What to Do When She Doesn't Text Back?

Dear readers, today we’ll talk about how to behave if a girl does not respond to your messages. Perhaps you personally have already had to deal with a similar situation more than once and already have some experience. Well, if you are self-confident, then when you don’t receive an answer to your message, you might think that your girlfriend is simply busy. And what about the one who literally begins to tear off the hair on their head, sorting out the reasons for which she may be silent? In this article, you will read the most common options for this behavior of girls. The psychology of ignoring by a woman is very unpredictable in its nature.

why is she ignoring my texts

Main Reasons Why a Girl Doesn’t Text Back

In everyday life, you can often encounter a situation when a girl simply ignores you and does not respond to messages. The main reason most often lies in the actions of men, which the girl did not like. But because of her modesty or tact, or fear, she cannot directly answer to these messages. It’s just easier for her to ignore the message. It happens quite often, and there can be many reasons for her silence. But remember you can always meet single female nowadays if something goes bad or the girl doesn’t seem to want to continue your relationship. There are thousands of online dating sites to be found online, and you can meet singles girls online according to your tastes, preferences, and do so from the comfort of your home.

Past resentment

A girl is ignoring my texts, why is this happening? This is the main and common reason for silence. The girl was offended by something in the past and does not want to talk to you. Until something appears in the text of the message that might interest her so much that she is ready to answer, the game of silence will continue. And questions like, “Did something happen?” Or “Why are you silent, are you offended?” will not do any good, in fact, in most cases, such questions only fuel the girl’s conviction that she should be silent.

She was offended by what she read

Why is she not texting back? When a text message carries an insult or anything that a girl could take as an insult, she has the right not to respond to the message. Girls are easily offended by an incorrectly presented question or a rash statement. We recommend you reread the message that you’ve sent and figure out what can be wrong about it.

The rule of a few minutes

Why is she ignoring my texts? Many girls have been taught a culture of communication since childhood. So, for example, before answering a question, count to five and think about the answer. The same process occurs when talking to a man. Do not react for a while, so as not to show your impatience. Give her time, maybe she is thinking about the answer, or she has some sort of a “twenty minutes” rule.why is she not texting back

 Waiting for another message

Maybe she is waiting for the second message to arrive, which shows that the man is interested. Over time, the girl will answer anyway. In addition, it is possible that it is difficult to answer your message immediately. Maybe, the girl needs time, or another message, so that she no longer fears and feels any discomfort.

She is tired of annoying boyfriends

She ignored my text, what is the reason for it? One of the main problems of men is that they can send too many messages. And that makes them look pushy. She can be afraid to answer at least one message, so as not to cause the man to pour out another wave of enthusiastic texts. Thus, try not to be clingy and annoying.

She didn’t like your tone

When girls don’t text back, what does this mean? The reason may be the type of speech that a person uses in a conversation. Whether it’s a rough, crude speech that makes her feel uncomfortable, or etc. It is also possible that the girl is afraid that the man in the outbursts of his ego again, several hours in a row, will praise himself. By dramatically changing the style of speech, you can interest the girl and motivate her to answer your initial question.

The reason lies with her

What does it mean when she doesn't text back? The reason, of course, may lie in the problem that arises in the girl. She did something, or forgot to do, or simply does not know how to answer. Or the girl is ashamed of something. There may be many options. But it is in this case that she decides it is better not to reply to your message at all, or at least to postpone the answer. And the longer she does not answer the message, the more it seems to her that the situation cannot be corrected. And since it all happened, then communication as a whole should be stopped. Otherwise, you will have to make excuses. Do not scare the girl. Help her remove the feeling of guilt or fear, write another message, and do not return to the topic that was discussed.

She didn’t hear your messages

The girl simply turns off the sound on the phone in the hope that she will feel a faint vibration in the forgotten corner of the universe of her bag.

She has another man

Unfortunately, such a reason cannot be ruled out. Perhaps the girl already has a boyfriend or another man. At such moments, when a girl is spending time with another man, she is uncomfortable to respond to other people's messages.

All these are the most common reasons, there may be other reasons not to respond to your text message, perhaps even serious ones. No need to be offended and make hasty conclusions. There is a reason for everything. And if there is a reason, then there is a solution.
how to make a girl answer your text

Is There Anything You Can Do About It?

Let's figure out what to do, how to behave correctly if there is no response to your message.

  1. What if she doesn't text back? Be calm, keep your composure.
  2. How to react when he doesn't text back? You do not need to send messages repeatedly if they are not followed by any answer. You will only humiliate yourself.
  3. If nothing follows your message, then you do not need to write angry statements or blame a girl for anything.
  4. If the silence of your girlfriend is due to a lack of desire to continue communication, it is better to calm down and not annoy her any further.
  5. Think about it, maybe you just don’t know how to communicate with her properly, you need to work on your speech and literacy.
  6. Perhaps you are not original and just did not interest the girl enough after your first date.
  7. If nothing bad happened, and she is simply busy, then after a while she will answer. So just wait.
  8. If the girl does not respond to messages on social networks, it is possible that she is not interested in virtual communication, and she wants a personal meeting. In such a situation, it’s nice to get her phone number.
  9. Should I call if she doesn't text back? Do not rush to be angry with a girl if she cannot answer for technical reasons, she is worried no less than you are because she realizes that you are worried. If you have previously communicated and maintained personal contact, it is best to try to call her. But there is no reason to bother her with messages.
  10. How to make someone text you back? If there is no reply to the first message, do not rush to send the next one. It would be better if the second message is sent 12 hours after the first. It is possible that this time will be enough for the girl to answer herself.
  11. What to do when your girlfriend ignores you? If this is a way to break off relationships with you, then you need to come to terms with this. Just in case, you can try to text her after three days, and when you do, text her something informal. Just do not send an angry message, accusing her of ignoring you. You will be especially ashamed if it turns out that there was a logical explanation for the silence, and after such angry messages she definitely will not want to maintain a relationship, she will put your number on the blacklist.

Tips How to Regain Interest in Yourself

Let's look at what actions can increase the chances of receiving a response after the message.

  1. How to make a girl answer your text? Show that you are not fixated on her.
  2. What to say when she doesn't text back? Wait for a while and send her a message that will not have anything to do with the initial topic of your conversation.
  3. You can pretend that you don’t remember who she is at all, for example, write an explanatory text message with a question that you don’t remember where you met. Intrigue her.
  4. Women love with their ears. A message written with a couple of compliments might interest her.
  5. If a girl ignores all the above techniques, then you can stop any attempts for a month or two, and then repeat them again.

There may be many reasons why she is not responding to messages, sometimes they turn out to be completely implausible but still, have a right to exist. The main thing is not to despair and not get hysterical. You also need to understand that a girl does not owe you anything, just does not want to maintain a relationship. Although, of course, it would be better for her to tell you about it. Remember to preserve your dignity, do not be humiliated, while trying to annoy the living hell out of your girlfriend with numerous text messages.

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