Many of us dream of a perfect date. There are many options for dating, from a romantic evening to an exciting adventure or immersion in the art world. Planning a date requires careful preparation, but the pleasure you get from a quality time spent will be worth all the effort.

plan a perfect date

Can a Good Date Be Spontaneous?

You might think that you have to plan a perfect date, and it cannot be spontaneous. Sometimes it happens that a meeting awaits you all of a sudden, for example, you go from work or school, you meet a girl, one thing led to another, and you have already decided to go on an instant date. And if all goes well, perhaps it will be a quick seduction. Or a similar situation happens, you meet a girl who you have already had a date with, or who you met a little earlier, and you decided to arrange a spontaneous date since no one is against it, and you two have free time. If you don’t have anyone to go on a date with, then here’s a website to meet girls, don’t waste your time and find yourself a girl.

So, one needs to be prepared for such spontaneous dates, the degree of readiness is minimal, it consists of only a few points.

1. Protection

Well, in principle, it’s absolutely necessary for a guy to carry condoms with him, as it will be a shame if the seduction does not happen for this reason. Always carry a pack in your bag or a couple of condoms in your pocket. As a last resort, you can always help a friend who has forgotten their own. If it is a tinder date, then the chances are that it can end in intimacy, it may be a stereotype, but, in my experience, that’s what happens.

2. Cash

In general, it is advisable to have a small amount of cash with you always, you will feel calmer and more confident. But in the context of seduction, money may be needed for the following things:

  • sit in a cafe: drink coffee, eat a dessert;
  • maybe go to the store, buy something for a home date;
  • money for a taxi.

If you do not have money to spend time in a cafe, then you are very limited in your options for a date, and if the weather is bad outside, it may become an issue. Therefore, always keep some cash enough for two in a cafe or going to the cinema.

If you don’t have money to go to the store when you and the girl are heading to your home, it’s not the end of the world, but if you want/need to buy something with you, this will become a problem since you will have to go to the store again or decide this question with a girl, or just change plans on the go.

So, sum up these expenses and put this money to carry them with you. And if you regularly communicate with girls, this money will serve you well. Both of these points are based on personal experience and the experience of many of my friends, believe me.

How to Plan a Perfect Date: Asking a Girl out

Here are some tips on how to ask a girl out on a date, pay close attention.

1. Offer the girl several options on how a date can go

If you and your partner are busy people, plan ahead. Offer someone a few dates. So your partner will see that you are ready to adapt to their schedule. Ask if the person is free on Wednesday or Thursday.plan a date So you expressly declare your intentions, but at the same time offer several options. A person will see that you respect their time and can plan a date taking into account employment. Ask the person which day suits them best. So you demonstrate your ability to adapt to a person’s schedule and the desire to do everything so that a person is comfortable.

2. Find out what you like about the person you go on a date with

After you decide on the date, offer several options for hanging out. So the person will see that you are ready to take into account their interests and that you are trying to make the date perfect. Ask this way, “Would you like to relax or do something more active?” or “Would you rather meet outside or indoors?” The answer will suggest you the right direction. Do not offer anything specific at this point. Let some of your plans come as a surprise.

3. Book everything you need

To make the date perfect, you will need to make reservations in advance. Do not let this happen and book a table in the restaurant, a mini-golf court, buy tickets for a concert, or arrange a parachute jump with an instructor. Make all calls in advance to make you feel calmer. Some restaurants do not reserve tables, and some classes do not require the purchase of tickets. In this case, it is important to consider a backup plan in case something goes wrong.

Let’s now talk about some things you must know to plan a date. We will figure out how to plan a date night, how to plan a first date, and everything that has to do with it.

Plan a Date Night: How to Choose a Place and a Date

Here are some tips on how to organize a date, choose a place and a date of your meeting.

1. Think of a backup plan

How to plan a date night? Sometimes things don't go as planned. Some of you may be stuck at work or stuck in traffic. Whatever you plan, it’s important to always have another way to spend time in reserve. It will be useful for you to have something else in mind, even if it is just your favorite coffee house or a beautiful place in the city.

How to plan a romantic date? Book two tables in different restaurants located nearby: one at 18:00, the other at 18:30. If you are late for the first time, you can go to the second restaurant. This will make a good impression on the person with whom you go on a date because they will understand that you have thought through everything to the smallest detail.

2. Tell the person with whom you are going on a date about your plans in advance

How to plan a picnic date? Warn the person that you have planned so that they can prepare and choose the right clothes. Active spending time requires sportswear, and evening in an expensive restaurant requires evening wear. Tell us about plans for at least a day so that a person does not make decisions in a hurry.

