The Secret of a Successful First Date

First date is way too important not to try making the best impression. If you’re asking how to have a successful first date, you probably know it yourself. The following guide includes successful first date tips. In order for you to succeed and have a second date you should be able to make a woman laugh. Your task is to have funny questions to ask on a date. Humor leads to fun, and women like nothing more than having fun time. So, you need to come up with some funny dating questions. This way you can be the one helping women get their fun.

how to have a successful first date

Be Yourself

A successful first date entirely depends on your ability to impress and attract your dating partner. To do that you need to be yourself. You can only be comfortable when you’re not pretending. Some men make a common mistake of acting in order to impress a woman. In many ways, it is hypocritical because you present an image different than your real self. Sooner or later, a woman will find out the true you and it can bring complexities. So, don’t pretend and don’t change yourself for the purpose of dating. Women can feel when you try to win them by pretending. Moreover, you are less likely to become nervous when you keep being yourself.

Communicate Effectively

Among other successful first date tips one of the most important is to express real interest in the woman you meet with. Women do not like being ignored. In fact, nobody likes it. Therefore, listen attentively to what she has to say and ask her questions. Involve yourself in a conversation that is interesting, exciting, and generally pleasant. Don’t talk more than her but don’t stay silent as well. Find a golden mean and keep the balance between talking and listening. Seeing a woman you’re dating for the first time makes you put extra effort to find common ground and a right approach to her.

Dress Properly

Perhaps, dressing exquisitely is not among the great first date ideas. It is obvious and logical. Still, some men overdo it and turn it into a big problem. The question what to wear eventually leads to immoderacy. Other men show complete negligence and ignore dressing altogether. You better stay in between these two extremes. Keep in mind that you should wear clothes you’re comfortable in. Don’t change your wardrobe and style just because of one date. Wearing new clothes might make you feel uncomfortable and less confident. Still, don’t just dress casually. Choose what suits you best and looks good. Ask your friends and close ones to give an advice. All in all, look good and be proud of it.

Be Creative and Original

Those asking how to have a successful first date need to be creative and original. Remember that you’re only interesting as much as you’re original and creative. What makes you different? What constitutes your unique identity? What stands behind your personality? You can like playing tennis or have a taste in movies. In other words, look for something that defines you and don’t be afraid of being yourself. Remember that you’re unique, original, and 100% rare human being who, no matter what, has something others don’t have.

When going on a first date, plan something creative. For example, choose going to an amusement park instead of a banal visit to a restaurant. Or, even better, visit a gallery. This way you will have something to talk about or do. Paintings in a gallery can give you subjects for conversation. In the amusement park, you can have some unforgettable memories because of active entertainment and all the fun that is usually there.

Tell About Yourself

When on a first date, your dating partner expects to become familiar with you and your life. Therefore, you need to tell about yourself. Tell about your job, family, hobbies, tastes in music, and preferences in food. Be passionate about what you’re telling because if you’re not interested in your story, then others wouldn’t be interested in it either. Stay positive and be enthusiastic. In order to attract the woman you meet, it is advised to tell her something but also stay a little bit mysterious. For example, you can avoid certain details about your past you don’t want to share. It really is inadvisable to share some deep and serious personal feelings when on a first date. Therefore, keep it simple but interesting.

Be Confident

In order for you to win a second date, you need to be confident. All women like confident men. Think positively and always be calm. The key to confidence is to avoid being nervous. No matter how much you like your dating partner, you should stay relaxed. And also, don’t drink too much before or during the date because women want to see their partner in their normal condition. Some men drink to build up confidence. Such approach works rarely, so better don’t try it to avoid embarrassment.

Pay For Everything

Even though we now live in the times of equality, men are still expected to pay for their dates. Even though a woman you’re meeting may volunteer to pay her half, you should always be ready to pay in whole for everybody and everything. So, have enough money to pay for two just in case.

Make Eye Contact

Eye contact during a first date is very important. Dating counselors advise you to look for no longer than 3 seconds. In case you look longer it can be awkward and uncomfortable for a woman. People usually think that avoiding a direct eye contact is a negative feature. Therefore, look her in the eyes occasionally because it’s a part of non-verbal communication. Your gazes are the same as hugs or gestures. This way you can communicate wordlessly and express interest in each other.

Funny Questions to Ask on a First Date

Funny first date questions can help win your second date. Humor and fun may be your best partners during a first date. If you’re able to make the girl laugh, then you can expect good things to happen. Girls date to have fun and spend their time with pleasure. Nothing gives so much pleasure as good laughter and positive emotions. Here are some funny questions to ask on a first date.

Why don’t you consider acting or modeling?

This cliché always works, believe it. All girls desire to be actresses and models. Even though they know you’re doing it over the top, still it can make them pretty happy.

In case we stay together forever, do you want to say now that my nose is too big?

This is simply a joke but try it. You can ask anything and everything really. It is really easy to come up with funny questions to ask on a date. Ask her anything that you think is funny or interesting. Ask her about animals, what flowers she likes, what cars she drives, and how she happens to have such a beautiful pair of eyes? Ask how she still doesn’t fly in the air because you feel so light speaking to her. You can be critical of yourself but praise her. It always works.

Here are some more funny dating questions. What kind of chewing gum does she prefer? What she likes most about Marlon Brando? Doesn’t she think that the carpet in the restaurant is a little bit too bright for a place like that? Why Bambi’s mother dies? Just how much she likes TV show “Friends”? Who is her favorite, Joey or Chandler? And so on, and so forth. As your first date should be light and easy, you may talk about millions of different unimportant things like ants, cups, subways, burgers, trees, etc. Try making a joke each 5 minutes. Tell her something which makes you laugh as well. Learn beforehand. Visit sites or ask people for good stories and interesting questions. Browse the Internet in search of cool stories full of fun. Prepare a couple of anecdotes.

It is especially important to have funny questions to ask online russian dating girls on the Internet. Saying the right words and asking the right questions when chatting with her might win you a real date face to face. It is most surely what you want, isn’t it? So, ask her how many tentacles an octopus has. Be a little absurd about everything. Ask her how she first kissed. Ask her about her hairstyle and how she came to choosing it.

If you want some funny first date questions, then ask her what shoe size she has. Then say that you have a princess’ shoe and that you think it might magically fit her foot. Ask her if she hurt herself when falling from Heavens. Be original and stay optimistic. Believe it, even a joke that is not funny can be told in a funny way. Be communicative. Smile and use your hands to make passionate gestures when you tell stories or ask funny questions.

This is how you construct a funny question. You take something ordinary, not personal. For example, a coffee cup in front of you. Then you decide whether you want to compliment a girl or not. For example, you can say “do you like the cups here?” and then say “I don’t like the cups but I like how you hold them”. It may not be as funny but it is certainly witty. Or you can make an absurd joke: “where did you learn to hold a cup like that? You do it like a pro. I think you’re professional about everything, even holding cups”. The most important thing for you is to try and make an effort. You’re not a comedian, so nobody expects you to crack some astonishing jokes. A girl would certainly appreciate your effort and intentions. By the way, the funniest jokes can’t be planned as they come and go by themselves when you least expect them to.

So, you can win her heart even by trying to make her laugh. Moreover, a lot depends on what kind of a person she is. Even though everybody likes a good laugh, not all girls are easily entertained. Try but don’t overdo it because it can make you look silly in her eyes.

All in all, you need to make a woman laugh to win her heart. If you can’t make her laugh, try making her interested. Tell about your life and be passionate about it. Stay confident and relaxed. Good luck!

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