Love and its definition can be considered from different points of view: philosophical, religious, psychological, and even medical. It is a source of admiration, inspiration, idolization for many people who create poems, paintings, music. However, can we say that everyone understands love in their way?

Love is a deep, long-lasting, steady affection in combination with the corresponding benevolent actions. The bond “feeling-actions” is inseparable. Love is a service for profit or humanity without an emotional component (feelings of sympathy), and it is passion or crush without external manifestations (deeds).

If a passerby decides to give a hand to a stranger, this will show them as a compassionate, caring, kind person. However, the deed will not testify to love. If one of the partners has warm feelings but does not want to express them externally (with a help of words, deeds, etc.), then another emotion appears here.

The very concept of love is perfect, but its manifestation in human behavior is not. And this is okay. You can imagine a perfect pearl, but in fact, even the most beautiful one has microscopic cracks and chips.

You can perceive this feeling as a moral and emotional category, associate only with psychology or spirituality. However, it’s still difficult to deny the fact that it affects the physiological state and well-being of women online you are communicating with.

how to say I love you

Do These Three Words Matter in a Relationship?

Very often people say words without delving into their true meaning. Some say nice words just to please someone, while others talk tough to offend a person. You may use some words out of habit because this is your way of communicating. Others use any words out of frivolity, not realizing their meaning, and being careless about the consequences of these words. In your opinion, how often do people tell about their feelings? When they didn’t just write or say briefly, "I love you!" Even though these words are rarely pronounced as well. Well, at first, people look for cute ways to say I love you, and they do that often, but the more time passes, the less often partners use them. They believe that everything is clear and understandable even without them. And these three words don’t matter in long-term relationships when the partner is already conquered. However, in fact, this is not so. People rarely truly express their feelings and talk about them. Men do that to attract younger woman, but they forget about their regular partners. Nonetheless, this must be done sometimes.

Let’s imagine a simple situation. In one family, relationships between spouses deteriorated. Constant conflicts, annoyance, tiredness from everyday life and worries about money ruin the relationship. Husband and wife started growing apart. They talked all the time. However, they talked only about money, children and life. And usually all these talks ended in a quarrel.

One evening, the wife lay down next to her husband on the sofa. The children were already asleep, the husband watched a broadcast. He wanted to rest a bit after a hard day. He was afraid that his wife would say, “let's talk!” that would mean a long conversation about the need to take a loan for repairs and change the wheels of the car. However, the wife hugged him and told about her feelings. It was very difficult, very. It’s hard to pick words when talking about feelings. She already forgot how to say I love you. Nonetheless, she did it. She told him how important it is for her to wake up next to him at night, her beloved man.

She said a lot of things, not very skillfully but very sincerely. She expressed her feelings. And the husband hugged her and told about his feelings in return. He didn’t know how to say I love you to a girl, a woman, his wife. However, his words mattered, "I do not know what would have happened to me without you. You are my life!"

This happened for the first time in many years of marriage. And they saved their relationship. They talked about their feelings. About their love. This is the best way to find understanding again and return warmth to the relationship while the relationship is still there. Most often, people use different ways of cheating and go where they are told about feelings and listened. Because they do not talk about love at home. And this must be done at least once a week but better every day. Love must be nourished, supported and cherished. Partners are together not because of money and children; they are united by love.

Scientists have noticed that when people find ways to say I love you, the same zones are activated in the brain of partners. They synchronize and strengthen their bond. Therefore, it is so important to sincerely talk about your love to those who is dear and close to you. It nourishes the soul and saves healthy and happy relationships.

Do Girls Want to Hear the Words “I Love You”?

Statistics prove that both men and women admit that they would like to hear, "I love you" first. Both partners experience a certain sense of fear and tension due to emotions that overwhelm them. Each of the partners is not sure whether they will receive reciprocity after their confession, therefore, they restrain their feelings. Girls, being more sensitive and vulnerable creatures, try to read signals and body language of the partner, trying to understand whether their feelings are mutual. So, for girls its very important to hear these words since such confession helps them understand how to behave further in their relationships. They need to observe how the partner behaves in a relationship, gradually allowing their couple to develop.
different ways to say I love youOf course, at the beginning of the relationship, each side demonstrates their best qualities since they want to please, charm, and conquer their partner. To understand whether this is true love, time should pass as well as the so-called honeymoon period. If the man is serious, then he will gradually demonstrate respect for the girl, the value of her presence and communication, having found different ways to say I love you.

