Dating someone from another country is always a good idea. Why? Because you get to receive a whole pack of new experience, new attitude, fresh thoughts and maybe even constantly visit a foreign country for a change of scenery. Some men prefer to live with girls from different countries just because they don’t find their home girls attractive enough. Some of them see compatriots as too lazy and too emancipated people, they need to feel “like a true man.” This and other reasons push men to seek for a foreign girlfriend.

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Dating Someone from Another Country: Pros and Cons

You may be satisfied with the woman you will find online and such thing as the cultural difference will not get in the way in your relationships. But honestly, every human being that is different from us seems way too bizarre, and this relationship can cause a lot of problems between you. What are the positive and negative sides of dating a foreigner?

Pros of International Dating

This person will acquire a different level of knowledge than you. And usually, it's a marvelous thing. Have you ever tried talking to a foreigner? They have a different perspective on every problem, so wise or not, your wife will be more intelligent and knowledgeable in some things you might not even think about.

They are pretty beautiful. A foreign girlfriend will always cause jealousy in your friends because she is more beautiful, exotic, and fascinating them a girl you can find in the streets of your native town. You know, as they say, the grass is greener on the other side. If you want to visit a site to meet single ladies in Russia, be sure to use only the best dating portals with the most beautiful females.

A foreign person will have a different mindset. You know how we talked about liberation in women, it's always good for us to have acknowledged new things and varieties. But some women can be quite intimidating for men. They love paying for themselves, reject any kind of help, and see negative things where there are not. In this case, you might want to consider a foreign woman as your companion because she will obey and agree with you no matter what. If you like being the breadwinner and a man in the family, or you just like traditional things, this would be a better choice for you.

Foreign people love traditions. If we are talking about lonely women seeking men from Eastern Europe, they are all about families, duties, and modest life. And if you share her mindset about being together with your relatives, raising children, having separate working schedules, this might be a better choice for you.

Foreigners love studying. It is so good that some countries are associated with a higher level of education. That is, if you were talking to an average eastern European girl, high chances are she has her diploma and even went to some kind of courses or home education, which is always great and makes a person multifaceted and more intelligent.

foreign girlfriend websiteForeign women have a lot of street smarts. Some of them are educated and may have a degree in psychology, physics or sociology. But it doesn't compare to what's called street smarts. What do you do if your car's suddenly broken, you're out of home supplies, you don't know how to open a jar without tools, you have no idea how to manage plumbing issues? Well, due to the overabundance of supplies and services, we don't know how to manage those problems just like the ancient people did. But when you are raised in a different country, those things might not be at hand. That makes you smarter. You can literally create a new tool with screws and cocktail straws. You will be amazed at how inventive foreigners are!

Cons of International Dating

Language barrier. If you are ready to deal with some jokes being misunderstood, some sayings being let out of hand, it's totally fine for you to date a foreign girlfriend. It's not such a crucial thing, but sometimes those issues make a difference. The best thing is to find a girl who knows your language perfectly so that you can be on the same page every day, understanding every joke, every show and not be confused in everyday life.

Foreign ladies treat money differently. If you got used to sharing your paycheck with your lady, it's not going to work with foreign girls because presents are the issue here. They are used to getting flowers, small presents and gentle attitude towards them every day. Therefore, if you're not prepared to treat her like a lady, it's not going to work if a girl doesn't have the same mindset as you do. If you want to win her appreciation, you will have to offer to pay for her at the restaurant. It doesn't mean that she doesn't have to work, you just have to try extra to be a man.

Her family can get in the way. A lot of Americans and European people are used to being separated from their families in the younger years. However, Eastern Europeans, as well as Asian people, don't like this separation from their roots. So, if you want to sort out the issue with your girlfriend, you're going to deal with her parents who will be very protective of her, and some things might not stay in the family. Sometimes they are intrusive or very cautious. They might not even like you since you are a foreigner. But once you break the ice, they will probably treat you better than your original family!

She can be very bossy or not initiative enough. And it is the way she is, you cannot change her. You can always sort it out by talking things and arranging them the way you're both comfortable with.

Foreign countries can be poor. But people are always kinder. So, there is nothing sad about it, and it's not that much of a disadvantage.

