Slavic girls are a trend now. They are becoming more and more popular ever since the fall of the Soviet Union. Western men are eager to get a Russian bride. Why are these women so popular nowadays? What is so exclusive and unique about them? We have five common reasons why men prefer Russian girls to any other girls in the whole world.

  • Russian girls are good-looking. We decided to start with the most basic and the least peculiar reason. Russian women are believed to have uniquely flawless appearances and sexy bodies. Somehow, it turns out to be truth. Nevertheless, you may find many beautiful girls all around the world. For instance, Brazilian women have the most flexible and curviest bodies. Have you ever seen them dancing? You should better see it! German girls are mostly naturally blonde and have stunningly deep-blue eyes. Germany is Paradise for those who love blonde girls! Why should you pay a special attention to Russian women? The answer is simple – they contain the most attractive features from all over the Earth! Likewise, they are truly diversified. Slavic genome had been affected by various nations. It happened as a cause of a specific geographical location – on the edge of the Western world and all the other parts of Eurasia.

  • Russian women are perfect mothers and wives. Another interesting reason to consider is their maternal abilities. In Russia, older children (especially girls) are often responsible for bringing up younger siblings. As well, girls in Russian have a very strong connection with their mothers. From scratch, mothers teach daughters everything they know about kids, housekeeping, matrimonial relationships etc. Even though patriarchy is thought to be a dominant idea in the domain of the family, matriarchy turns out to be a leading force in the development of a Russian society. Russians are also not fond of divorces (it stems from their ubiquitous religiousness) and tend to choose a partner for the whole life. In the end, as a wife you get a loving wife and skillful parent. A Russian girl will be your most faithful friend, your best advisor, critic and even your doctor if you are sick.

  • Russian girls are independent. Life in Russia is not that simple. Well, not that stereotypically hard as it is often depicted on the Internet (a harsh winter, bears in the streets, vodka everywhere etc.), but rather complicated. It will take not less than a hundred years to peel off the influence of the Soviet Union. As a result, Russian women become autonomous and confident. They learn how to provide themselves, how to basically live their lives and so on. These girls are not afraid of any troubles in the world. They can physically protect themselves (a great necessity in Russia). In fact, Russian girls are keen on housekeeping – not only sweeping the floor and washing the dishes, but she may also be a professional plumber or an electrician. It is not what she learns in school, but what she is ought to learn as a housekeeper.

  • Russian women are great companions to grow old with. Men tend to get spoiled with their affection and care. A Russian girl usually creates something more of a traditional family; by far, she values traditions more than you ever expected. She will do the chores and the man will provide for the family. However, for a Russian woman the happiness and wellbeing of her children are very important, which is why she will often combine taking care of the house with working if it means that they will have a better future. They are also healthy. If something happens to you (or you basically become too old for that) and you are no longer able to take care of yourself, a Russian girl will readily take over this responsibility.

  • Russian women are intelligent and highly educated. Russian people do not always understand that what is called an ‘average’ level of education among them is apprehended as a high educational range in the Western Europe and the USA. The Soviet Union created an atmosphere of obligatory school education in many different branches. It is not only because of a strong school education but also because of an overall social interest to university education and science. Therefore, you would meet not a clueless girlish creature, but a mature individuality (even if formally she is not older than 25). You should probably consider your own intelligence – a Russian woman will not stay with a stupid man. She hates being bored. Therefore, you have to be humorous and smart.
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