similarly, you can use Snapchat to learn the identity of another person. This creates ideal conditions for communication. If you want a girl to go out with you, prove to her that this is a great idea. Show yourself from the best side. You can even slightly embellish reality - at least I did so and it worked. After all, at the earliest stages of the relationship, when between you there is only mutual (or even not mutual, it is a reparable condition) interest, you can create your ideal image. This is peculiar to humans. It is much easier to demonstrate yourself from the best side by exchanging visual content that has the most direct relation to your personality.

Girls like guys with a sense of humor. Send her funny videos. Girls like guys with a sense of beauty. Send her photos of sunsets or picturesque views from the office window if you're lucky enough to work in such an office. Girls like strong guys ... Well, in this case, think up a theme for a photo or a story yourself, it's a too slippery topic :) Use Snapchat to beautifully tell the girl the details of your personality - then a meeting with you will be a long-awaited and pleasant undertaking for her!

Snapchat Tips for Guys

And now it’s time for Snapchat tips and tricks.

using snapchat for datingIf you met a girl (whether in real life or on the Internet) and you cannot wait to add her on Snapchat, just ask her Snapchat nickname. In this case, a direct question, without absurd coquetry, brings the best results. If you are too shy to do this and you have a mutual friend, you can ask him to find out her nickname on Snapchat from her profile on Facebook - people often indicate such information there.

Make each Snap individual. The whole point of flirting is to establish a special contact between you. If you have enough patience not only to look at the legs and boobs of The One That You Want to Undress but also listen to what she says, you will always have material for communication. Try to find out what your common interests are, as soon as possible. Create the illusion that there is you and there is the rest of the world that is created for the two of you. Let each of your Snap be dedicated to her or your common interests.

If you decided to send her a selfie, make sure that you do not look like a clown. After all, most guys who want to impress a girl with a selfie look that way. I say this not because I consider this method extremely ridiculous. I say this because I saw the reaction of girls who get selfie from potential grooms. Believe me, it looks ... comical. And narcissistic. Let selfie be modest and have at least some kind of semantic load. This will significantly increase your chances of success.

Sexting Snapchat Tips

Sexting ... most recently the world began to pretend that sharing photos and videos with an erotic content of a personal property is some kind of crazy novelty. And all because of Snapchat. More precisely, due to the fact that absolutely all the content sent and received by you is destroyed within 24 hours. Nobody can save a photo of your penis, to blackmail you after. But it never bothered the men anyway. Direct messages of all the girls of the world are clogged with pictures of anonymous and familiar penises - you can take my word for it.

So, how to make sexting interesting and entertaining? First, always keep the intrigue. Do not show all your intimate places in one moment - it's not very sexy. Sometimes it's even disgusting. You can edit photos and cover the most interesting places of your body. This is more interesting.

Sexting is not only the exchange of photos of the genitals. It can be something from the field of light eroticism. For example, a picturesque or extreme place where you would like to have sex. It can be a picture of an invitation to a private swinger party somewhere in the Czech Republic or in Hungary if you are very lucky. This is the highest level of sexting. Make your Snapchat sex dating different. Enjoy it.

The main thing, remember the main rule of sexting - your friend should be ready for what she sees. Get her consent before showing her your penis, dude.

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