For example, if you are planning a trip, ask the girl to prepare running shoes and comfortable clothes so that she does not come in high heels. If you want to go to the opera, ask the person to dress like for a romantic evening in the city. If a person does not dress well enough because of their ignorance, they will feel uncomfortable, which can ruin a date.

3. Think of one more place

How to plan a date for a guy? If the date goes very well, none of you will want it to end. Decide where you will go to drink coffee or something alcoholic if you want to continue your date. It’s best to choose a place near the house of the person you are inviting to date, to show respect for their time and to let them know that you don’t want them to stay longer than they planned. You may not choose a place, but just take a walk or ride through beautiful places to spend more time together. The person you invited for a date can offer you two to come to your place, and that's fine! But do not offer it yourself, so as not to seem intrusive.

Now that we know how to plan a romantic date for your girlfriend, let’s move on, choosing an outfit is one of the important aspects of how to plan a date for her. You need to present yourself in a good way.

Planning a Date: Choosing an Outfit

You need to look good. That means you have to take a shower. Some may advise you to apply a little toilet water but do it really carefully because if there is too much of it, it will not be very pleasant to affect the first impression of you. A good shampoo or conditioner, or maybe a fragrant body lotion, is a good alternative if you are a fan of a moderate body odor.

Put on the best clothes, make sure that they are not stained, otherwise, you will not be able to make a good impression (however, this also has a different side - too careful selection of clothes may indicate that you are desperate, so do be careful with it). Leave some time for preparations, but you do not want to look sloppy.

Take time for your appearance. When choosing clothes, give preference to things that suit you and in which you are comfortable. The better you feel, the better you will look. Do not wear uncomfortable things just for the sake of beauty because your companion will feel that you are uncomfortable. Choose clothes in accordance with the event: dress beautifully for a serious evening event and more freely for a simple date.

If the date is less formal and more active, wear comfortable jeans, favorite shoes or sneakers, a pretty shirt or jacket. If you have things that you like on you, you will be more comfortable.

Universal Ideas for a Perfect First Date

Here are some great ideas that are universal for any sort of the first date.plan a romantic date

Come on time

Do your best not to be late. If you are late, a person may decide that you will not come at all or that this date is not so important for you. Of course, many things can prevent you from arriving on time. If you see that you are late, call or write to the person and apologize for being late. Explain when exactly you can come.

Confirm the time of the meeting the day before. So you can be sure that you both remember when you meet. In addition, the person you've invited on a date will be impressed by your desire to make sure that all plans are valid.

Pay attention to your partner

This may seem obvious, but you must do this if you want the date to be perfect. In order for a person to see that they are interesting to you, listen carefully and keep up the conversation. Give a sincere compliment to the person’s clothes or the way they look. Instead, “You look great,” say, “You are very beautiful, red suits you very much!” If you talk about specific things, a person will see that you notice little things. Do not overdo it with compliments, but try to make it clear to the person that you appreciate the efforts that they've put into preparing for the date.

Do not discuss personal issues with a person

You should not talk about every mistake you made during the interview. Do not tell the person on your first date about your shortcomings and mistakes. Do not do this. Your goal is to create a strong bond with the person. But, if you talk too much, you can end up pushing them away from you.

Be honest

Do not hide the truth if a person asks you something. Of course, we all say innocent lies from time to time, but, if you say that you are a doctor, but in fact, you only work as a nurse in the hospital, remember that the truth will be revealed in time anyway.

A Few Tips on How and When to End a Date

Schedule your next date. If you really like a person, you will want to make each date perfect. Talk to the person about where you would like to go next time and plan a date. Discussing the following dates will also let you know if the person is interested in you.

Ask how the person would like to see the next date. If they do not know, suggest several options. For example, you could say, “Do you want to do something active on the weekend? I know some interesting hiking trails. I also have the contacts of a good climbing instructor.” (You can choose any other activity.)

If you don’t want to do anything complicated, you can simply say, “I would like to see you again next week. Do you want to have lunch or dinner somehow?” This will let the person understand that you are ready to adapt to their schedule, and they will be pleased to know that you are offering several options.

Finish the date properly. Finishing the first date with a kiss is not always worth it, so it is important to monitor how the person you invited to the date behaves. For example, if they come closer during parting, leans toward you, or doesn’t want to let you out of their arms, all this may indicate that the kiss will be appropriate.

If a person keeps a distance or as if in a hurry to say goodbye, it means that they are not interested in a kiss. Some people need more time to get closer, so you should not take this as a sign that they don't like you.

The first kiss is usually short and without a tongue. With this kiss, you will make it clear that you like the person and that you respect them. If a person initiates greater intimacy, support their desire.

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