If you want to meet a beautiful Russian girl but you are not planning a trip to Russia in the nearest future, online dating websites are just for you. Flirting is a common practice in real life and it’s also very popular online. It’s the art and you should be pretty skilful before you embark on it. Use the following tips to flirt any beautiful woman whose profile caught your eye.

  • Keep it casual.

If you want to chat up a girl, whether it’s in real life or online, you should make the right start and set a positive mood. The secret of getting a Russian girl interested in you is to be not too shy and not too pushy. Don’t touch upon some personal matters, start your chat with something general and casual. The best way to start a conversation is to comment on some fact from her profile or playfully ask about something you liked about her. The topics that should be avoided are weather, politics, and other alike that are typical of a small talk.

  • Impress her with your Russian.

It’s a good idea to learn some Russian, just a couple of common phrases. They will make a nice hook. Greet or compliment her in Russian. It will definitely catch her attention and she will be impressed that you’ve made an effort and learned some Russian phrases.

  • Address her by her name.

According to psychologists, a person’s name is the sweetest sound that they can hear from others. This is also applicable to the indirect communication that is talking on the phone or via exchanging messages. Write her name in your introductory letter and keep using it further throughout your conversation. Names play an important role in the lives of Russians. Apart from birthdays, they celebrate their name days as well. So, you can imagine how important it is to address Russian girls by their names flirting with them. By using a girl’s name, you’ll make your conversation more personal and she’ll feel that you are really interested n her personality.

  • Pay her a compliment.

Women all over the world admire compliments. An appropriate and timely compliment can work as a good confidence-booster for a woman as well as win her favor. Choose some photos from her profile that you enjoyed the most and comment why you liked those particular pictures. Make your comments more precise and avoid making some general remarks. If you are communicating via video chat, take a close look at her and compliment her on some remarkable features of her appearance or her interesting accessory.

  • Use your sense of humor.

It’s a pleasure to deal with a man who has a good sense of humor. One of the funniest and most original ways to start an online conversation with a girl you just liked on a website is to send her a joke. Don’t tell the whole story and conceal the punch line. This is a good way to put a girl’s sense of humor to the test. There are three ways of her reaction to such a letter: she may ignore it, she may write something like “and …?”, or if she is witty enough and you really interested her, she may make up her own ending of the story. Any reply to your letter can be considered as a success and a sign that you can keep your flirting endeavors. Remember that sending the rude and offensive jokes is a no-no. They will turn a Russian beauty down.

  • Show your interest.

If some girl caught your eye, read through her profile carefully paying attention to the section where she writes about her interests and hobbies. If it turns that your passions coincide, it’s an excellent excuse to send her a message. Asking people about the things they are passionate about is a good idea because people are always ready to discuss their hobbies with anybody. Apart from being a good attention getter, this way of chatting up a girl lets you know a person better.

  • Take it easy.

Flirting is a kind of game: sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. If a girl ignores you or your conversation doesn’t go well, calm down. Better luck next time. Just learn to deal with rejections and keep on searching for your special someone.

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