Winter seems to be not the best time for dates, it is cold, wet, and even dangerous outside, you can always end up slipping on ice and ruining a date, even if it didn’t have anything to do with you or a person of your interest. But you can also make the case that it is the best time for dates, as it is simply stunning outside, the streets, trees, buildings, all painted white, it just seems magical and unreal. Today we will try to answer the question, "What are good date ideas during winter?" help you choose the right outfit, list some date ideas for winter, and find out what to do on the second date.

cute winter date ideas

Winter Dates: Advantages and Drawbacks

So, let’s dive deeper into this issue, let’s figure out the main positive and negative sides of dating during the winter season.

Positive sides

  • Beautiful outdoors
  • Any body-related insecurities can be hidden away
  • There is less need to be stylish, it is about feeling comfortable
  • Lots of potential activities to try out
  • Various holidays

Negative sides

  • It’s too cold
  • It’s slippery
  • You can’t feel sexy in all the clothing
  • It’s easy to catch a cold
  • Difficult transportation

Winter Date Outfit and Tips

Let’s find out how to choose a winter date outfit and find out some winter date tips.

Even if you love being expressive in your outfits, don’t dress too brightly on your first date so as not to push a person away. Let them fall in love with you as a person at first, and there they will not care what you are wearing. At the same time, do not try to radically change your usual image, do small yet confident steps. Look for a middle ground.

For a first date, it is best to choose pastel-colored clothes. They will help you both feel more comfortable. To make a person feel more relaxed, as if you have known each other for a thousand years, stop at a less formal option of clothing. Of course, it all depends on where you are going to go. But, in any case, let it be some of your usual and favorite things. This will allow you to behave more naturally and avoid a feeling of nervousness that is so traditional for a first date. By the way, you should not expect comments from your partner about your clothes. According to psychologists, it is their absence that will indicate that the outfit is correctly selected.

When choosing what to wear on your second date, remember what clothes and shoes were on you and how you felt while wearing them on your first date, and now try something else. The idea here is to show yourself from a different perspective, as a dynamic and multifaceted personality, and not as a hostage to a single image.

Now that we know what to dress for the first date, let’s move on. What are some winter date ideas? We’ve gotten excellent ideas for you.

outdoor date ideas winter10 Awesome Indoor and Outdoor Winter Date Ideas

With the onset of severe cold, couples are often lost, they don’t know how and where to spend time together. But human imagination knows no bounds, and winter is not a hindrance to entertainment and discoveries. Therefore, grab a partner and head on to try something new and exciting! And these ten winter date ideas will help you with this.

1. A drive through the night

Are you interested in outdoor date ideas in winter? What could be more beautiful than a small winter trip through a snowy night city, sparkling with many lights?! It is doubly nice to sit in a warm car next to a loved one. And even if you do not have your car, do not deny yourself such pleasure - take a ride on a tram or trolleybus, enjoy the scenery!

2. A leisurely walk

Here’s one of the best first date ideas in winter. If the weather allows you to do so, take a walk and visit your favorite places in the city. You must admit that it is not often that you can leisurely walk along familiar streets together, enjoy the falling snow and the beauty of winter. A calm and measured walk will help you relax and unwind in the company of each other. And if you want romance and a dose of adrenaline at the same time, then climb onto the roof of a house, find a suitable viewing angle and enjoy the wonderful panorama of the city. Just remember to be careful!

Even if a date went horribly wrong and all the hope is lost, this is not the end, you can always find someone else in life. You can meet single women right now and do it in the comfort of your own home.

3. A trip to a cozy cafe

There are some universal ideas for a winter date night, and visiting a cozy café is one of the best options. A trip to a cafe is an old but proven and beloved way for many to spend time with their soulmate. You can decide in advance where you are going together, or surprise each other! The main thing is that the atmosphere of the place should lead to a long intimate conversation and help escape from everyday troubles. For a first date, choose a quiet place with a romantic setting that is not crowded. But don’t stop there, think about the future and check out these best date ideas for summer.

4. Skiing or skating

If you like winter sports, then go for it! It’s not scary if one of you doesn’t know how to ride - let your partner become your personal trainer for one hour or two, because it makes you so close. You can ski not only in the mountains but also in the forest. The main thing is to dress warmly and not to forget about the equipment. Skates are another option for joint active leisure. If you don’t have skates, you can rent them.