7 Best Countries for International Dating

If you want to go for a free international dating site, or just want to visit some countries, here are the most beneficial destinations where women strive for a foreign husband. You will be surprised by how many modest and selfless girls are not married yet!

1. China

Chinese women are very exotic in a very good way. They are workaholics, always positive and attached to their families. By the way, Asian women love foreign men, as they are considered more valuable and exotic as well. She can treat you like a real treasure.

2. Indonesia

Most country dating sites will always contain lots of Indonesian girls. Even males from Australia come to Indonesia to find a wife there. Family is very important for this country because women want to be caregivers, they want to produce as many offspring as possible and find prosperity in marital life.

3. Bulgaria

Bulgarians are very interesting people. They have huge families, fascinating customs and some more things to offer. Bulgarian women are very childlike, but it means also that she is dutiful and hard-working. You can always see Bulgarian woman helping everyone, staying positive, and being rather direct. She won't hesitate to talk to you pretty openly, and that's what makes them so special.

4. Russians

Russian girls are known to have immense beauty, strict rules, and feisty character. If you want to find a girl among Russian women, that is not going to be easy unless you're crazy rich because Russian girls love everything expensive, they know what they want from their lives and know their value. Those prideful girls are a real treasure.

5. Ukrainians

Although Ukrainian girls are somewhat mixed up with Russian girls, in fact, they're not that similar. Ukrainian girls are very hard-working and easier to get on with, they can be really shy and stubborn, but they're also one of the most beautiful nations in the world, so it's a win-win situation with a Ukrainian girl.

6. Brazilian girls

Brazilian girls are a walking Carnival. If you want every day to be like your birthday, choose a Brazilian partner. She will be very loyal and careful about your relationships, but her mother as your future mother-in-law will be very clingy and not willing to give her daughter away. Be very careful and good to their family, and there will be no problem!

free dating sites in europe7. Japan

Japanese girls are very gentle, modest, and family-oriented. If you're planning to be the man in your family and want your future spouse to obey and guide you through your life, be so sure to choose a Japanese girlfriend. At the same time, they are very emancipated and self-sufficient, so it's always a good combination.

How to Find a Girlfriend Abroad?

It is really easy nowadays to talk to a foreign woman. But what if you do not have sufficient funds to fly to her country, or you just don't know where to seek for an oversea girlfriend. Here are some tips that will help you connect with your future wife.

Use foreign dating sites. Free dating sites in Europe are great, but if you are looking for a specific girl to talk to or you are interested in a specific nationality to be acquainted with, use a dating site. You can search through some lists and top 10's to find the best one!

If you don't want to seek for any "foreign girlfriend website" and want to meet through old-school dating services, use sites that provide an international connection via web-cameras. Some sites like Chatroulette are good if you want to find a foreign girlfriend or at least talk to them. Just mention a country you were interested in, and start chatting with foreign girls for free. But don't forget to mention that you're seeking for foreigners. This option is not as good because sites like that are overcrowded with low moral people, so better stick to dating portals and use cameras there.

Sign up for a foreign country exchange. You can both learn more about the culture of the country you're visiting and live in a foreign family! It also works great for students and travelers! Be sure to have acquainted with townies during the first day of your journey. A lot of foreigners are signed up to programs like that because they are lacking money. You will not only help a family financially but maybe they will have beautiful girls in the household you can hopefully talk to.

Live in another country. Most countries out of the European circle are poorer, which means that dwelling and recreation are much cheaper there. You know what that means. You can afford much more things living abroad and making money from home for example, or just freelancing. You can also have some money collected to go on a long trip to specifically find a girl of your dream. Most foreign girls are eager to find a financially stable husband, so hopefully, you will afford much more things in a foreign country, and maybe you will even like that way of leaving.

Sign up for a tour to another country. Tours can be cheap and comfortable, especially short on money and time. A lot of foreigners gather for this purpose and talk to each other. That way you will have a lot of choices and a lot of potential women surrounding you every day. Find other European girls in your group or notice beautiful patriots and make them interested in you! Generally speaking, traveling wasn't as easy as it is now. With the presence of internet technologies, it seems as if we lived like a huge family altogether. There shouldn't be much separation. With the presence of one culture dominating over others, now it is easier to find common ground with women from different countries, and that makes it easier to be fierce and find a woman of your dreams!

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