We use the Internet every day: we can order food, buy clothes, and, of course, look for single ladies for dating. This is very convenient as it provides unlimited opportunities in finding your soulmate. This type of communication is especially convenient for insecure guys who are afraid to approach girls.

Applications and dating sites have long ceased to be considered unusual. It is pointless to deny the fact of their existence: not using them now is the same as ignoring smartphones or social networks. Tinder is the most popular application for online dating, and everyone knows it. But not everyone knows how to communicate there. So, how to start a conversation with a girl on Tinder?

talking to girls on tinder

Starting a Conversation on Tinder

If you want to meet girls now and start chatting with them on Tinder, first of all, you need to pay attention to your profile. In real life, the guy’s “weapon” is exquisite manners, a neat appearance, and a natural charm. Virtual dialogue implies the presence of wit, as well as the ability to interest women with your profile and photographs. When you do everything right, you can start chatting with ladies.

Compliment her profile

How to start a conversation on Tinder with a girl? It is better to start a conversation with a girl on Tinder with a compliment. Compliments decently increase a woman’s self-esteem, and most importantly, make her feel an interesting person. But you need to give compliments correctly. Your compliment should be original and catchy. Make each compliment specific, aimed at a particular woman. That is, instead of the standard, “You look so good!” which, to be honest, almost no one reacts to, say something like, “This necklace really suits you.” It means that you see details.

Ask her something about her bio

To show that you are interested in a woman, analyze her data, photos, pay attention to her place of residence before writing to her. Then think over a question, the answer to which will please her. If, for example, a girl is fond of skiing, then you shouldn’t immediately ask a straightforward and unsophisticated question, “Is it dangerous?” She is unlikely to be interested in answering the stranger. It is better to study the information a bit, dig a little deeper to look at least a beginner, and not a person completely far from the topic.

Write a random comment or question with humor

How to talk to girls on Tinder? You can easily drive a girl crazy if you have a pleasant appearance and a sense of humor. It is necessary to initially interest the girl, to attract the necessary attention. So, the first word or phrase written in the message is important. And a good way to interest the girl who sits on the other side of the screen is to make a comment or question more fun. Make it brighter with emoticons or stickers and don’t be afraid to seem funny. Indeed, the funnier you present yourself to her, the better.

tinder messaging tipsBegin with flirting

If luck has smiled at you, and you have found a girl who is worthy of your time and attention, it is nice to flirt a little. Flirting is a delicate game and a real weapon in the hands of a resourceful guy. It is important to remember that flirting is not a way to seduce a girl. Successful flirting is not the key to a successful meeting. Flirting is needed only to move on to closer communication with the girl. It is unlikely that the girl will refuse if you know how to have a conversation on Tinder correctly and flirt with her.

Talking to Girls on Tinder: Basic Rules

The Internet limits the possibilities: it is impossible to transmit information and track the reaction of a woman by her facial expressions. This often leads to misunderstanding: a joke looks silly or rude, an ironic comment is unnoticed, and so on. To interest a girl in text, you need to use short, capacious remarks. No one will read huge text paragraphs. So, how to talk on Tinder in the right way?

Be respectful

No matter how trite it may sound, but basic politeness will always help show yourself from the best side. How to message a girl on Tinder? Modern pick-up courses often tell men that women love persistent guys. This is true but in the understanding of the coach and their wards, “persistent” often means “impudent.” However, rude behavior and excessive self-confidence push girls away. In the 21st century, good manners will surprise much more. It includes the right greeting, the ability to monitor the reaction of a woman, conduct a conversation in accordance with this, and compliance with personal boundaries.

Be honest

When communicating online, there is a temptation to write too much, including about yourself. Be as honest as possible and ignore uncomfortable questions. When you meet in real life, the truth will be revealed. And if you fantasize too much, you will regret it. The same goes for the photo. Let it be as real and new as possible. If your old photos are much better than current ones, fight the temptation to upload them on the page. Let the girl see the real you so it will be easier for her to understand whether she may like you in real life or not.

Learn her profile carefully

If a girl completes it in detail, you can find out what her interests are. Unfortunately, many guys don’t want to do it. They just take a quick look at her profile and here they make a mistake. In the profile, you can find interesting information about the girl and use it when communicating. For example, a girl loves Japanese cuisine, so you can immediately invite her to a Japanese restaurant, and so on. Fortunately, modern girls are broad-minded, and there will be plenty of topics for communication, the main thing is not to be predictable and ordinary. This is how to talk to a girl on Tinder.

Transmit her your confidence

Guys believe that women are only interested in the size of their wallet and stunning looks, maybe even a certain age or height. However, women want to see real men in their partners. That’s what attracts them like a magnet. Learn to identify personality traits that are valuable to a particular girl, and it is YOU who will become her ideal. With masterful use of communication skills, you can make a woman feel sexual desire similar to what you experience when you see a hot young beauty.

Always answer her

What is one of the most important Tinder messaging tips? Be sure to read everything she writes to you and think over the further conversation. When chatting with a girl, be sure to use the information that you received from her. She will definitely notice this as it is important for her. After all, she wants you to perceive her as a person, and not just as a sexual object. Be sure to tell about yourself so that she understands that you are establishing a deeper connection. Don’t think that she is intrigued when you don’t reply for several days. It just annoys.

Topics for Tinder Messages

If you saw that the girl is bored and only pretends to be interested, then you urgently need to find a new topic for conversation. So, immediately do something, otherwise, you may lose her. What to say on Tinder to continue communication?

how to talk to a girl on tinder1. Favorite music, books, films, TV shows

All this can be found by looking at the detailed information about the user. Conversations on these topics are always welcome. Everyone listens to music, watches movies, and many have individual preferences, which they are happy to share with their interlocutors. Talking to girls on Tinder, discuss artists, music bands, films, actors and writers that you like. Sometimes just one song or book is enough to start chatting with a girl you like.

2. Traveling

Find out what places she visited. Take an interest in what was remembered and what was not impressive in those places where she was. It doesn’t matter whether you were there, just planning, or would like to visit. The main thing is that you are interested in the chosen topic. This topic develops imagination well from a distance, so it’s ideal for Tinder messages.

3. Sport

Girls love athletic young people so talking about sports, it will not leave you both indifferent. You can talk about your achievements, as well as discuss high scores of famous athletes, give an assessment of their achievements or fails. During the conversation, you will learn about the preferences of your interlocutor, perhaps whether she is an athlete or a fan of sports.

4. Food

This is a good topic to continue the conversation and arrange a date in the girl’s favorite restaurant. You need to ask the woman about her taste preferences and tell her about the unusual and tasty dishes you ate. If you know how to cook, then this will be an amazing bonus. You can surprise the girl with your unusual dishes and invite her home to taste them.

5. Pets

What to talk about on Tinder? There are no girls indifferent to animals. As a rule, many have a cat, a dog or some bird. The woman will tell about her pet, about its character, taste preferences, habits, and so on. You should only give the words of delight. And if you also have a favorite pet, then the girl will gladly listen to amazing stories about a hamster, a parrot or a turtle. It’s okay if the conversation is at an impasse. You need to competently finish it, without causing the woman to feel awkward. The end of the conversation should be logical. If you are interested in continuing acquaintance, you need to thank her for an interesting conversation and express your desire directly by inviting her to go out one day.

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