Usually, after such confession, a man introduces his girlfriend to the family and friends, the time spent together increases, common business and hobbies appear. If a girl sees that her loved one cares about her, devotes time to her and helps cope with some issues, then she can assume that everything is serious, and this is true love. So, yeah, girls are very keen to hear the words, “I love you!”

Different Ways to Say I Love You to a Girl

Someone don’t know how to say I love you without saying I love you because they believe that only this sacral phrase shows the whole range of feelings, and nothing can replace it. However, this is not so. Besides, practice shows that when to tell someone you love them too often, these words lose their magic over time. It becomes a part of routine, and people stop attaching great importance to it. Others are sure that only deeds have meaning, and all these sweet phrases are a whim, nothing more. However, the ability to express your true feelings as well as the usage of the below-mentioned phrases play a big role in the development of relationships. So, there are 10 best ways to say I love you that will please your beloved one, strengthen your ties and help create your happily ever after.

1. I respect you

Talking about the most important qualities that serve as a solid foundation for a healthy relationship, it is possible to say that respect is the crucial one. When you tell your beloved that you respect them, it means that you value your partner’s personality and are well aware about their personal boundaries in your relationships. You neither take your partner for granted nor perceive them as an integral attachment, but you understand how lucky you are to be with such a wonderful person. Patience and understanding are qualities that show that you will not treat them disrespectfully under any circumstances.

2. I value our relationship

The guarantee of stability is the most common reason why a person wants to hear words of love. In this way, a person receives a guarantee that tomorrow nothing will change, and the partner will not leave them for no reason at any moment. And stability is often equated with the comfort and relaxation that many so strive for. Of course, any relationship requires commitment on both sides, and only a frivolous and casual love affair shows that you are not serious about each other. This simple phrase is another reminder of love, saying that you are around and will always be their shoulder to rely on.

3. I'm here

It's not difficult to fall in love, but the real work begins after you learn to trust and interact. A person is a social being who seeks to belong to a group with common interests. When the phrase "I love you" is uttered, the door to a new important group opens, in which, in addition to cherished involvement, a person receives attention, support, and gets rid of loneliness. Being close to your loved one when everything is going well is quite simple. However, staying with them when you are going through difficult times is probably the best thing you can do for a relationship. Do you know how to take the helm during a storm and try to sail without loss? Say your beloved one that you are here no matter what.

4. I am so sorry

It is very hard to build relationships with a stubborn person or someone who never admits their mistakes. The key to mutual understanding is the ability to look at the situation from the partner's point of view, and not just from your own. You must be able to admit you are wrong and take responsibility for the current conflict. Ideal people do not exist, and everyone has the right to make a mistake. But how many conflicts can a commonplace “I am so sorry” resolve? At the same time, you should say this sincerely when you fully admit your guilt. You really need to understand how to sincerely apologize, and not turn this phrase into a simple formality.

5. Thank you

This phrase may seem rather trifling, but sometimes, we forget to say it. Very often, people ignore it at all or make it a formality. Expressing gratitude to your partner increases their sense of importance and makes it clear that you value this relationship. Therefore, the next time your spouse cooks a delicious dinner, be sure to say, “Thank you.” It would be wise of you to appreciate all the efforts that the partner makes for you and the relationship. And even though sometimes things can go wrong, you need to understand the power of sincere gratitude. It supports and inspires, and it does not allow you to give up.

6. I trust you

Sometimes we do not quite agree with the decisions or opinions of our partners, but your task is to accept this and make it clear that you really trust or believe in them. This will only give you more confidence and strengthen your relationship. Keep in mind that trust is one of the main “building blocks” in the foundation of relationships. And if there is no trust for some reason, then there are high chances your relationships will become toxic over time since lack of trust gives raise to unreasonable jealousy, suspicions and doubts.