5. Snowman and snowballs

Are you interested in some cute winter date ideas? Here’s one. Do not think that only children are allowed to engage in such winter "nonsense." If you want to feel like a child again and at the same time, breathe in some fresh air, then go out and build a snowman with your loved one or throw snowballs at each other. It may sound like one of those winter date ideas for teenage couples, but we all want to feel like children from time to time. Just remember to wear mittens or gloves.

6. A winter photoshoot

Schedule a joint winter photoshoot with a professional photographer. You choose the place of shooting: it can be nature, if the weather forecast allows you to, or maybe an equipped studio. Conduct a thematic winter photoshoot, think over a theme for your photoshoot, give your ideas to a photographer, and they will do the rest.

If your partner does not like to be photographed or there is no money for a photographer, then let one of you replace them. By posing in front of a loved one, you will feel more confident and relaxed. And you can give such a photoshoot to your soul mate on any of the winter holidays!

7. Attending a master class or training

If you want to spend time together and find something new about the world, then sign up for a thematic master class or training. It can be anything: lectures on philosophy, teaching a foreign language, culinary skills, soap making or a dance lesson. The main thing is to choose what provokes interest in the two of you.

8. Spa treatment

Relationships may still not be so close as to agree to an erotic massage or joint bath. If this is your case, then visit a spa together. Cosmetology specialists will help you choose a procedure or an entire program for two. Here you can relax and enjoy the refined atmosphere of a SPA center without parting with each other.

9. Attending a cultural event

If you and your chosen one like to receive aesthetic pleasure, then attend an exhibition, a concert, visit a theater or go out to watch a movie. In these places, you can learn more about each other's tastes and share your experiences. And what you see or hear in an auditorium (gallery) will remain in your memory for a long time to come. And there will be something to discuss later with your loved one.

10. Shopping!

To combine business with pleasure, arrange joint shopping. This option of spending a date will help an unfamiliar couple learn each other's preferences, unwind and discuss new things. Besides, during shopping, you can also look at New Year's gifts for your relatives.

What Should Happen on a Second Date?

Now let’s talk about second date ideas in winter, where should you go, what should you do?

Where to invite someone on a second date?

Remember that the main task of the second date is your further rapprochement. That is, you must have access to their body so that you can hug and kiss them. And therefore, I believe that the best option is a quiet and comfortable cafe with soft sofas on which you can sit next to, and not opposite each other. I am sure such a place can be found in any city. There are even cafes and restaurants in which tables are fenced off with partitions or booths. You should not be disturbed by the conversations of visitors sitting nearby.

second date ideas winterIf you don’t want your date to seem too monotonous, try to arrange a change of places. Well, if you're in a car, then you can pick them up first, then come up with some important business, and then visit that place of interest. And then go to your chosen cafe. According to psychologists, the more different situations you experience together, the more it brings you closer. And this is just what you need from a second date.

What to do on the second date?

How to behave on a second date directly depends on your main goal - to continue rapprochement and bring the matter to the first kiss, if you could not do it on the first date. If you managed to do so, then you still need to consolidate the things that happened on the first date. After all, people often get their first kiss only at the end of a date.

But most people generally make one terrible mistake – they behave in the same way as they did on the first date, but you have to move on to the next level of communication. Follow this plan to increases your chances of success:

  1. getting to know each other;
  2. getting a girl interested;
  3. increase your significance in her life;
  4. creating trust;
  5. getting closer.

Believe me, this whole path can be covered in two dates, and even in one. However, if you slow down and do not take the initiative yourself, then a person will see your insecurity, and this is the worst. You will become both uncomfortable and uninteresting. We live at the age when there are no clear rules on who should make the first step and move a relationship forward, so, even if you are a woman, then don’t be afraid to talk about your feelings and try to move forward if it is what you want.

But even if the first attempt to kiss your partner fails, do not stop, joke, switch to another topic, and after a while try again. In this case, a conversation should be oriented around intimate topics. Don’t speak about your life, work, or hobbies. After all, the more they think, the less chance you have. They should experience emotions with you, feel good, and not think about your difficult questions.

In conclusion, if you want to make the best out of a winter date, then you have to evaluate the things that you are working on. Evaluate all the pros and cons of winter dates that we’ve mentioned, think about whether or not your partner will feel comfortable outside, or maybe she would much rather prefer to stay inside and drink some coffee. It’s all up to you from here.

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