In your life, you meet beautiful girls in completely different situations and places, and it seems that you need to approach ladies differently in them. But one thing unites these places absolutely for sure – it is you who will to take the first step and talk to a girl.

You should understand the main thing: you can approach any girl. Actually, a young woman seeking older men can be met at any time. And here some guys make a big mistake. They think that they can’t approach girls because they don’t know what to say. This is a kind of excuse. You must remember the following: you can approach girls in any situation and ask them, for example, what time it is or how to get somewhere. If you are ready to work on yourself, then we can move on to specific situations and make your approaches effective.

how to approach a stranger girl

The Most Common Places to Meet a Girl

Places for dating should have a particular goal. It is clear that family-type young ladies shouldn’t be “hunted” in the club. And for having a one-night stand, you shouldn’t look for a girl in the museum. However, everything can happen in life.

Look at statistics of happy couples: 30% of married people met in public areas such as parks, cafes, and movies; 20% got acquainted at work and then married – being colleagues or having met on the basis of professional interests; 15% of people in love have known each other from the school or university; 13% was introduced to each other by friends, relatives or other close people. Other people met in different circumstances, for example, on dating sites. Fortunately, on the Internet, there can be found a woman seeking a man website that helps people meet in real life.

How to Approach a Girl in the Club

If you decide to approach a girl in a club, you should know that this is one of the easiest ways to get to know each other. Girls come to clubs to get acquainted with guys, so the question, “What does this person want from me?” will not arise in your address when you come up to a girl to establish contact. So, how to approach a girl in the club?

Present yourself right from the start

It is necessary to attract the attention of the woman not at the beginning of communication but immediately after appearing in the club. The same rule should be applied when you don’t know how to approach a girl at a party. The female sex is notable for men’s attentiveness, and many girls constantly analyze each incoming man. So, your image and behavior are the most important things. Clothes should be absolutely clean and fashionable.

how to approach a girl everywhereRead sign language and facial expressions

The guy should observe the expression on the face of the girl, her eyes. This allows you to correctly determine her attitude to you, her emotional level and, therefore, to understand whether you can hug or kiss her. If discomfort is read on the girl’s face, perhaps she didn’t have time to get used to the situation. Let her know that you are adequate and don’t intend to do any harm to her.

Take her to the dance floor

Such tactics help step over a long and tedious primary stage of acquaintance with all its banal, “What is your name?” and “Are you alone here?” Joint dance makes two strangers feel as if they have been friends for several years. So, don’t ask yourself how to approach a girl in the club, just go dancing. After accidental or intentional touches while dancing, attraction to each other can develop. So, now you know how to approach a girl on the dance floor.

Is it a good idea to approach a girl on campus?

It is a great idea to approach a girl on campus. You are already old enough and full of strength and feelings, so they must be shared with other people. Each university provides an opportunity to take part in something more than just studying in the institution. You can participate in a variety of events and join non-academic associations. This may be the organization of some event, attending various competitions, participating in a theater, sports team, etc.

What are the pros of approaching a girl you study at the same educational institution? Well, first of all, you go to the same place. This is an advantage. You can meet her any time you want. Secondly, you can go to classes and from classes together. Thirdly, there are many things for discussion.

But how to approach a girl on campus if you are not a student? Just approach her and ask the way somewhere as if you need her help. Then you should try to make a conversation.

How to Approach a Girl in college

In general, student years are the most romantic time in the life of most people. And the point here is that in college years, boys and girls are ready for normal relationships, not to mention hormones that play in them. Such questions as how to approach a girl in high school seem a passed stage to them. Students are full of strength and energy, and this energy needs to be put somewhere. So, why not direct it in love?

Ask a girl something

You can just pretend to be a newbie and ask her to show you where the right audience is. Ask her to take you there but be sure to smile. It will show her that she interests you not only as a casual assistant. In the meantime, try to start a relaxed conversation. And even if you don’t dare to take her number, you will probably meet her tomorrow, and you will have a chance again.

Sit next to her

If you want to get acquainted with a girl, then good opportunities are always available while you have classes. Try to sit as close to her as possible, and at the moment when the lecturer tells something, try to start a conversation with a girl. You can do it only if a few people are around you, and a lecturer doesn’t hear your conversation.

Let her see you more often

You need to make her notice you and also become interested in your gaze. Only when you can seduce her with your eyes and presence, you can safely approach her and not be afraid of failures. To do this, try to be where she most often goes so that she is used to constantly seeing you.

Appear and disappear

If you often see her, then when you meet, you can look at her, smile, and immediately go away. Here you enhance the intrigue. Each time she will think about why you are smiling, whether you know her or simply consider you strange. And when you finally approach her, she will be completely ready for an acquaintance, and getting a phone number will not be a difficult task. This is how to approach a girl in college.

How to Approach a Girl in the Gym

If you definitely want to approach a sportswoman, then the gym is a perfect place for this, and you don’t have to visit dating sites or go to the clubs at night.

how to approach a girl in collegeWatch her reaction

Here you don’t need to follow any time frame. You can approach a girl at the gym before, during, or after your workout. The main thing is to feel your own mood and show interest in a girl. Look at her several times. When you notice that she gets your signals, and there is a little coquetry in her movements, then you can start getting acquainted.

Offer your help

If the attractive lady comes to the gym to really exercise but does it wrong, this greatly facilitates the acquaintance. Offer your help. Does she agree? Is she confused a little? And if she blushes, then it is really nice. Most likely, she likes you. Ask her to go out and don’t forget to take her phone number.

Give her a compliment

So, what to say when u approach a girl? Unfortunately, most women don’t hear compliments as often as they would like. Therefore, give a compliment to her exercise technique or a nice body. The main thing is to do it right, backing up the compliment with some fact. It is also important not to overdo it because this is a typical male mistake.

Tips to Approach a Girl In Any Situation

So, you notice a pretty girl but don’t know how to approach her. Perhaps you are shy, considered not too sociable, or you just don’t like the so-called “dating games” and have no idea how to approach the girl that interests you. But how to approach a stranger girl if you want it? It is not always easy to approach a stranger, especially if you don’t know where to start the conversation. Nevertheless, to approach and speak with the stranger is quite realistic. So, look at how to approach a girl everywhere.

Make eye contact

In fact, proper contact with the eyes makes the girl feel strong emotions, often even similar to the feeling of falling in love, which is why men all over the world constantly use this technique. Is eye contact important for an effective approaching? Yes, it is! And when you approach a girl, your eyes that are down will immediately show her your insecurity.

Be fun and playful

If there is no way to approach right away, then smile at her from afar, you can even wink. Having received a smile or a wink in response, act decisively – you have nothing to fear, she likes you. If there is no answer, don’t worry – this doesn’t mean anything since you are not yet familiar. Try to make a good impression on the girl immediately, and it will be much easier to communicate in the future.

Ask for advice

What to say when u approach a girl? Just ask her for help. After all, we all quite often need help, and we feel a certain pride when we are able to help a person. For example, you may ask how to get to the cafe, to the cinema or how to get to some other place. Or if she works in a certain institution, then ask her to recommend something to you. Just make sure that this doesn’t cause her any inconvenience.

Sometimes it’s not easy for men to approach a girl to get to know each other or have a conversation. It is especially difficult if you really like her because a possible failure can be perceived as a real tragedy. But remember that girls don’t bite. Even if she answers you awkwardly, this doesn’t mean that the reason is in you. She is a woman, and sometimes she may have a bad mood or problems. Just try again!

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