7. Take your time

Everyone has better and worse periods in life, and when we enter relationships, we hope that our partners will understand our needs and treat them with respect. Each partner should have their own space and time for themselves in a relationship. Sometimes a person may feel somewhat depressed and want to be alone to sort things out, calm down and get back to normal. By letting your partner know that you will be waiting for them regardless of the situation, you are actually voicing how much you respect their needs and understand them. It is one of many other ways to say I love you to your beloved partner.

8. You will succeed

Your partner is not only your support but also the best inspirer. They share your interests, and whatever you do, they will always believe that you will succeed. So, it’s very important to express your faith in them too. They should know that you believe in their strengths, even if they doubt themselves and feel not good enough. And your support may turn out to be that important component that will help them achieve their goal. Do not underestimate the power of creative ways to say I love you: they help cope with the difficulties of family life and make relationships only better.

9. You can count on me

It will always be nicer to hear the phrase, “You can rely on me” instead of, “That's what you have to do.” It is very important to feel safe in the relationship with your partner. Having a person nearby who helps you physically, spiritually and emotionally, you become more confident in yourself. But it should be remembered that constantly solving problems for a partner, they cease to be grateful for your support. So, you shouldn’t become their Aladdin's lamp and be in a hurry to deal with all their problems on cue, but you shouldn’t also forget that this phrase may work wonders and say a lot about your feelings.

10. You are so beautiful

A woman will never get tired of hearing this phrase, especially when her beloved man pronounces it. This phrase can have many variations from, “You have a stunning outfit, your taste in choosing clothes is amazing” or “I like your new hairstyle.” It is so important for your soulmate to feel attractive and charming. Many guys believe that there is no need to say these words because girls know that they are beautiful as if it goes without saying. However, even the most gorgeous women can have some doubts about their appearance, and they are always pleased to hear such words from their boyfriends. It is one of the simplest and most romantic ways to say I love you.

Main Mistakes When Saying I Love You

First and foremost, you shouldn’t say such words at all if you are not sure about your feelings. And if you choose between whether to say or not, it is better to prove your feelings with deeds and not just with empty words. Some men don't know how to say I love you, or they believe that women should be happy already simply because they are in relationships with them. However, worthy women need to have some kind of "confirmation" of feelings, and even if not in the form of a "million red roses," but in the form of care and love words. After all, it’s not so difficult to call your beloved woman in the middle of the day and ask several questions about her mood and state, or to meet her after work and take her to a cafe. Any woman wants to receive a “confirmation” of love from her beloved man, but some situations are to inappropriate for such ways to say I love you

1. To say love words in public

If you know that your partner is a shy person who values privacy, then you shouldn’t say love words in public to show off. You should be 100% sure that this is exactly the step your girlfriend is waiting for.

For some romantic girls, your shouting, “I love you” may be the best confession, but for most, it will cause only a feeling of awkwardness and embarrassment. You should do everything carefully and intimate, especially if you haven’t been together for too long. You need to listen to emotions and feelings to feel how to do it right.

2. To force to say the same

Sometimes, when uttering words such as “I love you,” a man tries to increase his self-esteem and see his importance for the girlfriend, thus forcing her to give the same answer. This is alike to anxiety that a person who is forever afraid to leave the iron on at home may feel. It's hard to believe, but psychologists assure that sometimes the secret words "I love you" are a way of manipulating those to whom they are addressed. Don’t do that. Sooner or later everything will become clear, and you will find yourself in a very unpleasant situation.

3. To say these words being drunk

Someone is sure that what soberness conceals, drunkenness reveals, but often, it has nothing to do with reality. Love confession is valuable only when both partners are sober and understand what is going on. Drunken revelations can alienate a partner, and it is more difficult for them to believe in the sincerity of your feelings. Besides, there are high chances that you may regret your confession the next day when you get back to normal again.

Everything Should Be in Moderation

The person who pronounces love words too often simply begins to feel like a master of the situation because the “addressee” feels obliged to them. And the word "love" must be spoken with meaning, and only when you are sure of it. You should deceive a person neither of pity or boredom nor because you treat them as your backup plan. Most likely, such words should be left “for dessert,” and not be used constantly.

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